GorilLA Blood

GorilLA Blood

 Burbank, California, USA
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With genuine soul and a desire to progress, you really never know what's next from this extremely creative band.  Gorilla Blood is a necessity for any good time. Compares closest to Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Beach Boys, John Lennon, Eddie Vedder, and George Harrison.


Gorilla Blood is a band that transcends what one would expect from a 2-piece acoustic act.  By mixing in their own brand of art, creativity, technical know-how, and musicality, they're engaging from the first second you meet them and they have this knack to keep you engaged for their full live performance.  And although they have a lot going on, what impresses you the most is they still have this way of connecting with the audience, allowing for a full spectrum of emotions.

Started in 2010 from a real feeling of discontent with the way things were, Russ Thomas and Steve Ellsworth's musical fornication was almost predetermined.  Soon after the merger they released a short, all recorded live EP - Old School American which gained them the notoriety they needed to pursue their main focus, a full length album.  Soon after the EP release, they secured some extended studio time to really explore the facets of their creativity. The product, "gorilLA blood" was released with 10 tracks in 2011.  With the very first track on the album "Bone Pile," you hear intense power, catchy music, and devilishly soulful lyrics from little more than a banjo, layered vocals and percussion.  They build on that power with the edgy "Living a Lie" that features a full four-piece band set-up.  Right off the bat, you're greeted with distorted guitars and layered vocals that create a sound both heaven and hell could be proud of.  That gives way to their single, "Ruins of Los Angeles," which is by far their catchiest song.  It features really poignant lyrics about living in LA when you're a genuine person just trying to do your thing to the fullest.  It's one of those songs that you can play over and over and not get tired of.  And just when you think it couldn't get any better,  they finish the album off with the track "Joy to Live Through a Show".  A song that really features the imagination and creativity of this band.  Multiple highs and lows both lyrically and musically throughout the song really paint a picture of hopefulness through the worst of times, because, after all, like the song explains, life should be a joy when you're doing what you love.  The album takes you on a mystical journey through the lives of two hardworking musicians trying to find their way.

Now... one would think that's all this band has to offer but they also spend the small free time between jobs, rehearsals, and gigs with filming music and viral videos that intelligently contain real life adaptations and campy humor. The videos featured on YouTube captivate any fan and assuredly will build them a future with the film medium.
Overall this band has the enthusiasm of a little kid and true-grit of a old western cowboy that give them the makings to be one of the greats.


Living a Lie

Written By: GorilLA Blood (Steve Ellsworth)

I'm transfixed on my body.
Is this me or is it an offering?
Do I have everything I will need
For the road, the road that's beyond our reach?

The space, the space that's between us
Was so small, how did it get there at all?
Well, it grew too tall; life puts up stupid walls.
They could break down but you lied about it,
So I'm leaving it all behind.

Welcome to your ultimate existence.
I hope it was everything you thought it would be.
Here's what's left of your imagination
Stripped from all humanity.

I've got no time, I've got no experience;
All I have is this restlessness.
Are you sorry you lied? I can't help if we die;
But I'm sure I've found a way to sound this out,
I've found a way to sound this out,
I've found a way to sound this out to you.

Bone Pile

Written By: GorilLA Blood (Russ Thomas)

I've been waiting for you in this pile of bones;
Waiting for days and for years.
Now I've got this problem that ain't so much a problem
'Cept I can't get this guy to get, to getting stopping.
I know what my future holds for me.

Pain and suffering and nothing in between,
Yeah, dire straights, hard times, you know me!
I've been through this list about a million times.
You can't blink it, can't wish it, or snap it all away.
Yeah, cause everyone's dead and we all got to pay.
Life ain't that fair and no one said that it was.


Drink a little whisky while you're in your prime.
You won't get no when you're asking for dimes.
I feel you getting closer, I'm trying to draw you near,
And the more I smell your sweet, sweet breathe
It makes me want to hear...

I can't believe what I'm seeing,
It's like I'm walking through a dream.
If you really dug me,
You'd do a little more than hug me.
Maybe grab me by the arm and kiss my cheek.

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm crazy.
Shouldn't take aim when you're shooting your mouth off.
I should just kiss ass, know my place, and realize
I'm more of a scumbag than your friends and all their lies.

I see everything now,
It's all so clear except everything they won't allow.
I've been told to genocide my friends
And now tell me that I have to stick with all of them
Until the very very end.

Ruins of Los Angeles

Written By: GorilLA Blood (Russ Thomas)

One night I was sitting in the dark
All by myself;
And then a thought passed through me, better think twice,
Don't want to live in a cell.
It's getting really hard trying to contain
All of my rage.
I guess maybe my life was meant to be
Spent inside a cage. (And then I said...)

Man I really hate this, man I really hate that,
And that woman's too thin, and that man's too fat.
Why the hell to people like you and me try to figure out how to go on?
It doesn't seem to me like there's anyone left to be that strong.

Cause I like to mess things up and destroy myself.
There ain't nothing better to me than trying and trying only to fail.
Sometimes most things they don't work out.
Don't show that shit to anyone cause they'll smell out your doubt.

I think you're better off moving along.
I got no place to go, no where to care for no one of my own,
And almost every day I wake up hating myself;
So I smoke a little more, drink a little more to detriment my health.

All bad things come in different forms;
It just depends on what you want to do with all your coins.
Cause you can shoot, stab, torture, or burn stupid assholes alive;
But I prefer, man, the slower way and I'ma try to stay alive.

Joy to Live Through a Show

Written By: GorilLA Blood (Steve Ellsworth)

As the rain stormed south,
"All hands on deck!" was cried out.
Tossed at sea, all turned around,
Next thing I knew we were upside down.

Neptune was threatened with me.
I guess I didn't pay enough to be free.
I was afraid while clutching debris.
As the ship sank so did my heart.
It's been four years since the mission embarked.
My mind braced for surviving the dark.
Tall swells made it hard to forget
This wasn't my first dance with a shipwreck.
As I waltzed I accepted my death.
The frigid air wasn't proud of my life
It replayed all those moments that I disliked.
Soaking wet, I knew this was my last night.

This darkness brings no hope.
Passed out alone in the cold (Land Ho, Land Ho).
The sun was dead, it rose.
My ears perked to hear words I know,
"Land Ho! Land Ho!"

I opened my eyes to see such a wonderful sight.
A shore was ahead, I was sure that I would be dead.
A shipmate alive, brought me in to help me survive.
With my body slumped onto the ground,
I was able to crawl around,
And I was able to laugh out loud.

(It's time to break every mold,
And encourage the things that make us bold.
Oh, life's just a show, so give it a go!
To see what unfolds.)

Joy to live through a show (Joy to live through a show),
If someone cares if you don't (and welcomes you home).

It Goes Fool Circle

Written By: GorilLA Blood (Steve Ellsworth)

I'm abused by the problems from them, so I don't see them.
They're abused by the problems from you, so they don't see you.
You're abused by the problems from me, so you don't see me,
And they don't see you, so no one sees it at all.

I'll show them the reasons for me, and they won't listen.
Cause they've shown us the reasons for them is that they don't listen.
Now you've shown me the reasons for you is that you haven't listened,
Cause they don't listen, so no one listens at all.

So could they really hear this from me, I don't accept them.
Cause I'm sure you've heard this from them, they don't accept you.
You know what, I've heard this from you, you don't accept me,
Cause they don't accept you, there's just no acceptance for all.

It makes me feel when I trust my natural reaction, I have no value.
Cause they trust when the odds are in their favor and you have no value.
You can't trust their attractive proposals. They have no value
When you have no value, so what's left is nothing to sell.

Yet I bought this assumption from them, I don't need them.
They bought this assumption from you, they don't need you.
You bought this assumption from me, you don't need me,
Cause they don't need you, so what's wrong with abusing ourselves...


Written By: GorilLA Blood (Steve Ellsworth)

I had a dream that's already been seen a billion times at the very least.
Am I unique or slightly different, I think? The world I live in peaks in its sleep.
Should I awake to put a smile on my face when most of these days are really worse than okay?
My ambitions have grown, I'm living alone, and my dreams, oh the dreams often tell me so.
The earth turns too slow and I want to go further than any man has ever gone before.
But men just stay stoned and women have outgrown the need of a kiss that steals the show.
So I'm making the best of what I have, even though time treats me like I've been a drag.
Too worried, too safe. Too timid, too strange. Too cute, too care-free. Too calm, too easy.
Too bad I sleep to find Utopia.

How should I feel waking up to the sounds that I can never make real?
How can I grow without getting away from everything that I know?
Can I survive with this ideology I could never describe?
So what should I do when no matter what I'm probably screwed?
At least I can dream of this fictional Utopia.


Old School American EP 2010
gorilLA blood 2011

Set List

Cover song list:
Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
Wishlist - Pearl Jam
Isn't it a Pity - George Harrison
That's Entertainment - The Jam
Who Loves the Sun - The Velvet Underground
More will come as we play them...