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Gorch Fock


Gorch Fock are a unique 7-piece psych-noise-metal band in the lineage of the Butthole Surfers and Cherubs. Dual drummers, electronics and effected trombone create an explosive and signature sound. Thier shows can kill a normal man.


Gorch Fock consists of members of the Snails, Migas, Tia Carrera, The Snake Trap, John Galt, Gong Li, and Sister Run Naked, School Trauma Flashback, Stout, The Little Bicycles and The Snake Trap.
Win wrote most of the first set in one night. Clearly he had been spiritually abducted by the angels
of the Church of Rock and transmitted the works during this absence of body.
He was taken to the floating church, Gorch Fock, which bobs in the massive crests of the Ocean of Melody
There he heard the sway of earth and the winds of Time.
He recruited the band as a way to harness the music's raw form.
Refined and terrestrial, the music has made it out.
History since then-
Since their inception Gorch Fock has continued to drop jaws in the live setting. Whether it's performing on a custom made 30ft Ship stage or just blowing the doors off of the venue, audiences continue to walk away from their shows blotto on rock with freshly minted bruises on their chins from from their impact with the floor.
The duel drummers thrashing like so many trailer homes in a tornado and the power of the septet as a whole are something to be experienced live. Recorded they create thunder that doesn't yield any of it's subtlety.

They've shared the stage with the likes of No Means No, Alice Donut, Helios Creed, Fantomas, Black Dice, Ariel Pink, Parts & Labor, Animal Collective, Stinking Lizaveta, Form of Rocket, Heroin Sheiks, Bleach03 (2 tours), Country Teasers, Areola 51, Attack Formation & Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee, MONO, Bellini, DMBQ, 400 Blows and more.

They've played 5 showcases at SXSW and 1 appearance thus far at the CMJ Music Marathon on the Australian Cattle God Records showcase. They've spent the last year touring the US extensively in support of their latest release on Australian Cattle God Records, "Lying and Manipulating". Over the remainder of the Spring and Summer Gorch Fock are touring the US more to continue supporting Lying and Manipulating and to promote their upcoming ACGR release "Thrilller" which hits shelves nationally on Sept 12, 2006.


2003/2005 - Gorch Fock S/T Perverted Son Records - Reissued 2005 on Australian Cattle God Records
2003 - Chorizo Approved Records Sampler
2005 - Lying and Manipualting - Australian Cattle God Records
2005 - Australian Cattle God Records CMJ 2005 Sampler
2006 - Killdozer Tribute - Crustacean Records
2006 - Australian Cattle God Records SXSW 2006 Sampler
2006 - Australian Cattle God Records Spring '06 Sampler

2005's "Lying and Manipuating" charted in the top 30 at over 40 college radio stations nationwide. Notably staying at #1 at KDUR - Durango, CO, on their Loud Rock chart for 7 weeks and showing well as the #2 record for April 2005 at WRBB Boston and placing at #49 on WRBB's top albums for 2005 chart.

Set List

Gorch Fock's sets vary widely from one performance to the next. They do cover songs, however more in the sense of a tribute than as set filler. Some of those include. "Ohio" - Neil Young, "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane and "The River" - NoMeansNo