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"Girls like them ... And Boys like 'em too!"

By Bill Holdship
One thing's for certain, especially now that history has demonstrated it decade after decade: Good pop-punk, or punk-pop, always sounds pretty good when it's executed correctly. And Gorvette — a collaboration between Nikki Corvette and Amy Gore, two of Detroit's best-known female rockers — do it extremely well, just as anybody familiar with their past achievements in the bands respectively named after each lady would expect.
But these gals ain't no pussies, simply dishing out the hard bubblegum-lite styling of West Coast wimps like the Go-Gos (who were influenced by Nikki & the Corvettes in the first damn place) or the Bangles. Not by a long shot. In fact, Gorevette actually got Deniz Tek — the great Detroit-influenced Australian guitarist and Radio Birdman leader (who, as Iggy Pop revealed in these pages, almost briefly replaced Ron Asheton in the Stooges) — to lend his wild punk chops to two tunes on this fine debut EP, including the opening "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me," which kicks things off with a sinister but fun, good-bad but not evil vibe that's as old as … well, punk rock itself. Tek and the girls, plus drummer (the quartet's rounded out by bassist Lianna Castillo and drummer Al King), later repeat this sure-fire formula on the infectious "Brand New Lover." But even though most modern garage ax players pale next to Tek, Gore, who also produced the disc, is a pretty damn fine punk guitarist in her own right. And even without Tek's thrashing, the material — either co-written by the two ladies or by Gore alone — always aims for that melodic punk-pop hybrid popularized by such forebears as the Buzzcocks.
On the Stooges tip, "Fake It," perhaps the best song here, is positively Iggy-esque, especially on its verses — I dare you to listen to Nikki sing the line "I'm gonna make it in this world" without thinking of the Igster, albeit post-Stooges. And the track's delicious chorus features a rousing "ahhhh-ahhhh" backing vocal that's pure pop perfection, even with its classic — and literal — "fuck you!" lyricism. So, yeah, the pop's mighty fine here as well, equaling the punk on display.
"Baby, Let's Rock" is reminiscent of the great B Girls of "Down at the Beach" fame — the late Greg Shaw, the critic and tastemaker who coined the term "power pop" (and who released Nikki & The Corvettes' album as well as the B Girls' 45) would have adored this cut — and better than anything the aforementioned Go-Go's ever committed to tape, vinyl or CD. "Honey, Don't You Know?," meanwhile, would do early Debbie Harry and Blondie proud, complete with a mid-section obvious Shangri-Las spoken word rip that would do Mary Weiss just as proud.
In other words, you'd have to have a heart of stone or be a rock 'n' roll hater and curmudgeon not to enjoy this stuff. To steal an old cliché: It's as much fun as you're likely to have with your clothes on. - Metro Times

"Gorevette - The Lustfully Yours EP"

The era of distaff garage/punk bands arguably hit its peak in the mid ‘90s when outfits like the Donnas and the Chubbies were cresting in popularity, although both prior to that (say, the Pandoras and the Go-Go's in the ‘80s) and afterwards (Gore Gore Girls, The Ettes) there have been bands who could talk the talk and walk the walk while kicking the boys' asses with the best of ‘em. Before any of those avatars, however, there was Nikki Corvette, who as frontwoman for Nikki & the Corvettes (nee Nikki Corvette & the Convertibles) was one of the strongest and most charismatic personalities ever to emerge from the late ‘70s Detroit scene - which, if you know your Detroit rock city history, is saying a lot. Not for nothing did the Donnas themselves utter the memorable line, "I wanna be like Nikki Corvette" in their tune "Gimme My Radio."

Since Corvette's self-titled LP debut for Bomp! Records in 1980 she's gone through periods of intense activity followed by extended dips off the radar, although in recent years she's been spotted fronting Nikki Corvette & the Stingrays. Now we've got Gorevette, which as the band moniker might suggest is a summit between Corvette and Amy Gore, along with bassist Lianna Castillo (also from the Gore Gore Girls) and drummer Al King (a veteran of numerous Detroit bands, including Mitch Ryder and Scott Morgan's Powertrane). The group came about by a fortuitous sequence of events, and the resulting 7-song mini-album Lustfully Yours, recorded with Jim Diamond and Pete Bankert, won't disappoint fans of either the GGGs or Corvette's previous work, as it's a no-nonsense, straight-up slab of tuneful yet hi-nrg rawk.

It kicks off with manifesto "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me," quintessential MC5/Stooges-styled Detroit in its churning fretwork and pounding beat; that's Motor City alumnus Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman guesting on guitar (he also turns up on a later track, "Brand New Lover"). Then comes the powerhouse title cut, an arena-worthy, strutting, swaggering number with brassy Shangri-Las-styled vox from Corvette (listen for her "oohhh..." right before the break) and a searing, right-to-the-point guitar solo from Gore. Another highlight is the naughty, raucous "Fake It" which takes care of business, Buzzcocks style, in under 2 ½ minutes, while "Honey Don't You Know?" has a poppy, surf-inspired girl group vibe (there's even a classic spoken word interlude) that'll charm the beehive hairdo right off all you sixties buffs.

If this platter is intended to test the waters for a subsequent full-length, I'll cast my vote in the "yea" column. Corvette's voice remains undiminished after over 30 years of belting it out at the mic, and Gore's signature hollow body Gretsch sound is as meaty and visceral as ever - musically simpatico, and a meeting of minds that bodes well for future endeavors. The band is playing a string of east coast dates with the Donnas starting March 24, followed by a quick jaunt over to Japan (tour itinerary at their MySpace page), so if Gorevette winds up coming anywhere near you, attendance is a no brainer. Tell ‘em Uncle Blurt sent ya.

Standout Tracks: "Lustfully Yours," "Fake It," "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me" FRED MILLS
- Blurt Online

"Gorevette, Lustfully Yours"

Gorevette, Lustfully Yours
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By Mandy Mullins
Grab your dancing shoes and head out onto the floor and get ready to have a great time! In a match made in rock & roll girls heaven, the wonderful Nikki Corvette and Gore Gore Girls’ guitarist/leading lady Amy Gore have teamed up to form an ultra-fun little Detroit super group called Gorevette. Along with Lianna Castillo on bass and Al King on drums, Gorvette have just released their seven-song debut EP, Lustfully Yours.

Produced by Amy (what a super-talent!), the EP carries on the Ramones-meets-girl group sound that has always been Nikki’s trademark. From the hard-rocking kick-off of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me,” fans are in for a real treat. Other tracks like “Baby Let’s Rock” and “Fake It” (Nikki even says “the eff”!) are sure to get your hands a-clappin’ and your hips a-shakin’!
But for me, the sweetest part of any treat is always at the center. “Honey Don’t You Know” is a gorgeous and gentle little song that had me singing along on just the second listen. It’s absolutely wonderful!
As someone who loves all of Nikki’s recordings, from her days with the Corvettes to more recent endeavors with the Stingrays, I can honestly say that Nikki’s voice has never sounded better: clear as a bell with so much sweetness, but always with plenty of attitude and personality to spare.
These girls were born to rock & roll; there is no doubt about that! Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next!
Lustfully Yours was released on January 26. For more info, check out Gorevette on MySpace. And be sure to watch the video for “Lustfully Yours” on YouTube. - Popshifter

"Gorevette - Lustfully Yours"

Gorevette – Lustfully Yours – Best band name of the week. Amy Gore and Nikki Corvette are two of Detroit’s finest sleaze-rockers, and this is a supergroup in every sense of the word. Their first EP is hitting stores and should be a dirty good time. - Heavy.com

"Gorevette - Lustfully Yours EP Review"

Lustfully Yours EP
Strange Girl Records

Rock ’n’ roll’s swing, punk’s attitude and pop’s catchiness weave together in the fabric of Gorevette’s Lustfully Yours EP to create a collection of seven dance-worthy tunes. It has an amalgamation of influences from Blondie, Ramones and, of course, Nikki and the Corvettes. This latter influence comes in full force as Nikki Corvette herself plays with bandleader of Gore Gore Girls, Amy Gore, in this hard rocking band. Crunchy, distorted guitars drive this EP under the support of an energetic rhythm section to bring a punk-influenced sound that isn’t too derivative of its roots. With Nikki Corvette in the band, Gorevette can escape the accusation of trying to be old school punk, but may still be convicted of not bringing something revolutionary to the genre. The title track’s lyrics are somewhat fitting to the EP in that it “seems like it’s all been done before, and yet this feels brand new.” For what it is — a fun, quick and hard piece — it satisfies on all fronts.


— Robert Vandrish
- Spill Magazine


"The Lustfully Yours EP"
Strange Girl Recordings
Release Date January 26, 2010

Track Listing
1. Nothings Gonna Stop Me*
2. Lustfully Yours
3. Baby Let's Rock
4. Fake It
5. Honey Don't You Know?
6. Brand New Lover*
7. Candy Man

* Featuring Deniz Tek on lead guitar
Produced by Amy Gore
Nothings Gonna Stop Me, Brand New Lover & Candy Man Recorded & Engineered by Pete Bankert, Rock City Studios, Ann Arbor MI
All other tracks recorded & engineered by Jim Diamond, Ghetto Recorders, Detroit MI



Nikki Corvette, the original Rock'N'Roll Girl from Detroit, meets Amy Gore, Gore Gore Girls' leading lady.

Some things are just meant to be. When the legendary Nikki Corvette arrived with equally revered rock critic Robert Matheu at a Gore Gore Girls show in Los Angeles, he instinctively knew that she and bandleader Amy Gore would be natural compatriots. Both women have toured the world, rejecting trends and gimmickry to play the authentic, powerful rock n’ roll they’ve made their religion. They became friends that night, not industry associates but real pals. When Corvette relocated to her native Detroit for family reasons, she and Gore began to spend time together, spending hours talking about music while hanging out by the record player.

With members of each woman’s bands in different cities, they originally conceived the idea of doing a punk cover band, playing their favorite songs from bands like the Buzzcocks and the Damned. That soon changed when Nikki brought her tune “Lustfully Yours” to the table. Amy Gore, a formidable guitarist and writer, began writing songs specifically for Nikki that carry on the ‘Shangri-Las meets Ramones’ v sound she is famous for while incorporating lyrics rejecting the artificiality of current feminine ideals (“Fake It”) and making stand for the hedonistic fun of dancing, cars and staying up all night. “Rock n’ roll, above all else, should be fun,” said Gore.

With the addition of Lianna Castillo (bassist from the Gore Gore Girls) on bass, Gorevette began playing festivals and club shows. When it came time to record their EP, they split time between both Jim Diamond’s Ghetto Recordings in Detroit and Rock City Studios in Ann Arbor, MI, Gore producing and the songs. Gorevette were honored to have Radio Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek playing lead guitar on 'Nothin's Gonna Stop Me' and trading licks with Amy Gore on 'Brand New Lover'.

The new tracks are compiled for The Lustfully Yours EP, available Tuesday, January 26, 2010 on itunes USA and Internationally, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, LimeWire Store, Amazon MP3 & Amazon on Demand.

About Nikki: 1978 saw the birth of Nikki Corvette's career with the release of the Nikki Corvette and the Convertibles single "Young and Crazy" b/w "Backseat Love" and "Criminal Element". This was all happening in Detroit during the punk rock explosion where Nikki would see herself sharing the stage with The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The Romantics and many more. By 1980 the band name was changed to Nikki and the Corvettes. They would release their legendary debut album on BOMP! Records, an incredible mixture of 60's style girl group vocals, twangy guitars and teenage pop with plenty of punk rock attitude, with songs about cruisin for boys and fun in the sun. The album and band would influence everyone from The Go-go's (to go for more of a "pop" sound) all the way to The Donnas (see the lyric "I wanna be like Nikki Corvette" from Gimmie My Radio), and around the world to Japan with The 5678's.

About Amy Gore: Amy was born in Detroit, Michigan and in 1997 she founded the Gore Gore Girls, the first of few all-female bands of the garage rock genre. Along with other bands such as The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Detroit Cobras and others, the Gore Gore Girls helped establish the modern garage rock scene of the 1990s in Detroit. Gore’s talents are myriad: she is a ferocious guitarist who has helped bring Gretsch hollowbody guitars their due, a songwriter who distills the perfect pop gem and a studio pro whose unerring ear brought Gorevette to light.