Described as a lovechild between Franz Ferdinand and the Queens of the Stoneage, Gorbachov know how to please. From their loyal shirt swinging fans to innocent CHOV virgins their gigs are renowned for their unforgiving energy. CONTACT: RORY KOEHLER +447966475756


THE CHOV as their fans affectionately know them, formed 4 years ago in Waterford, Ireland. They soon gained national radio exposure with their first demos, winning countless Battle of the Bands and supporting some of Ireland's biggest bands including The Frames and The Blizzards. More recently they supported The Enemy (whilst winning Murphys Live - see below) and Fatboy Slim.

Finishing off their first professional release at the start of 2008 with Liverpool's Pirate Industries, they went on to win Murphys Live 2008, being crowned Irish band of the Year in the process. The momentum behind the bands rising profile in Ireland was further boosted with news that they were selected for the 2008 IMRO Showcase Tour the most coveted event for new talent in the country.

Having already played many festivals at the far ends of Europe in the summer of 2008 they are gaining airplay throughout Europe on radio stations large and small alike with their recently released single 'Go on my Son' from their forthcoming debut album 'Can't Start The Machine'. The band are also proud to announce that 'Go On My Son' will be featured on Ireland's Oxjam CD of which 70,000 will be circulated with Novemebers Hotpress magazine. The band, as ever, are looking forward to wowing the crowds with their catchy and energetic brand of rock.


Go On My Son

Written By: Gorbachov

You must be onto something - Go on my son
You got something from nothing - Go on my son
It's such a fuss they're making - Go on my son
About the time your taking lately - Go on my son

I think I want to go out - Go on my son
Because I'm left in no doubt - Go on my son
What this world is all about - Go on my son
At least I might make you proud if I go....

Out tonight
The moon is full and bright
Yes I wanna go out tonight
Cause the moon is full and bright

You must be high on something - Go on my son
Helps you get by on nothing - Go on my son
It's such a stink they're making - Go on my son
About the time you are taking lately

I think I wanna get high - Go on my son
If it'll help me get by - Go on my son
I think I'll give it a try - Go on my son
I'll make my poor mother cry if I go...

Out tonight
The moon is full and bright
Yes I wanna go out tonight
Cause the moon is full and bright


Lots of Demo Ep's back in the day that got national exposure in Ireland

Mr Fahrenheit (2007) - Airplayed XFM (UK) and a host of national and local Irish stations

Go On My Son (soon) - Played on lots of stations Europe wide
Album 'Can't Start The Machine' out in 2008!

Set List

We don't do covers!! We pick and choose from our pool of songs always including obvious classics such as 'Friends' 'Come and get it' and 'Go on my Son'. We generally play 35-45minute sets but can play a double set if required.