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San Leandro, California, United States | SELF

San Leandro, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Semi-Finalist for the 2011 Song-of-the-Year contest"

Nico's Lullaby receives great reviews in the 2011 Song-of-the-Year contest and makes it to the semi-finals. - Song of the Year


"Fascinating and unique"

"Very creative artist with some very important points to make"

We "admire your adventurousness and unique style." - Taxi

"Billboard World Song Contest"

In the 15th Annual Billboard World Song Contest, in 2008, Gordon Earl's song, "Hear The Kaboom" was honored among the top entries.

In the 14th Annual Billboard World Song Contest, in 2007, Gordon Earl was recognized as having the "talent and dedication it takes to write a hit song" for the entry, "Fly To Paris."

Jim Halsey
Mark Furmas - Billboard


Big Questions - Album One - Released July, 2006
The Answers - Album Two - Released November, 2007
The Lullabies - Gordon Earl - Released 12/03/2010

CDs and MP3s are available at GordonEarl.com, Amazon.com, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Tracks available for streaming and Redbook ready for radio play.



Gordon Earl is an emerging songwriter, and fantastic saxophonist known for his big pure tone and lightning speed. While his music genre is pop rock, its infusion with classical instrumentation, electronica production, and modal jazz qualities makes his body of work appeal to a wide range of audiences, though not easily pigeon-holed into one style. His vocal stylings have been compared favorably with David Bowie, Enigma, Depeche Mode, and John Lennon.

Gordon Earl has three albums released - all original material, all performed by himself on vocals, synthesizer and saxophone.


His song, Nico's Lullaby, was recently named as a semi-finalist the 2011 Song of the Year contest. Three other tunes of his, Fly to Paris, Corporate tool, and Hear the Kaboom, have also received honors in the 2007 and 2008 Billboard International Song contests.

Currently based in San Leandro, California, Gordon Earl was born in Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by his elementary school band teacher Ralph Abernathy, Gordon honed his skills first on clarinet. He attended the renowned Interlochen Arts Academy, and he became the principle clarinetist in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. Gordon Earl studied privately with Chicago Symphony Orchestra clarinetist, Walter Wollwage. Branching out, Gordon studied jazz piano with the great Willie Pickens. At 18, he moved to the West Coast to attend Stanford University. In the 1980’s, Gordon played saxophone in many San Francisco Bay Area nightclubs both with original rock musician Michael Ross and also in a popular Mo-Town cover group called Violet Fox.

It wasn’t until the eve of his 40th birthday, Gordon Earl made a concerted effort to pull together three decades of his original compositions and produce solo albums. He went to work polishing up his vocal technique with Sue Govali, a singer with the Moody Blues in the 90’s, and Gordon began learning everything he could about audio and midi recording.

His first album, released in July 2006, is called Big Questions. In November 2007, he launched his second album, The Answers. These are electronic rock and ballads. The themes of the first two collections deal with the powerful and enigmatic cycles of love, the conflicts of the individual in a world in environmental and political turmoil, and his work addresses our yearning for meaning and purpose. “Endlessly nuanced,” “emotionally riveting,” “magnetic melodies,” and “deeply satisfying poetic lyricism,” are just a few of the flattering descriptions of his music.

Gordon Earl released his third album, The Lullabies, for the holidays in December 2010. This work is a departure, containing all lullabies inspired by his grandkids. Gordon poured his heart into these lovely tunes and while they are categorized as children's music, adults are entranced by them, too.

The next project will be remixing the first Album, Big Questions, for a fresh polish, and following that, in 2011, Gordon Earl will focus more in the jazz, chill, and rock genres. Expect more great sax and synth to come from Gordon Earl.