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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE | AFM

Brooklyn, NY | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Jazz Experimental




"Never Calm Down [Press Release]"

Have you preyed lately to your GORPLORD? Too late—zhe has come for you, channeled into this world through the fevered emoginations of Evan Strauss & his snazzy but demented NYC posse. (Once you get past the introduction it's surprisingly easy to listen to.) Gorplord equals great stoner jams, but expect to wrangle some demons while this one plays. You may come out the other side a different person, or not a person at all. - Cosmic Primitive

"Hootenanny: Toe Stomping Confusion"

Award winning experimental film maker Carl Elsaesser writes of GORPLORD's sophomore release Hootenanny:

"In response to this music I will tell you a dream I had last night that includes my dear friend Adrian who met me in a fenced in backyard where I was digging in the dirt with a couple of people. He opened the door and had long hair to his waist. He was wearing all beige including beige long pants, a beige long shirt and a beige sweater down to his knees. We were all very very impressed by how androgynous and sophisticated he looked.

Hootenanny never quite reaches a sardonic, sympathetic or heavy tone. Instead Hootenanny embraces confusion. Despite all the productive displacement and experimentation, there are some real toe-stomping, foot sliding back and forth, good old songs to enjoy, such as the title track, which I would totally play at my nephew’s birthday party." - Carl Elsaesser

"Fan Mail"

Concerning the opening track from GORPLORD's "Hootenanny," a fan writes:

"'Party On, Susan!' is like a paradoxical lullaby. Soothing enough to put me to sleep, but exciting enough to keep me up, for fear of missing a beat!" - GORPLORD fan mail

"Fan Mail"

Concerning the song "First Rate Tailgate" from GORPLORD's "Hootenanny," a fan writes:

"'First Rate Tailgate' plays like the soundtrack to a trippy sci-fi scene of a film with a satisfying, suspenseful cliffhanger. Oddly soothing!" - GORPLORD fan mail

"Fan Mail"

A Fan Writes of "Never Calm Down":

"This makes me feel groovy and weirdly powerful. not empowered -- powerful. also, i think that if i had been forced to sit still during the last track i would have felt really ghastly. but i moved around a lot so that i could be a conduit rather than a container for the track.

also, mosquitoes play kazoos, and if you have any sense of nj at all, i would like to hear from you." - GORPLORD Fan Mail

"Hootenanny! [Press Release]"

The second improvised outing from NYC's GORPLORD is tighter, funkier, & seven times more streamlined than their debut. Which is to say, none of the above. A sprawling epic of muddy freedom, el skronko de facto, rinse & repeat.

Secret: GORPLORD is a pop band playing hard to get. Do not listen while driving. It's a party in your mind. - Cosmic Primitive


GORPLORD Discography

As GORPLORD and Michael Beggs
  • Hootenanny (Cosmic Primitive, 2017)
  • Nothing To See Here (Cosmic Primitive, Anticipated Fall 2017 Release)



GORPLORD is a Brooklyn based instrumental quartet specializing in experimental jazz, funk and rock. Their innovative and engaging music is reminiscent of electric era Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman's Prime Time band intersected with contemporary experimental rock and roll. GORPLORD may feature guest musicians including vocalists and/or rapping. 

GORPLORD bills well with free/progressive jazz groups, post rock, noise rock, doom metal and/or funk. In Brooklyn and NYC GORPLORD can expect to draw 15-30 people depending on location and day of the week.

"Hootenanny," GORPLORD's sophmore album, is out now on Cosmic Primitive Records: http://cosmicdigital.cosmicprimitive.com/album/hootenanny

Upon request, GORPLORD is able to organize a bill in NYC or the five Boroughs of 2-4 other bands including free jazz, funk, rock, barbershop and/or classical chamber music.

GORPLORD is available for booking as an opening act in any size venue or as a headliner in small venues. 

All booking and/or press inquiries may be sent to: gorplordmusic@gmail.com

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