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Detroit, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Detroit, MI | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Gordy Hunt Seniority Review"

Album Review

Gordy Hunt

Gordy Hunt - Seniority

by Cyrus Rhodes
December 7, 2015
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Gordy Hunt is a 70s-style classic progressive rock artist and veteran musician, singer and songwriter. He has returned to the label where it all began in 1982' with a brand new record entitled Seniority! The new record brings the listener up to speed on where he gas been, where he is now and points the arrow to show us where he is going with 12 new tracks of original music about life, love and experience. By the end of the record, there will be know doubt, Gordy has earned his seniority as an artist and a musician! As a bonus there are two tracks added from very early in Gordy’s career that set the tone for his musical journey that was yet to come! Seniority CD music contains a single disc with 14 songs. Purchase link for Seniority

The CD kicks things off with slow burning groove” Looking Forward to Your Love” a upbeat intro piece that serves-up driving rhythms, up-beat vocal melody accompanied by inviting solo guitar, R&B style guitar licks. Track 2 “Lady in the Lenz” shifts gears a bit with its impressive musicianship, against well placed piano, vocal harmonies against a grand slam chorus. Track 3 “Ice Cream Heartache" delivers jumpy moving ditty with well-placed vocal melody, dynamic musical flow and thought provoking lyrical content that flows and ebbs its way through to musical fruition. As the CD slowly unfolds you will notice a lot of musical variety from these guys reminiscent of classic Bob Dylan, Dr. John, The Band, Leon Russell, Elton John, Super Tramp, Rare Earth, Lil Feat, Grateful Dead and Manfred Mann. First the music itself has a lot of vocal originality and possesses a psychedelic 70’s rock persona. The CD offers a rich melodic vocal foundation and lush layers of instrumentation. I would classify this music as classic 70’s Psychedelic Rock, R&B, Soul Rock and even Jam Band with a strong emphasis on vocal harmonies and good songwriting and superb musicianship. All in all the CD has some truly impressive moments on it showcasing amazing playing, dynamic arrangements, and wire arrangement of instrumentation. Besides the standard 4 piece delivery you will also notice brief splashes of well-placed harmonies, and solo guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, percussive accents and well placed R&B guitar layered within the music. As far as vocal abilities, Hunt brings the mojo and lets it all hang out with a lot of groove-ability and more than enough soul to go around. His voice works well across the board possessing a vocal swagger reminiscent of classic Dr. John, with just a splash of Joe Cocker and Randy Newman. Hunt’s voice fits this style of music perfectly. Hunt clearly demonstrates a strong and confident vocal ability as he takes many impressive vocal risks along the way. All production aspects check out as the CD has solid low end groove and crystal clear high end clarity. Hunt deserves a lot of credit for being a musical mastermind. Hunt plays guitar and sings. Hunt deserves a lot of credit from bringing this all together. Make no bones about it folks it took a lot of work to put this CD in my hands. From heartfelt “Out of Love With You” and “Mr. and Mrs. Greene” to psychedelic “Face on Mars” to the rocking “Love Circus” to grooving “Mary Lynn” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with Track 12 “November Man” the perfect faille statement for a CD of this caliber.

All songs over 3.5 minutes tend to drag you to cross the finish line. This CD is strongly consistent but reminds me of music popular over 30+ years ago. Some of this effects the CD’s overall marketability.

In closing Gordy Hunt’s latest effort “Seniority” is just a blast to listen to and is a strong musical production from start to finish. The music is highly original, extremely melodic with amazing writing and playing from all involved. As the CD progressed I became more and more impressed with it. Because of the influences I would say the flower children who like Elton John and Dr. John. will love this one. The musicianship is first rate, the songs are quite dynamic and in extend play format many will enjoy. Each song possesses a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Lastly - the writing and singing abilities of Gordy Hunt pretty much delivers the goods.

Purchase Link: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp? - No Depession

"Gordy Hunt Seniority reviews"

Gordy Hunt – Seniority

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Band/Artist: Gordy Hunt

CD: Seniority

CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gordyhuny

7.5/10 Stars

Midwest artists like Gordy Hunt deliver great hooks and melodies to get you through your day. One of the greatest things a music-lover can experiences is the discovery of a new artist so exciting, so invigorating it makes the listener want to “really” write about it. Though I don’t write reviews under false pretenses I will admit many times I find myself writing reviews based on music that is to say the least – extremely forgetful. Sometimes, such jewels are found “underground” rather than mainstream media, but then again, that’s just one of the reasons why the indie scene can be so fascinating and exciting a t the same time. Case in point it’s a stage designed for creative people, a platform to let their art be seen, and in this case heard.

Enter Michigan based rocker Gordy Hunt who writes us catchy, well-crafted songs with lyrics that connect with the good in everyone. His latest 14 track album called ”Seniority” shows a flair for combining these with ’70s indie guitar, easy to digest drums and a love of retro Top 40 rock. The result? Ear- friendly songs that stay with you long after the first listen. It’s a fact that some artists have been around for a while bit nonetheless exist beneath our radar screens. Hunt is one of these good time songwriters and up to now – no longer beneath the radar screens. This collection contains 14 consistent tracks. So how would I describe this CD? It’s a supernova of melodic and positive passion and sound exploding into your soul, a game changer in a world that needs a new musical direction. This latest release is led by the charismatic persona of Hunt who also plays guitar. To me this is kind of a conceptual record, inviting a listener to experience and relate to the depths and levity of the restless soul with traces of The Eagles, BTO, Lil’ Feat, even Bob Segar, Todd Rundgren, traces of Jimmy Buffett, to Elvis Costello. These latest string of songs present an amazing blend of Classic Psychedelic Rocking Pop popular in the 7’s and 80’s. On the other side of the sonic spectrum I can even hear Jackson Browne. On the first few tracks “Looking Forward to Your Love” “Lady in the Lenz” and Ice Cream Headache” displays a spot on mixture of all of the above styles. Hunt’s voice coupled with his impressive songwriters touch is really the pinnacle of it all.

Hunt’s singing – Not the voice from heaven but hey it works. I get the impression he is comfortable within his own skin behind the mic.

This is the perfect CD for late night bash, gathering, accompanied by a Rock n’ Roll party teetering on out of control. Now you get the music of Gordy Hunt. “Seniority” has a special melodic element to it combining rocking fretwork, well placed harmonies, a guitar-driven Old School rock-element that evolves perfectly as the CD advances. In this aspect I can hear even hear Paul McCartney to CCR. I especially like the merge of classic rock accents via an an amazing 70’s -80’s melodic rock feel.

– Kevin Battle - Indie music reviews

"Gordy Hunt Seniority Reviews"

Gordy Hunt – Seniority

Posted by Mr. Blackwell on Dec 9, 2015 in Reviews | Comments Off on Gordy Hunt – Seniority


Artist: Gordy Hunt

CD: Seniority

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqHHA5tqG7c

8he Review: So as luck would have it I stumble across the latest CD by Midwest (Michigan) based Singer/Songwriter Gordy Hunt entailed Seniority” (2015). This artist is clearly punching all the right tickets in his attempt to make a very real connection with listeners.

First off let me just say I really love emotional songwriting that’s pure and genuine – some tracks touch on this. Looking back at the last 20-30 years there have been some truly amazing artists that fit within this realm that gave us the music and songs that are for the ages. Some go through the motions but a few have a special component that you can really groove to. Artists like Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, XTC, Great Big Sea, Moxy Fruvous and John Lennon to

George Harrison. These bands/artists are diamonds in the rough. From the above masters to more recent bands like Beck and even They Might Be Giants no one can deny the impact such diverse music has upon our musical pop culture. What am I trying to say? Gordy Hunt is like many of the pre-mentioned bands/artist.

When you hit play and listen to the first few tracks: “Looking Forward to Your Love” and “Lady in the Lenz” you will quickly be blessed and enlightened by the musical presence of this artist thus feeling the connection. “Seniority” is a monumental concept album or a thinking mans journey if you will with so many musical and spiritual layers it should be heralded as a gem. It also covers a wide range of emotions. But besides the thinking man I might add it’s also for the dancing man. The amazing combination of guitar, rhythms, vocals, keyboards, Piano, solos and slide guitar all behind an impeccable vocalist really hits a home run. Vocals he reminds me of Randy Meisner (Eagles) The melodies and lyrics are somewhat clairvoyant, and the vocal harmonies provide the perfect reinforcements just where they need to be.

My favorite tracks are the title track, Mary Lynn, Love Circus and Out of Love with You.

“Seniority” by Gordy Hunt is truly an invigorating ride. If you feel depressed listen to it and you will feel better – through the brilliant mindset and musical psyche of Hunt. At the end of the day he deserve a lot of credit for being true to himself and making the aforementioned connection. Sure some would say this band is a stretch but it all works surprisingly well. This CD is a bit of a risk because it does sound a bit dated, but when you take risks with your music you can win big time. Seniority” by Gordy Hunt is a celebratory, glory full return of feel good Pop Rock at its best with a slight 70’s-80’s flair. Its strong suit is the amazing arsenal of songs and melodies Hunt brings to the table via intellectually stimulating lyrics, passion, power, vision and songwriting craft.

Purchase Link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gordyhuny

8.5/10 Stars

Michael Mullins - Rock and Roll view

"Gordy Hunt Seniority Reviews"

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CD REVIEW: Seniority by Gordy Hunt

RJ Frometa January 12, 2016 CD Reviews Leave a comment 69 Views

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Gordy Hunt is a folk-blues-almost retro-pop-rock artist based in Michigan who just released his 14 track CD entitled “Seniority” in 2014. Many tracks feature some wonderful musicianship and warm, inviting feel. All in all it’s a solid effort that encourages repeat listens.The songwriting here aims to promote more positive messages than what we hear on the radio these days.

The overall vibe I get is this artist is holding nothing back, thus steering clear of reducing songs to sanitized versions of themselves. The first few songs (Looking Forward to Your Love), (Mary Lynn) and (Love Circus) hit the deck running as this bursts to life via well-appointed movements, soulful-rock vibe and a warm vocal presence up front. Also present are tight harmonies and consistent groove-ridden rhythm guitar and rhythm section. In my opinion this project features 2 main ingredients: Hunt on vocals and the guitar. To me these 2 personify the core sound of retro pop. This may sound stupid – but it’s amazing to me how valuable these 2 instruments have been over the last 50 years, however it’s what you do with those 2 instruments that matters. Having said that Hunt’s songwriting that is the key ingredient that makes all of this work oh so well. All 3: voice, guitar, writing are finely balanced within the mix. The vocal range of Hunt is especially appealing to the higher registry are artfully defined while still layered quite nicely within the pocket. He has much to offer insofar as passion, grit and power without falling into the vocalist-with-supporting-arrangement trap. With standout tracks like (Lady Behind the Lenz), (Love Circus) and (Only with You). All 14 movements stimulate the senses. One can’t help but admire how all the instruments (4 piece core) and musical styles are distributed masterfully within this 14 track record. My favorite track is probably “Mr. and Mrs. Greene”

https://www.musicpage.com/gordyhuntband - Vents Magazine

"Gordy Hunt Seniority review"

Album Reviews

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Gordon Hunt – Seniority

Mindy McCall January 12, 2016 Album Reviews 0 Comments

Gordon Hunt – Seniority

HB Direct: http://www.hbdirect.com/album/3050759-gordy-hunt-seniority.html

Bio: Veteran musician, singer and songwriter, Gordy Hunt, returns to the label where it all began in 1982′ with a brand new record entitled Seniority! The new record brings the listener up to speed on where he has been, where he is now and points the arrow to show us where he is going with 12 new tracks of original music about life, love and experience. By the end of the record, there will be know doubt, Gordy has earned his seniority as an artist and a musician! As a bonus there are two tracks added from very early in Gordy’s career that set the tone for his musical journey that was yet to come!

It’s easy to know how to categorize an artist like Hunt. His latest 14 track staple “Seniority” is one of the better pop-rock releases I’ve heard this year. Because it’s doesn’t try too hard to be anything, but rather more honest and pure music. I got sold on Hunt’s melodies and impressive musicianship right from the start via track 1 “Looking Forward to Your Love.” Not only is Hunt an impressive singer/songwriter, all players are excellent musicians and their contributions to the writing and arrangements are of paramount importance-which is to say nothing of the contagious chemistry Hunt has behind the guitar and microphone.

The CD bursts to life with Track 1: “Looking Forward to Your Love” which is a crisp heartfelt raid on the senses yielding a superlative number. It’s a great invigorating pop revival that others (like myself) will lobby hard for. Hunt has a solid voice. His voices in the upper 10% of pop artists I get annually. The band has a solid look and sound that reminds me of Bruce Springsteen, Gordon Lightfoot, Zac Brown Band, Eli Young Band, Big Star, Tom Petty, Neill Young, and yes the legendary Billy Joel. Cited influences are Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, and Bruce Springsteen.

Track 2 is my top pick on the collection “Lady in the Lenz” keeps it moving in the right direction delivering an amazing and compelling chorus. We then get into rough and tumble territory with the title track single and the amazing “Title track, “Love Circus” and “Michigan Love.” Here the mood of the album slowly begin to trend upward towards more goodhearted atmosphere. “Only With You” and “Waiting for Terry” are two strong closers. Many pieces develop well into top flight melodic phrasing and thickly laced harmonies. Some tracks are more pop-inflected no doubt. All however are melody driven rather than the typical synth-pop posturing we’ve all come to expect on the radio. This is vintage Pop-Rock with kind hearted melodies which play into Hunt’s unique sensibility that can jar even the staunchest of listeners. Other notable stand-out songs: Mary Lynn”, “Out of Love With You” and “Face on Mars.”

It’s safe to say much of today’s music is made up entirely of yawning ambient beats, sparse musicianship and superficial vocals. Some of these intangibles even creep into contemporary country. Much of this reflects the superficial state of the music industry itself. Much of it is built of a house of cards that has become the quintessential pop persona. Where am I going with all this? None of the above applies to Gordy Hunt who lets the chips fall where they may. This is indeed the premise of the rock n’ roll – pop roots that many feel was the best music that ever crossed the airwaves. Why? Because with artists like Hunt it’s just good-timing music straight from a voice a guitar and a heart of gold.

Buy ‘Seniority” @ CD BABY” http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gordyhuny - Music Existence

"Gordy Hunt VENTS Magazine Interview"

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RJ Frometa December 30, 2015 Artist Interviews Leave a comment 77 Views

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How would you classify your music?

I believe that the boomers are the Forgotten demographic in these modern times, not just in music but in every aspect of pop culture. We still have a few of our spokesmen around, Bob Seger, Springsteen, but there is always room for more. I want to be that spokesman, but I don’t have an elitist attitude about my music. I want everyone to enjoy it. Music for the baby boomer generation and beyond.

Who are some of your top 5 musical influences?

My influences are mainly the songwriters. First and foremost, the great Jimmy Webb who I had the good fortune to See perform for the first time in 2012. It was like going to church for me, because he was the first songwriter that Came along that did it all by himself, he didn’t have a lyricist. It was a great show. David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Loudon Wainwright III, and John Hiatt, all songwriting performers that made a big impression on me. Just to name 5.

What do you want fans to take from your music?

Hopefully they will have fun listening, that is important without question. I hope that they find a little bit of themselves In the songs.and come away with a feeling that someone else has walked in the same shoes as them along the way. I also hope they have an uncontrollable feeling of wanting to dance to the music as well., I am from Detroit Michigan And us Detroiters need our dancing music too.

Can you tell us a bit about your last album? How does it differ from previous releases?

My first record which I love, was a collection of songs that I had written and recorded over a long period of Time and while the songs do gel together luckily, it was not as focused as my new record. My new record is More goal oriented with an emphasis on making sure that the songs all work together to complement each other. I had a musical vision in mind at the outset of recording, and thanks to me and my Co-producer and Engineer Tom Rice, and I think we accomplished what we set out to do FYI, my first record will be reissued early 2016 on the Egg Records label, and I am very excited about That! It’s a good record!

What do you love and hate about the Music Business?

I love that there still is a music business for one thing. Even in the download, DIY world we are currently living in, Lightning can still strike. My guess is, Radio is still holding it all together, thankfully. The down side of the music Business is, it can potentially destroy a lot of friendships and band s along the way. There are countless stories of Bands Breaking up and hating each other’s guts after the business came in and destroyed something that started out As fun for a lot of people. Creedence Clearwater Revival is a classic example of that scenario.

What is the best concert you have been to? What do you like most about playing live?

Gun to my head..i would have to say Pink Floyd at the Ford Auditorium in Detroit Michigan 1971. I still remember it and I never saw Pink Floyd after that, and I am glad. I don’t want to write over that file that is still in my head to this day. Unbelievable show.

Playing live always feels like you are on a tight rope without a net in a way. I love the adrenalin rush you get from that it keeps you on your toes. You can get it perfect at rehearsal, but the stage Is the real proving ground. I love the intimacy that can be achieved in the right setting. I love a positive connection/reaction from a friendly audience. To me, it is all part of the process. The writing, the recording and the performing all have to happen to make the process complete. The songs have to live on stage to be real!

How’s’ the music scene in your area?

Detroit seems to have a lot of little private enclaves of musical styles these days. There is someplace to go to hear just about anything if you are willing to look for it. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we are getting any sense of the next big break out artist from Detroit…who knows. Maybe it’s me? That would be nice.

How have you evolved as an artist over the last few years?

Oh yes without question. All you have to do is listen to the two bonus tracks on my new record to determine that! The songs are from my first foray into a real recording studio from back in the 70’s. I had written a couple songs that I felt were two really good songs, and gave me a hint that I could actually get better at this songwriting game, and wanted to record them. I put them on my new record because I wanted them to have a home and because they have “Seniority”!

If you could meet, play a gig, co-write a song, have dinner, get drunk with any band or artist (dead or alive) who would it be?

That’s a tough one, but I think will say Todd Rundgren. Such a huge talent, with such a huge body of work. I could spend all night asking him questions about his work. What a kick it would be to get drunk with him too. I could play him my stuff and get his feedback. It would be interesting to get his thoughts on my music with him knowing he was an influence and inspiration. Yeah, Todd Rundgren for sure!!

So tell us what’s next?

Well getting ready to start rehearsing with my new band to do some shows to play the music from Seniority and if all goes well, I will be going back into the studio with Tom Rice to start work on my next record so I can have it out by this summer. 2016 is gonna rock!

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Still working on that hot first release.


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Gordy Hunt's Band founded by lead singer and songwriter Gordy Hunt include the best of Detroit Michigan musicians performing the songs of Gordy Hunt.

Gordy just released his second album on the Egg Records label entitled Seniority  where he first started his recording career in 1982.  Seniority has been met with stellar reviews all over the internet and the band is poised to begin performing the music from this recording this summerr

Band Members