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"Gord Bamford - Album Review - Life is Good"

Gord Bamford earned a lot of chart mileage from tunes included on his debut 'God's Green Earth' album released in 2000...but that was just a drop in the bucket compared to what should happen with this outstanding sophomore outing. 'Life is Good' is chock-full of great songs, and Bamford delivers them with a 'pure country' style - there's a lot of the 'George Strait sound' filtering through his music, and that's something that's always welcomed by country ears.

Gord Bamford is Australian-born and a resident of Alberta since age five...and singing country music since that time. His breakthough on the national scene in 2000 with the debut album has set the stage for this ambitious follow up album, which has already yielded the Top 20 hit "Heroes". The current follow up single, "My Heart's a Genius", is another piece of crafty songwriting by Bamford, this time with album producer Byron Hill, who co-writes seven of the selections on the album.

One of the "best bets" here comes in the song "All About Her"(co-written by Bamford with Steve Fox) - the song has a great chorus that deals with "vinyl flashbacks" and it should make for a great radio song. Also high on the hitlist here is the 'hook-filled' "I Would For You", the two-step dance tune "The Watering Hole" and "We're All Cowboys", all of which seem to come right out of Straits-ville.

The only entry on the album that Gord Bamford doesn't have a hand in writing(although Byron Hill's pen is involved) is "Joe's Place", a blue collar, good ol' boys tune. If it sounds familiar you can also find it on a recent Joe Nichols' album, and also previously heard on songwriter Mike Dekle's collection.

The album closes on a more personal note with "Kendra's Song", a love song written for his wife. LIFE IS GOOD!!

"Life is Good" was produced in Nashville by Byron Hill and Gord Bamford. Two songs, "Heroes" and "Kendra's Song" were produced by Bamford with Bart McKay at Sound Edge Studios in Saskatoon.
- Larry Delaney - Country Music News - November 2004

"Gord Bamford-Life is Good"

Maybe Gord Bamford should take a little credit for the North American breakthrough successes currently being enjoyed by Australian-born country stars like Keith Urban, Adam Harvey, Sherrie Austin, Jamie O'Neal and others...after all, Gord Bamford was born in Australia and moved to Canada in the early 80's when he was 5 years old. Just maybe, Gord paved the way and opened the Golden Road that Keith Urban has travelled down in recent time.

There's really no connection to that Oz invasion, and Gord Bamford would be the last to even think he played a part...but there's no denying that Gord Bamford is making his presence felt on the Canadian country music scene for the past few years, and his two latest single releases, "Heroes" and "My Heart's a Genius" have catapulted the Alberta-based singer into the Canadian country music spotlight. The tunes come from Gord's recently released "Life is Good" album, which he co-produced with Nashville hitmaker Byron Hill.

Gord Bamford's "arrival" as a country music star didn't happen overnight...and it's a bit of luck that it even happened at all.

After leaving Australia with his mom Marilyn following her divorce when he was 5 years old, she returned to to her homeland, and settled in Lacombe, Alberta. Gord was raised in the Northern Alberta town, and while attending high school there, he was a 4 letter athlete, exelling in both baseball and football, and was considering a professional career in one of those sports. It was Gord's mom( a singer who toured with a country band while in Australia) who encouraged Gord to try his hand at performing before an audience. Mother Knows Best!

"Yeah...she must have known if I ever got on stage, I'd be hooked", says Gord. "I actually started singing in school in Grade 5; and when I was in Grade 9-10, I was playing in a country band. I also dabbled in some stage show stuff-Phantom of the Opera; and I did some Michael Bolton stuff...but I guess it was when I first heard Garth Brooks, and saw him perform, that I knew I wanted to be a country music singer".

By the mid-90's, Gord had honed his singing and performing talents and won a Nornet sponsored Search For the Stars contest; which allowed him to release his first single to radio, the Dean McTaggart-penned "Forever Starts Today".

The next couple of years saw Gord working club and festival stages opening shows for some of Canada's top country attractions.

In 2000, Gord released his first album, "God's Green Earth", featuring a collection of top-notch songs, produced by Bart McKay at his Sound Edge Studios in Saskatoon. Several singles pulled from the album charted nationally, including the title track, "24x24" and "Where a Cowboy Likes to Roam", the latter featuring Gord's first stab at songwriting.

Fast forward to 2004...Gord Bamford has connected with Byron Hill, co-writer of the "God's Green Earth" tune; and the pairing has proven to be nothing short of spectacular.

"Byron Hill is an incredibly talented man. A great songwriter... he's taught me a ton of things", says Gord. "We had some good chemistry happening between us, right from the start. He had no reason to even bother with an unknown like me, but he kind of took me under his wing; and showed a lot of patience. He's helped me enormously as a songwriter; and in the studio with my vocal tracks. Byron taught me to "keep it simple"; and that's a formula that's really worked well for me".

The "learning school" has paid some immediate dividends for Gord Bamford. His new "Life is Good" album has already yielded the two biggest chart hits of his career to date. Perhaps the most notable difference between Gord's first and second albums comes in the broadening of his talents as a songwriter, with his pen involved in all but one of the new album's 11 songs.

"Well, I have been lucky" states Gord, "I've been able to write with people like Byron Hill, Steve Fox, Duane Steele, Tim Taylor...all experienced and very successful at their craft. I'm just hoping a bit of their talent rubs off on me".

The new album is also spawning some new changes in Gord's career path. He has delivered his first video, in support of "My Heart's a Genius" and that exposure should prove particulary helpful. Gord has also signed a new management pact with Bob Martineau, formerly the music director at CJXX in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

"Bob was always very supportive of my music when he was in radio...when the opportunity arose for him to manage my career, I jumped at it. I think we make a good team".

Teamwork has also entered Gord's personal life. He and wife Kendra recently welcomed their first addition to the family, a son, Nash David Bamford.

"A lot of great things have happened for me - I truly feel blessed that I'm surrounded by such wonderful people" says Gord.

Yeah...Life is Good for Gord.
- Larry Delaney-Country Music News

"Gord Bamford's Dream Gig a Reality"

Country singer Gord Bamford is the epitome of a true Alberta boy, even if he was born in Australia.

He plays hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer, and usually shoots in the low 40s on the golf course.

Bamford, who has lived in Lacombe, 128 km south of Edmonton, since he was five, will be playing in front of a sold-out Commonwealth Stadium next Wednesday as one of the opening acts for country superstar Tim McGraw.

"It's just a huge break and it's really raised my profile," said Bamford. "It was a lot of hard work that got us there."

Bamford credits a "stroke of luck" and a healthy relationship with Panhandle Productions - the same company that puts on the legendary Big Valley Jamboree - for helping him land the gig. "I think they (Panhandle) have seen me grow over the years," said Bamford, who has had two Top 10 singles and music videos in rotation on CMT. "It was the right timing for us and them."

Bamford has what many country singers strive to possess: a unique sound. Whether he is serenading a love song or piping out country boogie, listeners know that it's Bamford.

Life Is Good is the name of Bamford's latest release, and the title couldn't be more fitting. His first album, God's Green Earth, garnered heavy radio play and left fans wanting more.

Teaming up again with Nashville songwriter-producer Byron Hill, Life Is Good is a very personal and intimate look into Bamford's life.

He sings about his parents, his past and his passions. With the recent birth of his first child, Bamford's life isn't just good - it's great.

Now that Bamford is on the brink of country stardom, all he can do now is play as many shows for as many people as possible. Bamford already has nine shows booked in July, with more added each week.

Along with shows in Ponoka, Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Bamford also landed a coveted slot at the Big Valley Jamboree. His first-ever performance at Big Valley will be July 30, on the main stage.

"I used to tell my mom that if one day if I can make it to this stage, I've made it," said Bamford. "You have to keep going, be persistent and never quit.

"Eventually, people will see you are working hard and paying your dues."

Bamford will be playing a number of rodeo and country festivals across Alberta and Saskatchewan before he opens for McGraw.

Look out for Bamford's latest video off Life Is Good called All About Her (filmed on location in Lacombe), to be in rotation on CMT as well as being played on the radio.

- Jared Majeski - Edmonton Sun

"Hometown Hero Opens For Tim McGraw"

In the 10 years since Gord Bamford won the Nornet Radio Network's Search for the Stars contest, his hard work is starting to pay off handsomely.

No longer just another Canadian country singer with potential, Lacombe's favourite son is a bona fide contender who's in the midst of a week he will no doubt remember for years to come.

In the space of five days, the talented and down to earth singer-songwriter will have opened shows for the two of the biggest names in the history of country music.

Last Friday, Bamford was on a bill at The Calgary Stampede with Kenny Rogers. Tonight, he'll play for more country fans than he may have played for collectively in the past decade as he takes one of the opening slots for the Tim McGraw concert.

The momentum doesn't stop there for Bamford, as he plays both the Rice Howard Way and the Winner's Circle stages Friday as part of the Edmonton Grand Prix entertainment lineup.

"What's happening is an example of the right timing," says the entertainer, whose current single "All About Her" sits in the CFCW Top 15 Canadian singles.

"We've developed a pretty good relationship with promoters and our profile out west is good, but when Panhandle Productions booked us for the McGraw date, the demand went through the roof. We added 10 more great concert dates to the calendar in a week and a half."

The singer also has another feather in his, er, cap. He recently landed an endorsement deal with Smith-Bilt Cowboy Hats.

A hometown hero to be sure, he's guaranteed to draw a roar in Commonwealth when he's introduced at 7pm. A month ago, more than 500 seats had been purchased from Lacombe residents alone. Since that time, Panhandle Productions boss Larry Werner has watched Bamford buy tens of thousands of dollars' worth of tickets for family and friends.

Those same fans were watching from the shadows when Bamford and a film crew recently shot the video in Lacombe for "All About Her" which is getting its fair share of broadcasts on CMT.

"Lacombe is such a postcard of a little town," said the 29 year old Bamford, who will perform for half an hour this evening. "All the restored old buildings on Main Street make it such an appealing place. We also shot some footage at my uncles's old homestead."

Juno winner and former Albertan George Canyon follows at 7:45 while McGraw takes over at 9. - Peter North-Edmonton Journal-July 13, 2005


Albums: God's Green Earth (2000); Life is Good (2004)
Singles: 24 x 24 (2000)
God's Green Earth (2000)
Where a Cowboy Likes to Roam (2001)
Man of the House (2001)
Classic Country Song (2002)
Heroes (Top 10 on Canadian radio)
My Heart's a Genius (Top 15)
All About Her (Top 15 on radio, #8 on CMT)
Life Is Good (#12)
I Would For You (#16)
We're All Cowboys (current single)



Gord Bamford has come a long way from singing at school and community functions in Lacombe, Alberta, to opening shows for Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Don Williams and Terri Clark. Gord’s second cd, “Life Is Good”, reflects the journey to the life he now leads. From highly personal songs (Heroes, Stubborn Blood, All About Her, Kendra’s Song), to honky tonk kickers (Joe’s Place, The Watering Hole, My Heart’s A Genius), to great love songs (I Would For You, We’re All Cowboys), the album showcases Gord’s talent as a singer and songwriter.

Born April 17, 1976, in Australia, Gord moved to Canada with his mother at the age of 5. Gord spent the rest of his formative years near the small central Alberta town of Lacombe.

In 1995, he won one of Alberta’s largest talent contests, the Nornet Radio Network’s “Search for the Stars”. Gord teamed with Rob Bartlett from Sundae Sound in Calgary to record his debut single “Forever Starts Today”, which earned a positive response from Canadian radio in 1996.

By the spring of 2000, he was ready to record his first album with Bart McKay at Sound Edge Productions in Saskatoon. Gord handpicked songs from several of his favourite writers, including Byron Hill, and he co-wrote two of the songs on the album himself. “God’s Green Earth” was released in the summer of 2000.

In 2003, Gord spent considerable time in Nashville honing his songwriting abilities with the best. He wrote with Steve Fox, Tim Taylor and Byron Hill, who would eventually co-produce his second album. Byron’s credits as a writer include George Strait’s “Fool Hearted Memory”, Tracy Byrd’s “Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous”, Alabama’s “Born Country”, Gary Allan’s “Nothin’ On But the Radio” and “God Green Earth”, recorded by Gord. After hearing Gord’s version of his song, Byron wanted to work with him. The two ended up co-writing 6 of the album’s 11 tracks.

Byron says of Gord, “He’s a true country artist and is destined to be a huge star. His very likeable personality will endear him to even the harshest critics of the genre, and those who really know the genre will instantly hear Gord’s roots. Gord Bamford lives it, breathes it and sings it. Alberta better hurry up and name a street after this guy before Texas does. He’s earned his songwriting stripes with this album”.

Gord and Byron have teamed up once again for Gord's third cd, which will be released in September of 2007.



-CCMA Chevy Trucks Rising Star Award
-CCMA Independent Male Vocalist of the Year
-CCMA Independent Song of the Year (Heroes)
-Western Canadian Music Awards Outstanding Country Recording of the Year (Life is Good)


The Indies: Country Artist of the Year
CCMA Chevy Trucks Rising Star Award
CCMA Independent Male Vocalist of the Year
CCMA Independent Song of the Year (All About Her)

For more information, please contact Gord’s management:

Bob Martineau
Phone: 250-751-1599
Email: bob_mart@shaw.ca

“Life is Good” is distributed nationally through Royalty Records