Ian Alistair Gosbee

Ian Alistair Gosbee

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN


The acoustic guitar is and always will be synonymous with Halifax's music scene. This is an old city comprised of a vibrant collage of old school sounds with new school flavors. Nothing vibes with city quite like six strings on wood and no one embodies that feeling quite like Ian Gosbee.

The multi talented singer/song writer has been grooming himself for a career in music since he was a five years old. Sneaking down to the basement to wail on his brother drum kit in secret. Since then it’s fortunate for the city that he's become far less bashful.

His soft melodic singing style and steady determined guitar playing set him miles apart from other artists on the scene. While his training as a percussionist shines through in every note making up the forceful rhythms of his music.

Enjoying incredible local success in Halifax, the capital of Atlantic rock, has propelled him all over the world. Even sharing the stage with ECMA multi nominee and winner David Myles at the prestigious music festival Riverfest and at Java Jam with ECMA winner Christina Martin.

Though his talent has earned him performances in Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean, Ian has always felt his most rewarding gigs have always been charity centered here in Canada. In 2007 he lent his talents to Bands for Breast Cancer, and was even featured on CTV. In 2008 he showcased his abilities during the Human Rights Torch Relay concert in protest of China's abysmal human rights record and their being awarded the Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee.

Though he takes his career as a musician seriously, he's never afraid to have some fun, that's why he rocks a double shift, not only as a solo artist, but also as the unstoppable pounding bassist in Nova Scotia's favorite Kiss cover band Dressed To Kill.

While remaining active locally and playing a whopping 180 solo shows in 2009, most of Ian's energies are currently being poured into finishing his First solo album in the fall of this year. "I like to think of myself as an open musician. I don’t want my music to become stale, so I’m always trying to expand on my styles and keep pushing myself."

Written by Peter Nolan-Smith



Written By: Ian Alistair Gosbee

Most times I have my foot in my mouth
Other times I can't figure out (what I said)
Honey I was just trying to watch the game
If it's anyone's fault, I'm the one to blame

Can't live with them
Can't live without them

God love them
But I don't understand them at all

Well you'll say I'm in the dog house
Go sleep on the couch
To me it's not punishment
It's kinda like camping out

They never seem to have enough shoes
Designer purses or fancy boots
Sometimes flowers just don't work
I can't help it if I'm a jerk

Hey it's not always this way
Don't worry about me going astray
You're a good woman, the best I had
I hate it when you're sad

Country Guy

Written By: Ian Alistair Gosbee

Well I'm a simple kinda guy
lived in the country most of my life
Don't have time for city lights
There's cows to milk and fields to plow

Got everything I could ever want
My 3 legged cat and my deaf dog
Got a women hotter than hell
She gets down and dirty and treats me well

city folks say there ain't much to do
but that's why...

We drank moonshine
under the moonlight
Make our own fun
under the sun

I have everything I want
and that's why I'm a country guy

You may say I have a old crappy truck
Son, I'll tell you what, she's no stick in the mud
Yours is too clean and has no rust
and you call that a pickup truck?

Drinkin and 4 wheelin
that's what you think we'll about
Chickens, horses and cows
Do see doo's and our yea haw's

Leave xmas lights on the house
never know when the next's party is on!
Yea you could say that's what we're about
Got everything I could ever want

Rock N Roll Rodeo

Written By: Ian Alistair Gosbee

It's a Saturday night
spend all day cleaning my ride
Quarter by 9 time to pick you up

Show you off on the strip
staring at your ruby lips
You're looking sexy tonight

So let's get on the dance floor
Show me watcha got tonight

Rock n roll rodeo
playing threw the stereo
Some like it high, some like it low

It's AH

Rock n roll rodeo
playing threw the stereo
You like it fast, you like it slow

Double fisted whiskeys
are making you frisky
Singing words to your favorite tunes

Shot of tequilla
making me a lucky fella
Cause I know it makes clothes fall off

Heee Haww!

It's AH

Rock n roll rodeo
playing threw the stereo
Some like it high, some like it low

It's AH

Rock n roll rodeo
playing threw the stereo
You like it fast, you like it slow

Well I never seen moves like that
But I knew where you'll be at
by the end of the night

Passed out on the couch
out for the count
Had a little too much
to drink

Hella ride at the
rock n roll rodeo
Down at
rock n roll rodeo

Running out of april

Written By: Ian Alistair Gosbee

September came, seasons changed
When I didn't get a call from you
I put my heart away again
back up on the shelf
I hope that you are doing well
out there by yourself

Running out of April
used up your borrowed time
You only get one second chance to break this heart of mine
You've taken me for granted but you don't have very long
You're runnin out of April in May I'm movin on

Then the snow fell in December
crisp and cold and bright
I sat alone and thought of you
on a frosty winter night
You said I wouldn't understand
things just got too bad
I could be the best friend
that you never had

Running out of April, used up your borrowed time
You only get one second chance, MAKE me change my mind
You've taken me for granted but you don't have very long
You're runnin out of April, in May I'm movin on

Set List

Com'n Back Home
Rock N Roll Rodeo
Country Guy
Without you
Good ol' days

Set-List contains original compositions up to 45mins to an hour.
Can also provide up to 3 hrs worth of covers from classic rock, pop, country, oldies & goodies.