Gordo Gringo

Gordo Gringo


New York based indie rock quartet Gordo Gringo has drawn comparisons to Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, and Wilco by bloggers and music critics alike. Their innovative brand of emotional, rhythmic indie rock, combined with their high energy stage show make this a "must see" live act.


Gordo Gringo has drawn comparisons to Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket and Wilco by
bloggers and music critics alike. Their music survives the harsh, critical listen and is indeed
stronger for it. But it also has an effortless sound which is soothing and catchy. It grabs and
releases, whispers and yells.

Gordo Gringo is the brainchild of Philip A. Jimenez, who does everything from writing and
producing the songs to designing the artwork and playing about a dozen instruments. Before
founding Gordo Gringo in 2002, Jimenez worked with Wheatus to co-produce their debut selftitled
album which was released by Columbia Records in 2000. Jimenez toured with Wheatus
across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Africa in support of the album from 2000 to 2002.
Wheatus went on to sell over a million records worldwide. Jimenez has also produced several
critically acclaimed indie rock albums including Commute (2005, Sugarspun Records) by The
Diggs, The Ecstatic EP by Beat Radio (Moon Or Mars Records 2006), and “Tramp Star” by The Piltones (2002, Rough Trade Records ) aswell as their self- titled release

Philip A. Jimenez’s creative talents are an important part of the band, but there is an atmospheric
and accessible quality to Gordo Gringo’s music brought about by its rhythm section.
With Jim Mansfield on drums and Orlando on bass, the group’s melodies find a warm while
powerful counterpoint. Dom Dorman’s guitar playing gives the music complexity and color
while his background vocals are reminiscent of R.E.M. everybody loves the party will be released internationally by Moon or Mars Records in June
2006. The album’s first single “Goodbye Song” will be added to radio rotations in April2006. Gordo Gringo will be touring to support the album in the U.S. and Europe.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by Steve Rooke (The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, Wilco, The Beatles, John Lennon re-masters), “everybody loves the party” explores
intriguing sonic territories. The depth of the music is evident in every song. Jimenez’s
subtle vocals tell delicate stories while revealing powerful emotions. There is the lost pride
("Mad Tide"), colorful wit ("Will Not Fly"), lost hope ("Spew Your Seed"), violent desire ("The
Sun Is On Fire") and unrequited love (“Old Suitcase”). It is all there, in one story or another,
ready to hear, ready to be listened to, ready for anything.


-'Gordo Gringo' EP 2002
-'Jump The Crutch' full-length 2003
-'Lost Dog' live EP 2005
-'everybody loves the party' 2006

Set List

Sets range from 45mins. to over an hour and feature songs from Gordo Gringo's 4 releases.
Gringo can also perform up to an hour long acoustic set, showcasing the songwriting side of their rocking acumen.