Goose Doctor

Goose Doctor

 DeKalb, Illinois, USA

Original jam-rock-funk-electro-bluegrass-dance music with captivating lyrics, tight vocal harmonies, dexterous grooves and high-energy performances.


Flying in a tight V just below the radar of the mainstream, Goose Doctor creates unique, original music that combines intricate song structures, captivating lyrics and layered vocal harmonies, interspersed with soaring jams and dexterous grooves. The band is comprised of artists with years of experience playing many of the top festivals and venues in the Midwest. says, "The band has the chops to dabble in some unique areas of the jam genre." Goose Doctor's live shows are full-on sensory experiences. With new fans from all over helping build momentum as the shows add up, Goose Doctor is quickly taking its place among the premier acts on the jam circuit.


Goose Doctor is currently in the studio and plans to release songs as they are completed in a series of release shows, along with a commemorative poster for each, designed by renowned artists and friends of the band throughout the country.