Not every singer can blend and do the necessary vocal gymnastics to be an outstanding Background Vocalist. Classically Trained, Goreth has an immeasurable passion for music especially for background vocal arrangements. She blends beautifully with any artist. Her teachers call her EARS OF IRON.


Goreth Jonathas was born in Montreal Quebec and started singing before she could talk. She brought her talent in the church were she has
developed many performing skills and has been discovered by several acts in Quebec, Ontario and U.S.A.
She has been performing with Different artist in Montreal such as Disco diva Michelle Sweeney, gospel divas such as Jennifer Meade and Kathy Grant Mahon. Her work can be heard on hip hop artist Yvon Crevé’s album L’accent grave.
In 2000 she has won the Laval contest for singing Mariah Carey's "I still believe" hit song. The judges were blown away by her voice. " If I'd close my eyes I would swear that it was Mariah" said one of the judges. Goreth was also one of 500 vocalist pick in Montreal to represent the city in the national search for a role in The Lion's King. From this opportunity she was referred by a judge for several gigs and by the pianist John Gilbert to record a song for Celine Dion.
She has been perfecting her craft of backup singing for more than 15 years. Backing up other singers in live performances or on a free-lance basis, traveling with performing acts.
She has work with one of the top artist Corneille and the former band O.N.E. Moreover she is a hard working, great person who is loving and caring and easy to get along with
Goreth is a superb and unique harmony vocalist, her vocal range is wide.
From Tenor to Soprano, she can blend beautifully with you. No matter the genre or style of music, Goreth is able to adapt her smooth and strong
vocal to what you need. Excellent ear defining vocal pitch, range, and vocal improvisation
She is a rapid learner, and loves the challenge of a last minute call. Excellent ear defining vocal pitch, range, and vocal improvisation.
In 2007 Goreth will be part of a judge panel for the Light on Soul Festival audition and will also be the vocal director for the same.


L’atterissage with Yvon Crevé
Mon seul espoir- Conservatory of Modern Music

Set List

Musical Education
1994- Conservatory of Modern Music-classical-Vianic Riché
JAM Vocal School- Jennifer Meade (occasionally)
2006- Vanier College- Classical- Tamara Armstrong

L’atterissage with Yvon Crevé
Mon seul espoir- Conservatory of Modern Music
It could’ve been you- Marvin Denis

Live Performances as Background vocalist and Soloist

Jennifer Meade
Kathy Grant Mahon
Medad Ernest
Corneille, Gage, Gardy (One)
Michelle Sweeney
Marvin Denis
Light on Soul-Soloist
Telethon of Montreal
Festival Just for Laugh- Jerry Springer
Kelis opening with One (Gage, Corneille, Gardy)
Maison de la culture

Shai Awards
Casino of Montreal
Unity Club of Montreal
Sofa Lounge
Jello Bar
CBS-Leslie Robert show with Jennifer Meade and Michelle Sweeney

Other musical experience

Artist Management
Conductor: Youth Choir @ CEP church
Musical composition and back vocal arrangement
Church soloist and worship team member