Gordon Stone Band

Gordon Stone Band


One of the first and most prominently featured friends of Phish, Gordon Stone is a popular vanguard of the jazz and newgrass banjo world.


The Gordon Stone Band plays original music focusing on composition, interaction and improvisation. They combine bluegrass and jazz, blended with Latin, world beat and funk in tunes ranging from laid-back grooves to high-energy musical excursions. As journalist Tim Lynch puts it, “This is music with enough energy to appeal to rock and jam-bands fans, as well as acoustic music lovers, newgrass fans and jazz lovers, all with enough danceable energy to move entire festival sites into dancing frenzies.”

The music will lift you up.

Featured prominently on two Phish albums, and in three Phish major Phish festivals with attendance of over 70000, Gordon Stone is one of the vanguards of experimental newgrass and jazz, getting radio play as far away as Alabama, St. Louis, and California on shows that showcase live music.

Widely hailed as a veteran road dog and session man, Gordon Stone is asked to record with nearly everyone touched by his music (Phish, Strangefolk, Cracker, members of moe., members of Strangefolk, members of Free Beer & Chicken). Gordon has composed and recorded award-winning film sound tracks, and has released four critically acclaimed solo albums.


1992 - Phish, "Picture of Nectar," featured musician
1993 - Phish, "Rift," featrued musician
1995 - Gordon Stone Trio, "Scratichin' the Surface"
1997 - Gordon Stone Trio, "Touch and Go"
1998 - Gordon Stone Band (GSB), "Even With the Odds"
1998 - Strangefolk, "Weighless in Water"
2001 - GSB (featrued alongside Dave Mathews, Arlo Guthrie, Jimmy Buffett, Little Feat, and others), "Sharin' in the Groove," a Phish Tribute album
2001 - GSB, "Red Room"
2002 - GSB, three live discs with Rockslide.com
2002 - Al and the Transamericans (with Al and Vinny from moe., Erik Glockler from Strangefolk, and Kirk Juhas from Free Beer & Chicken), "Al and the Transamericans"
2002 Cracker, As of yet unnamed release

Sound Tracks:
1999 - GSB, Gordon Stone's original soundtrack for "Mud Season," an official entry at Slamdance and wins best picture at both the Pasadena and Silver Strand film festivals
2000 - Gordon Stone is featured on the soundtrack of Mike Gordon's (Phish) movie "Outside Out"