Goose Lane

Goose Lane


The soundtrack to one hell of a night at a Wiemar Republic strip club.


Goose Lane was founded in 1997 by drummer Dave Parmelee and guitarist/composer Chris Cretella; two self-confessed metal-heads with a then newfound interest in improvisation, jazz, modern classical, and experimental music of all stripes. Since its inception, the band has been dedicated to playing the compositions and arrangements of guitarist and co-founder Chris Cretella. Goose Lane’s pieces range in construction from tightly orchestrated and composed pieces wherein every note is carefully considered and placed to simple jazz head arrangements that develop into exciting improvisations. However, regardless of how unique each composition may be, each one still has that Goose Lane sound. Because of the diverse nature of its book of compositions and the top-notch level of musicianship of its members, Goose Lane can easily adapt its set to its venue. This has allowed the group to feel as at home in a rowdy bar where the audience has collectively consumed no less than 70 gallons of bourbon as it feels at a refined art opening where the heaviest item on the menu is brie.

Over the course of the last three years Goose Lane has become involved in providing music for both theatre and film. The group has performed and/or recorded Chris’ incidental music for the play Once Upon A Time On Calvary (dir. Leslie Blatteau) and his score for the film The Last Chinese Checkers (dir. Adam Cummins). In addition, the group has also performed resident reedman Steve Asetta’s score for the silent film The Unknown (dir. Todd Browning) featuring Lon Chaney, accompanying the film as it rolled.

Much like Yale University, Goose Lane is fast becoming a cultural institution of the highest caliber in the old Elm City. Goose Lane has been performing its own unique blend of jazz, classical, metal, funk, and good old-fashioned improv in and around New Haven, CT for over ten years and in half as many configurations. In this time Goose Lane has grown from a scrappy young duo playing in-your-face compositions and improvisations to a six-piece chamber ensemble capable of both orchestral precision or freewheeling free play at the drop of a hat.


Goose Lane-The First Goose Lane Record (2003)
Goose Lane presents The Nutcracker (2005)

Goose Lane-%100 More Tuba (2007)

Set List

Sample Goose Lane Set:

One For The Red Eyed (Cretella)
A Breakfast Serenade (Cretella)
Two Cockroaches Fornicating On Mars In The Sledge Hammer Silence-A Tango (Cretella)
Re-animator Theme (R. Band)(cover)
Requiem For Jack Tripper (Cretella)
The Adventures Of An Overtly Rotund Bottom Feeder (Cretella)
Jim Bob Heads North (Cretella)
The Cathartic Implications Of Mr. Snuggles (Cretella)
Wednesday Nights At The 'Ole Rubber Mill (Cretella)

This particular set could be modified to last from as short as 45 minutes to as long as 1 hour and 20 minutes.