Pleasant Hill
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Pleasant Hill

Norcross, Georgia, United States

Norcross, Georgia, United States
Hip Hop Rock




"Exceptional Work!"

"We recently featured 'Forget About Us' on They did quite well with our site population. They rated well above average song featured with a score of 3.91. The site average is 3.67 and we almost never see a 4+ score. Pleasant Hill is an unusual combination of rhymes and melody. They feature great lyrics and unusual instrumentation for this type of music." - Billy Thin, - Billy Thin

"I need more PH!"

Pleasant Hill is so fresh! They spin hip hop off of funk to come up with this crazy blend of sounds and melodies. Their lyrics are introspective and stimulating at the same time, and easy to relate to! I only wish I could see them live!!! - Siena Magana

"Pleasant Hill pushes boundaries"

4 member band, 'Pleasant Hill' marks the spot where the worlds of Hip-Hop and Rock collide. Building a solid foundation by pairing bold introspective lyrics with raw, eclectic and fresh instrumentation, 'Pleasant Hill' bears wide commercial appeal and potential. - Trailblaza @TrailblazaLG

"Local favorite!"

Pleasant hill is a smooth mix of chill melodies while using upbeat tempos and different vocal, drum, and guitar compositions. Their sound spans across several familiar, and awesome, bands and artists in multiple genres. - Quentin "@CalmCoolNPoetic" Benford


Still working on that hot first release.



Pleasant Hill is made up of four members who all have a completely different taste in music but the same yearning to learn even more about it. Driven by a conversation of music and arts, Bobby Gleaton (drummer) and James Sims (Vox/Emcee) had discussed meeting for a jam session but little did James know, Bobby was bringing Sam Adams (guitarist) and Ross Howard (Bassist) over with their entire set up of equipment. During that night "Forget About Us" was made off the top of their heads, which was the deciding factor for the band to see everything through.

What sets us apart from everyone is that there is no one putting out the music that we are and we're doing it based off of a familiar notion we have together, rather than being driven by examples that will end eventually. It's all very original too, with a couple of head nods toward respected artists in our songs.

A few bands that we not only kind of resemble but we practically idolize are: Circa Survive, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kwaeli, A Tribe Called Quest, System of a Down, Jack White, The Dear Hunter, The Black Keys, Gym Class Heroes, etc.