Gord Bamford

Gord Bamford


Gord Bamford's music is a blend of classic country with a modern sound. His influences include Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Strait and Tim McGraw.


Gord Bamford has come a long way from singing at school and community functions in Lacombe, Alberta, to opening shows for Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Don Williams and Terri Clark. Gord’s second cd, “Life Is Good”, reflects the journey to the life he now leads. From highly personal songs (Heroes, Stubborn Blood, All About Her, Kendra’s Song), to honky tonk kickers (Joe’s Place, The Watering Hole, My Heart’s A Genius), to great love songs (I Would For You, We’re All Cowboys), the album showcases Gord’s talent as a singer and songwriter.

Born April 17, 1976, in Australia, Gord moved to Canada with his mother at the age of 5. Gord spent the rest of his formative years near the small central Alberta town of Lacombe.

In 1995, he won one of Alberta’s largest talent contests, the Nornet Radio Network’s “Search for the Stars”. Gord teamed with Rob Bartlett from Sundae Sound in Calgary to record his debut single “Forever Starts Today”, which earned a positive response from Canadian radio in 1996.

By the spring of 2000, he was ready to record his first album with Bart McKay at Sound Edge Productions in Saskatoon. Gord handpicked songs from several of his favourite writers, including Byron Hill, and he co-wrote two of the songs on the album himself. “God’s Green Earth” was released in the summer of 2000.

In 2003, Gord spent considerable time in Nashville honing his songwriting abilities with the best. He wrote with Steve Fox, Tim Taylor and Byron Hill, who would eventually co-produce his second album. Byron’s credits as a writer include George Strait’s “Fool Hearted Memory”, Tracy Byrd’s “Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous”, Alabama’s “Born Country”, Gary Allan’s “Nothin’ On But the Radio” and “God Green Earth”, recorded by Gord. After hearing Gord’s version of his song, Byron wanted to work with him. The two ended up co-writing 6 of the album’s 11 tracks.

Byron says of Gord, “He’s a true country artist and is destined to be a huge star. His very likeable personality will endear him to even the harshest critics of the genre, and those who really know the genre will instantly hear Gord’s roots. Gord Bamford lives it, breathes it and sings it. Alberta better hurry up and name a street after this guy before Texas does. He’s earned his songwriting stripes with this album”.

Gord and Byron have teamed up once again for Gord's third cd, which will be released in September of 2007.



-CCMA Chevy Trucks Rising Star Award
-CCMA Independent Male Vocalist of the Year
-CCMA Independent Song of the Year (Heroes)
-Western Canadian Music Awards Outstanding Country Recording of the Year (Life is Good)


The Indies: Country Artist of the Year
CCMA Chevy Trucks Rising Star Award
CCMA Independent Male Vocalist of the Year
CCMA Independent Song of the Year (All About Her)

For more information, please contact Gord’s management:

Bob Martineau
Phone: 250-751-1599
Email: bob_mart@shaw.ca

“Life is Good” is distributed nationally through Royalty Records



Written By: Gord Bamford/Duane Steele/Dean Pezderic/Casey Moore

First day high school
Being cool was the golden rule
Didn't matter what anyone else would say
New shirts that our mama's bought
We were thinking we were mighty hot
Chest out we were feeling like Cassius Clay
Undisputed Champions of the Hallway


We were all heroes, legends in our own minds
Chasin' down dreams on Friday nights
Cruisin' down the back roads
Singin' to the radio
We were all heroes, you might say

Stole the keys to my daddy's truck
Tough ol' man I was pushing my luck
Things you do to impress the boys
Six cold beer and three good friends
George Strait tape that never ends
Those starry nights and country girls
No better time in this ol' world



Ya I still think about those days
But we grew up and things change


All About Her

Written By: Gord Bamford and Steve Fox

I used to wonder what they meant by walking the floor
Now there's grooves under my boots and I don't wonder anymore
All those simple country songs have so much meaning since I lost her
They go right through my heart, not in one ear and out the other


Like when my daddy spun that vinyl of Hank Snow and Charley Pride
It always caught mama's attention and she'd break right down and cry
But I'd just listen to the pickin' cause that's the only part I liked
I didn't understand the words, now they're all about her

We went out walking after midnight and now I do it alone
Seems like one day she was with me and the next day she was gone
There's a high lonesome sound and the melody it's whistling
I remember from my childhood when I didn't know what I was missing


Like when my daddy spun that vinyl of Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn
It always caught mama's attention and she'd break right down again
But I'd just listen to the pickin' the only part that pulled me in
I didn't understand the words, now they're all about her

Here's to pick up trucks and good dogs and heartaches
I'm gonna listen to what gets me through, if that's what it takes

So now when I spin my records of George Strait and Tim McGraw
I close my eyes and let that lyric catch me when I fall
I still listen to the pickin' yes I do but that's not all
Now that I understand the words and they're all about her
They're all about her

Life is Good

Written By: Gord Bamford and Byron Hill

We really don't have it that bad
But we know some people do
We catch ourselves complaining sometimes
Feeling down and blue

What do we have to complain about
When we look around us and see
A roof over our heads, shirts on our backs
And some jingle in our jeans


Life is good
Even when things aren't going
Quite the way we know they should
Knock on wood
Life is good

There might be a big stack of bills to pay
Sitting on our kitchen table
We'll get around to them one by one
As long as we are able

Speaking of that, hey we've been blessed
Each and every day
And I hope it takes forever
To count the many ways

Repeat Chorus

Things ain't bad if you're living and breathing
No things ain't bad if you're learning and teaching that

Repeat Chorus


Albums: God's Green Earth (2000); Life is Good (2004)
Singles: 24 x 24 (2000)
God's Green Earth (2000)
Where a Cowboy Likes to Roam (2001)
Man of the House (2001)
Classic Country Song (2002)
Heroes (Top 10 on Canadian radio)
My Heart's a Genius (Top 15)
All About Her (Top 15 on radio, #8 on CMT)
Life Is Good (#12)
I Would For You (#16)
We're All Cowboys (current single)

Set List

Enough original material for a 75 minute set.