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Gorilla Tophat

Hamilton, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Hamilton, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Pop Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Creative Control Mag"

Canada has never been known for producing jazz/funk bands, at least the average listener couldn’t name many, but the guys in Gorilla Tophat have brought the flavor of music down South from the Great White North on their debut LP “Unnatural Habitat.”

The album kicks off with the aptly titled “Here We Go,” a track with horns and plucky guitars and quick hi-hat hits to drive the song along. It’s a good tone setter for the rest of the album with soulful vocals that continue throughout the album.

“Sunday Morning” sounds like it came straight from the Bill Withers 70s era of funk with a saxophone undertone and trumpets and trombones to fill out the brass on the track. The following track, “Want You To,” slows things down for a sultry blend of sweet crooning and light acoustic accompaniment. Listening to the song in any other lighting other than dim feels wrong; it’s the kind of song that you’d want to have playing at your place when you’re expecting a date to really set the mood.

The song “Conscience Clean” starts off with a bass line that is all about groove and a chorus that’s almost indescribable mumbling, but if it wasn’t there the track wouldn’t carry as much weight as it does. There are even a pair of jazz-flute solos in the song that would put Ron Burgundy to shame.

Overall this album is quick and slow, loud but smooth and all cool all the time. With all the instruments and vocals going on it’d be easy for something to get lost in the production, but surprisingly it doesn’t. All the piano keys, brass instruments, strings and percussion leave their footprint on each track with the vocals being the exclamation point at the end.

This article was originally published noting vocals on “Conscious Clean” as samples. It has been corrected with clarification from the band that these are not samples. -


Top 10 RideTheTempo.com Artist

Gorilla Tophat is a fun blend of rock, funk and groove. Infectious, to be sure. The duo of Alex Deuzeman and Jacob Snow team up with guitarist Brian Doherty on this one. -

"Anonymous Reviews"

•It sounds very alive and upbeat. He has a great style in his voice that has a lot of interesting variety in his voice that really sounds new and naturally accomplished. It has a lot of range and energy that sounds very inspiring to listen to.
• Excellent beginning! It draws you right into the song without dragging itself out. The vocals and music are perfectly balanced, and the vocals themselves are very good and fit well with the song. The song keeps up its energy and it very well put together. I love it!
• Nice instruments! Great tone of voice! Funky song; makes want to dance! Great singer/artist! Amazing vocals! Background music on point! Lyrics are catchy!
• The male singer is extremely skilled, and the addition of carefully selected instruments gave way to the melody oh so perfectly. Perhaps a song like this deserves to be listened to by a wider audience on Itunes! Fantastic, smooth, and the beats are smooth yet energetic. A 10/10. Grade A. A perfect song for many lucky listeners to enjoy.
•Anytime I hear a saxophone and jazz vibe in a song these days, it's a treat. It's such a beautiful sounding instrument and isn't utilized enough anymore. The lyrics are awesome - even comical, just another element of this song that puts a smile on my face. This is a song I'd have turned way up getting ready for a night out on the town. It's so positive and lifts your mood.
•Its really cool u can feel the singer, and you can feel the drummer, so far its the best song i have ever heard, i really liked it its so cool, i really enjoyed it, its so rare and cool don't give up guys I loved it.
•I love the instruments. The exploit of sounds is amazing. The Jazz theme is nice with the classical vocals. It rolls nice and smooth and doesn't drag behind. The lyrics fit nicely and match the overall theme. Good job!
•Nice instruments! Great tone of voice! Funky song; makes want to dance! Great singer/artist! Amazing vocals! Background music on point! Lyrics are catchy! Sassy man and song!
•The instrumental portions of this song make it- the horns are the perfect addition to this song. The singer's voice is smooth and deep. I would like to hear more from his voice- he could serenade anyone with that smoothness. The beat is catchy and right on key. This is the song that doesn't sound like all the other top 40 music of the moment but would still climb the charts because of the catchy beat and smooth sound!
•Wow, what an awesome retro sound this brings. The instrumental brings me back in time. The singer has an amazing voice, and the growl he does in his singing gives the song that extra oomph! I also like the talking part towards the end that sounds like a TV voice. Fantastic song, belongs on the radio asap!
•The blend in the beginning, with the slap bass and downtown sounds in combination, really brings together the imagery in the mind of the listener, painting a vivid (and soulful) masterpiece. Stylistically, it grooves and shifts well with the lead vocals. Instrumentation wise, the crisp brass and funky bass line pulls together for a really neat jam. -


Unnatural Habitat

  1. Here We Go
  2. Livin' a Lie (feat. Tom Teasley)
  3. The River (feat. Kevin Cadogan)
  4. Smile for Me (feat. Brian Doherty)
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. Want You To
  7. Take
  8. Conscience Clean (feat. Katisse Buckingham)
  9. Rest Underground
  10. Postcard
  11. Follow Me



Gorilla Tophat is proudly Canadian coming out of South Western Ontario and was created by two former members of CWS; Bassist Alex Deuzeman (Bass/Guitar) and Front Man Jacob Snow (Vocals/Piano).   

Our music is bringing back the smooth, soulful magic of Funk and mixing in a little Rock, Jazz and Pop.  Overall we are defined by infinitely groovy bass lines and thought provoking lyrics, complimented with horns, piano, percussion, rock & funk vocals.  

We offer two types of shows; small format and large format.

Small format-the duo of Gorilla Tophat would attend and play an acoustic style set showcasing their true talent and boisterous sense of humour between songs.  During the show expect piano, ukelele, percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, backing tracks, groovy bass from Alex Deuzeman and stunning vocals by Jacob Snow.

Large format-the duo of Gorilla Tophat is complemented by a group of professional musicians showcasing their full sound as heard on their debut album Unnatural Habitat.  Expect to hear Alex's bass and Jacob's vocals complimented with horns, piano, guitar, and backup singers.

Our influences are widespread and include Artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, 311, Big Wreck and Third Eye Blind. 

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