Gooral ?is a Polish producer, sound generator and a forerunner in merging electronic music (electro, drum and bass, dubstep) with the traditional folk tunes from the Polish mountain region.


Gooral's musical output is strongly influenced by his home town - Bielsko- Biala, a place surrounded by mountains that marks an entrance into high ridges for some and is a gateway to civiliza- tion for others. The most distinctive feature of Gooral's music is it's unequaled energy, an energy that can be grasped at his live performances.
The formula of this energy is based on fresh- sounding mix of various musical traditions. It's truly something to be experienced!.


GOORAL live crew:
Kamer - wokal, piszczalka.
Wiosna (Anna Rogowska) - a drum and bass vocalist, energized by the northern Polish seaside. Jan Medrala - an early music specialist and versatile countertenor..
Kopa (Michal Kopaniszyn) - vj, filmmaker, animator, designer and film editor.
Gooral (Mateusz Górny) - electronic, beatbox, vocal.


Ethno Elektro LP
Pod Jaworem (Scapegoat) EP