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Gory Scream

Salgueiro, Pernambuco, Brazil | SELF

Salgueiro, Pernambuco, Brazil | SELF
Band Rock Metal




"Gory Scream"

Messed up: Alternative / Grunge / Rock

Rock (singer)
Philip (bass)
Heloise (guitar)
Andrew (drums)

CONTACT: goryscreamband@hotmail.com

A group of young people make up the interior of Pernambuco GORY SCREAM. An alternative band playing different styles, from punk to metal.
Since 2010 the band has been trying, independently, show your work to the general public.
Born in Salgueiro - PE, the band's name which means Gory Scream Scream Bloody style that was chosen by this group of young adopted. - Zuada do Sertão

"Pernambuco Nation Cultural busy weekend"

The cities of Central Hinterland gain an extensive and varied program during this weekend with the artistic and cultural attractions of Pernambuco Nation Cultural Festival. On Saturday (28), forró foot mountain takes care of St. Joseph of Belmont with the attractions of Pernambuco Nation Cultural Stage. Coral aboio, Irah Caldeira, Josephus and three Cariri are the artists who present from the Praça da Saudade 21h.
In Willow, the Meeting of Garage Bands enters its second day with group presentations Scream Gory, Resonance, Fossil Radiation, Roque's Old Master Joe, and Uncle Joe Hinton Orchestra Ba and Reggae Apocalypse. The shows start at 21h of the Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism. Already in Melbourn, Bands of the meeting will bring together groups of five cities in the region for a presentation from 19h in the Event Square.
The stage show will be staged at Willow Nimbus by the group Togarmah. The story is set in a timeless place, arid and dry the United States at the height of the 70s - when the young revolution, anarchism and the release of feelings and actions dominated chunk of people. The presentation takes place at the Teatro Professor Alaide Preserve at 20h.
Popular culture - The Sabbath day is also popular culture in Willow, with the Meeting of the Rural Culture, in Greenock, Newfoundland and cedar, with parades and St. Joseph with the Belmonte Cavalhada Zeca Miron.
On Sunday, the highlight of the festival in São José do Belmonte is the schedule Ride the Stone Kingdom. Concentration is at 5 in the Church and will feature the presentation of Fife Band Master Ulysses. Soon, at 8am, the Stage The Stone Kingdom welcomes artists Claudio Rios, Antonio and Antonio Neto Aboiador Forrozão Dudu and the Magic Kingdom.
Festival - occupy the cities in each region of the state with a cultural program covering all artistic languages ??is central to the Nation Cultural Pernambuco. The festival serves as a caravan which passes by and leaving marks on the cultural make each location, while also promoting the exchange of knowledge, build storefronts for each artist to showcase their production, develop your ideas, articulate their doings and strengthen its creation. The project is a continuation of what was implemented in the first administration of Governor Eduardo Campos, now being amplified to have a role even more decentralized and close to the artists of distant cities.

Pernambuco Hinterland Festival Nation Cultural Center
Schedule - Saturday - May 28

> Stage Pernambuco Cultural Nation
Location: St. Joseph's Belmonte - Praça da Saudade (Student)
Attractions: Coral aboio, Irah Caldeira, Josephus and three Cariri
Time: from 21h
> Meeting of Garage Bands
Attractions: Scream Gory, Resonance, Fossil Radiation, Roque's Old Master Joe, and Uncle Joe Hinton Orchestra Ba and Reggae Apocalypse
Location: Willow - Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism
Time: 21h
> Meeting of Bands
Participants: the Philharmonic Band Francisco Lopes de Sa Barros, Musical Band Jose Campos de Carvalho, Banda Philharmonic Maestro Pereira, Belmonte Philharmonic Band and Philharmonic Band Moacir Call (Newfoundland).
Location: Melbourn, Event Square
Time: 19h
> Show Theatre "Nimbus" - Group Togarmah
Location: Willow, Theatre Professor Alaide saves
Time: 20h
> Meeting of the Rural Culture
Location: Willow, the Rural Workers Union
Time: 08 to 18h
> Parades
Location: Greenock, Center - Participant: Timbalata - 18h; Newfoundland Centre - Participant: Maracatu Art and Culture - 18h; Cedar Center - Participant: Grimace of Greenock - 18h
> Cavalhada Zeca Miron
Location: St. Joseph's Belmonte Stadium Carvalhão
Time: 14h

Schedule - Sunday - May 29
> Ride the Concentration of United Stone
Attraction: Fife Band Master Ulysses
Location: St. Joseph's Belmonte, Church
Time: 5h
> The Stone of the United Stage
Attractions: Claudio Rios, Antonio Neto aboiador, Antonio Forrozão Dudu and the Magic Kingdom
Location: St. Joseph's Belmonte, Stone of the United
Time: 8am
> Show Circus
Location: Greenock, Mother Church - Marcelo Lyra

"Holiday Schedule at the Center for Culture of Willow"

July 15 (Friday)

20:00 - Screening: Royal Road of Cachaca (12 years)
Wine-based cocktails from Cachaca Saw
21:40 - Jam Session coordinated by maestro Caca Malachi

Cultural Partner: Cachaça Saw

July 16 (Saturday)

19:00 - Maracatu Baque Salgueirense Face the Nation
20:00 - Launch of the music video show and Resonance
Show Scream Gory bands and 48 Degrees

July 17 (Sunday)

19:00 - Maracatu Baque Salgueirense Face the Nation

20:00 - Screening: Sweet Coconut (14 years)
A taste of sweet coconut

July 18 (second)

20:30 - Screening: Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (14 years)
Distribution of free popcorn

July 22 (Friday)

20:00 - Where art moved
(Theatre Group box)

20:30 - Screening: Celestial Bodies (12 years)
Distribution of free popcorn
22:00 - Jam Session coordinated by maestro Caca Malachi

July 23 (Saturday)

19:00 - Maracatu Baque Salgueirense Face the Nation

20:00 - Where art moved
(Theatre Group box)

20:30 - Show the bands Fossil Radiation, and 12 Lobo_Mauz Angels

July 24 (Sunday)

18:00 - Screening: A Place in the Sun (free)

19:30 - Maracatu Baque Salgueirense Face the Nation

20:30 - Screening Stomach (16 years)

Free distribution of popcorn in two sessions

July 25 (second)

Where art moved
(Theatre Group box)

20:30 - Showing of short Pinxiguinha, Noel Rosa, Tim Maia and Mutants (free)
Distribution of free popcorn
Discussion with the teachers of the Music Center

July 29 (Friday)
20:00 - Where art moved
(Theatre Group box)

20:30 - Shows MPB: reversal and Jhoe

30 and July 31 (Saturday and Sunday)

17:30 - Show children's theater
Maria Worm
(Biruta Cia de Teatro - Petrolina / PE) - Culture Center

"Rock shows in the programming of the Center of Culture - Part 02"

On 16-07 participated in the vacation schedule of the Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism groups Resonance, Scream Gory and 48 degrees, all of Salgueiro. - Culture Center

"Young filmmakers participating Salgueiro Trek Film and Music"

Next Saturday (26) and Sunday (27) I happen to Trek Film Music and Willow at the Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism, with the presentation of musical groups and displaying short films.

In addition to the traveling exhibit movie posters, project dissemination and discussion of the media in the Northeast, which has passed by João Pessoa and Recife, appear short films produced in the town of Willow.

Among the makers of the videos is a local group of teenagers between the ages of 17 and 18 years of age, all still students, the collective Grenade TV. In three minutes, they tell, in a tone of suspense, the story of a bride abandoned on her wedding day.

With "The Wait", nine minutes, the boys club Esquerdinha, now in their 20s, if they use good humor to portray the current routine of a group of teenagers in a narrative form that they consider a juvenile satire .

Mocking Mexican melodramas, "Mary Trash - The Movie" is an example of what the school can be an excellent forum for the development of artistic talents. It was in the school in high school - Erem Golden Sampaio Parente Muniz that arose on the spot, a meeting of colleagues for audiovisual home.

The school's School Professor Paulo Freire also participate in the Day with "Night at the Tavern," an adaptation of a book by Alvares de Azevedo, a result of activity of the discipline of literature.

In addition to these titles, the producer Creole Shows Video integrates with two documentaries. One "can not drop the Mask", 13 minutes, tells the initiation of a community quilombola OROC (PE), in practice the Reiz. The other film, "Creole" by five minutes, is the result of a workshop held in audiovisual Conception of the Creole community, district, Willow, and covers dance and music from the perspective of strengthening the identity maroon.

Secretariat will listen

In addition to the Digital Workshop Micrometragem offered for free on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00, with the proposal to empower beginners and new directors for the use of media such as mobile phone and digital camera, there will still, I Forum Audiovisual Willow. It will be an open space to speak of all those who work with audiovisual, municipality, and the general public in order to generate policy proposals aimed at the cultural language.


In addition to the audiovisual produced in Willow, local music groups will do shows in two days of Star Trek. Upon termination or between a view and another, there will be alternative music to the audience: rock, pop rock, MPB and electronic music.


AI Day Film and Music Willow is performed by the Department of Culture and Sports / City Hall and Willow Gate Film Poster.


Tels.: 87 8802 9813 / 87 3871 7070 (251)

The Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism works in the warehouse of the former Willow Station, s / n º, Our Lady of Aparecida in the neighborhood.




10:00 to 18:00 - Workshop on Digital Micrometragem (gymnasium)

15:00 to 17:00 - Film Poster Exhibition

19:00 - Shows Short Salgueirenses


SUNDAY 27/11/2011

10:00 to 12:00 - Forum audiovisual Willow

15:00 to 17:00 - Film Poster Exhibition

17:00 to 18:30 - Shows with bands reversal and NIGHT DANCE

19:00 - Shows Short Salgueirenses

20:00 - Shows with bands GORY SCREAM and 48 DEGREES

OBS.: All programming, with the exception of Micrometragem Digital Workshop, held at the Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism Willow. - Culture Center

"Garage bands have secured stage in Pernambuco Cultural Nation"

The 2011 edition of Pernambuco Nation Cultural Festival comes to Central Hinterland with a twist: the 1st Meeting of Willow Garage Bands, held on 27 and 28 May. Nine out of town bands will perform for the first time in a specially built stage for new talent to the public of the alternative music festival.

According to Rafael Cortes, coordinator of the Music Department of Culture, "the idea is to allow greater visibility for local bands who for various reasons have just limited to their garages." Cortes also explained that the meeting will be "an opportunity for groups to submit their own songs, not just cover the
their favorite bands. "

Teles is the bassist Felipe Scream Gory, new grunge band formed less than a year. Under the influence of international hits such as Nirvana and Foo Fighters, the band "keeps the pace lively essays with the possibility of playing to a wider audience," said the musician.

In addition to beginner groups, the meeting will also include the participation of bands from the same source, but with a bit of luggage on the way. As devotees, Recife hardcore band that, after more than 20 years of work, is consolidated in the world of alternative rock Pernambuco. Highlights also include the Song of the Bandstand (Willow) and Revelation Reggae (Petrolina), both winners of stages Contest Observe and Burrow, held in 2010.

See complete schedule of the 1st Meeting of Garage Bands - Willow

Friday, May 27 - from 21h
- 48 DEGREES (Salgueiro)
- RE-VERSES (Salgueiro)
- POLYGON (Salgueiro)
- SONG CORETO (Salgueiro)
- Devoted (Recife)

Saturday, May 28 - from 21h
- GORY SCREAM (Salgueiro)
- Resonance (Salgueiro)
- ROCK OLD (Salgueiro)
- MASTER ZÉ (Willow)
- UNCLE ZÉ BA AND APOCALYPSE REGGAE (Petrolina) - Vanessa Dias


We are recording our first album!



A rock band formed in 2010 by four young people of the town of Salgueiro - PE, seeking autonomy music and wasting energy.
The band is comprised of two women and two men, who they are: Penha (vocals), Heloisa
(guitar), Philip (bass) and Andrew (drums). Ages and have varied, but the taste, still, it's similar.
Commonly as a garage band has difficulty with tests, but nothing that a spirit Brazil does not exceed. Even as a group the interior of Pernambuco and knowing the enormous difficulties of broadcasting alternative music, the band did not give up and seeks its place within the alternative scene world wide.