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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Band Rock Pop


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The Goose is loose! The local four-piece completed and finally released its first album, Live It Up, Turn It Goose, in 2006. Fans of Jason Arbenz and Paul Cavins' work with Throneberry will be thrilled with Goose's similar knack for climbing, irresistible melodies and a classic, grounded, to-the-point Pop/Rock musical approach. The album was recorded by Cavins and he allows the songs to breathe naturally, without a trace of effects or other studio "fixes." But background vocals, engaging, crafty guitar work, piano and organ help create a full sound. Highlights include opener "Cannot Wrap Her Thoughts," which epitomizes Arbenz's strength as a brilliant melodic sculptor (he's one of the best songwriters this city has seen in the past 20 years), "Roosevelt Square," which has the sleepy, soulful organics of The Band, and the old Stones boogie of "Johnny Q. Fanfare." No nonsense and perfect. (MB) - Cincinnati Citybeat

"A Very Gouda Band"

Locals Only: A Very gouda Band

Yachts, cannibalism and cheese: A conversation with local rockers Goose


Jason Arbenz, frontman for soulful, highly-melodic original Rock foursome Goose, has a tradition that has turned into something fun and challenging to his friends and bandmates. While looking through a book about Wilco, Jason saw a photo with a list scribbled on it. The list had several names of bands with cheese brands incorporated into the moniker. Jason took the game further, posted a blog about it, and now friends across the city are coming up with new names to add to the "cheese list." His dream is to meet Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and show him the list, which includes gems like Camembert Van Beethoven, Fontina Turner and Gouda Charlotte.
Before Goose, Jason, drummer Paul Cavins and guitarist (and Jason's brother) Jordan Arbenz formed the Oxford, Ohio, band, Liquid Hippos, playing from '86 until '88. According to Goose's bassist Lance Stapleton, he was playing Little League at the time and was beginning to learn the bass.

After the Hippos broke up, Jason and Cavins began their next venture --Throneberry. The band had an eight-year run and scored national attention, touring and releasing albums for Alias Records.

"We scaled heights but didn't have any future prospects," Jason says.

Throneberry went through tough times with drummers, losing Michael Horrigan to the Whigs, so Cavins, originally a bassist, started learning how to play.

The end of Throneberry was the beginning of Goose.

In 2002 they began sharing a practice space with The Stapletons, where they met Lance. Jordan (who played with the beloved Love Cowboys after the Hippos) also joined. Live It Up Turn it Goose, which was recorded by Cavins in Roanoke apartments in Clifton, was released last year.

Currently, members have affiliations with other bands: Lance with The Stapletons and Jason with Cari Clara, while Cavins has played with Len's Lounge. Jordan is a math teacher at Seven Hills High School where his rap skills are used in talent shows. Laughable? Apparently Jordy has skills, including on-the-spot timing. One practice, a guy knocked on their door needing a cell phone and Jordy wouldn't let him leave until he listened to him rap. Rumor has it that the hostage was pleased.

Pointing out that certain questions aren't being asked, Jason says he feels that touring should be mentioned.

Are they going to do it?


"Our goals and expectations are drastically lower than when we were younger," Jason says. "That's Lance's job (touring with The Stapletons). He can drive to Iowa City in February if he wants. It used to be that we'd squeeze our lives around music, but now it's the other way around."

I ask the boys what they'd take with them if they were forced to stay on an island together. Instruments were the first items mentioned and according to Jason, that counts as one. Lance would bring a helicopter -- a remote control toy one. Jason also mentions a graphing calculator and Cavins says he'd choose to bring a seaworthy yacht. The band points out that Cavins is the thinker who gets things done, so when cannibalism comes up (and the brilliancy of his item choice), they realized that they could eat Cavins, but nothing would get done.

Well, they'd still have the yacht, wouldn't they?

Goose is currently writing a new album and they're packed with material. "Life's too short to waste these people's time," Jason says after pondering how seriously they take their songwriting and album productions.

Overall, the band loves what they are doing, and they love seeing the select crowds that attend their shows.

"Seeing ... other bands at our shows makes us feel great," Jason says.

This is Goose, and they must have rigged their band name so that cheese-puns could not be involved -- even though C.U.R.D. is acceptable for N.E.R.D. as far as Jason is concerned. - Citybeat


LIVE IT UP, TURN IT GOOSE! released 2006.



The musical partnership of Jason Arbenz and Paul Cavins is not only one of Cincinnati’s most fruitful and long running, it is also the backbone of Goose. The two guitarists met at Miami University in the spring of 1984. By the time classes resumed in the fall, Cavins had switched to bass and Liquid Hippos were born. By the end of their run, in 1988, the Hippos had released an LP, (Shellac The Bozak, Ultrasuede 002, incidentally, the Afghan Whigs’ Big Top Halloween was Ultrasuede 001) and played shows throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The band split so Jason’s brother, and Hippo guitarist, Jordan, along with Hippo drummer Michael Horrigan could pursue their speed-funk side project, The Love Cowboys.
Jason and Paul would then form Throneberry, who in its eight year run (1990-1998) would ascend through the local scene, sign to L.A. indie label Alias, release three LPs and assorted EPs and singles, tour throughout the U.S. and Canada with the likes of Weezer and Lush, have a video ( On The Strobe Flume) aired on MTV, garner national press in mags like Spin and Alternative Press, tour Europe with the Afghan Whigs, play live on the BBC, etc... generally exceding all expectations, before losing their drummer to the Whigs and grinding to a halt about a year later.
The painful loss of Horrigan, who proved difficult to replace, provided the impetus for Goose, as Cavins again learned a new instrument, this time drums, in order to facilitate the next step. With Jordan Arbenz back in the fold as lead guitarist, and new face Lance Stapleton on bass, Goose debuted in May of 2002.
The music of Goose is a catchy blend of sweetness and grit, of heartbreak and elation. The songs stay with the listener, while the lyrics are oblique enough to warrent repeated plays. Lead guitarist Jordan works from a broad musical palette which gives each song a distinct identity.
In 2006 Goose released the long awaited LIVE IT UP TURN IT GOOSE. A record picked as one of the best releases of that year by Cincinnati Citybeat. Goose's live shows support LIVE IT UP TURN IT GOOSE and also sport some tasty new tunes that will make up Goose's sophomore release.