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Gospel City

Middletown, New York, United States | SELF

Middletown, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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"This cd is on fire blazing it up for Christ!"

This is a hot cd, it's got a lil something for everyone, singing, rapping, slow & fast, Spanish & English, Jesus and streets, get yourself a copy of Gospel City's cd! - Christine B from Spirit Blaze Radio

"Not your typical gospel music"

Gospel City ~ Not Ashamed
Posted on Saturday, October 04, 2008 @ 20:12:31 EDT
By Beeb Ashcroft
These days, your typical mainstream rap tends to be about four subjects: sex, money, drugs, or guns. Musically speaking, Gospel City's sophomore album, Not Ashamed, sounds like pretty standard rap fare, but you won't hear them rhyming about any of the usual topics – that's because Gospel City is a Christian hip-hop group. Headed by Jesus Perez Jr., Gospel City has collaborated with various artists to create a CD that spans genres and influences. The album begins with "Silence," a spoken word sermon. It quickly switches gears with the title track, a thumping hip-hop cut.

"Beware" is an ominously epic cut in gangsta rap-style, but instead of rapping about life on the streets, Perez spits about Satan as siren sound effects play in the background. He keeps the powerhouse sound going on "Jesus Music," which uses a T-Pain style vocoder to deliver his message. "I'm shoutin' 'Jesus' out loud like I got Tourette's syndrome," he proclaims. "It's Jesus' party, and we'll rock if we want to!" Perez uses the typical rap format, and mixes it up a bit to fit his subject matter.

The album switches gears with "Es Tiempo," a Reggetron style track. Gospel City hops genres again to include a Doo-Wop inspired track, with the song "Father, Why?", which has a Boyz-II-Men feel.

Standout tracks include the acapella "My Everything" and "We Got The Flow 2008," a catchy rap with a club banger feel.
- Indie Music.com

"Love Song off the Storm Troopers album."

Nice smooth vocals-good groove and feel nice sonic textures. The vocal blending is quite effective.
Nice melodic flow in chorus-has a classic R&B vibe there that is cool.
Overall good lyric for genre-well presented. - Taxi....The World's Leading Independant A&R Company

"Here They Come......"

In a time when many Christian’s strive so hard to not “BE” secular, that they cannot even “REACH” the secular world, it is a true gem to find an artist that isn’t afraid to take it to the street and declare battle! Up and coming Gospel Hip Hop artist, Gospel City, is an usher for the inevitability of Gospel Hip Hop. Along with prayer and faith, GC’s new album, “Storm Troopers” (2006) is more than on fire, it’s a weapon!

From power songs like “Stand”, “March Again” and “Storm Troopers” that make any soldier of Christ head to the battlegrounds to thought provoking Hip Hop songs like “Praise”, “All around the world”, “We got the flow” and “Come ride with me”, this album is solid.

Spoken Word fans will testify to the power and no-nonsense delivery behind the albums intro and real deal spoken pieces “Can u’ hear it?”, “Soldier” and “Why”.

From “Bailen’s” yawaheggaton to “Love Song’s” smooth worship type flo…there is something to be said for the creativity displayed here. Jesus Perez, the man behind Gospel City, has shown lyrical genius and given us “Jesus Freaks” some positive music to step to. As with every new artist, he needs to prove he has longevity. But we don’t think he will have any trouble with that.
- Inspire Us Magazine


Before "Gospel City" was born, Jesus Perez Jr. was a part of 3 groups called "God Squad", "The Flock Family" and "H&E". Some of the tracks they recorded were: How I Wanna, Xclusive, Dimension X, Bootcamp Revival, Cut it Off, Ready or Not, Crown, and many more. These songs were never distributed and/or sold in stores. "Storm Troopers" Single: Dropped in April 2006 to build momentum for the "Storm Troopers" album which dropped on Nov. 18, 2006. The single consisted of Storm Troopers(the title track off the album), Can You Hear It?(the intro to Storm Troopers) and Why?(which is 1 of 3 spoken word poems on the album). The single was never sold online, or in stores, but exclusively at Gospel City events. Come Ride (Puerto Rico Version): The Puerto Rico version of "Come Ride" (Track 18 off the Stoirm Troopers album)was a track on the compilation cd "Resurrecion" (Resurrection) by Nework Productions artist, Lutek. That compilation cd blew critics minds when it became the #1 selling Gospel/Reggaeton album in Puerto Rico. The track "Come Ride(PR) was one of the songs off that compilation cd that invaded both secular and gospel airwaves. Storm Troopers Album: As of Nov. 18 2006, Gospel City's "Storm Troopers" dropped on the scene. There was production by Freddy Traxx (Tongues of Fire Productions), and track cameo's by Forgiven, Christine B., Rebecca Ruiz, JPoet the Preacher, Mike Fuego, Kingsman, Core, and El Ejercito(Puerto Rico's The A.R.M.Y.). Also coming through to help out on the beats, were top notch beat makers Nework Productions(Come Ride PR/NY), Slaughter Music(I'm Sorry), Point Blank(Storm Troopers), Freddy Traxx(All Around the World, Breathe), David Ham and Elliot Clifton(We Got the Flow, March Again, Praise), Quest the Wordsmith(Love Song), Jun Pisto(Bailen) and first time beat maker Echonomics Laboratories(Hallelujah). 18 tracks from top to bottom representing the urban Hip Hop culture encompassed by the Gospel. "only by going through, can you overcome", and only by listening, can you understand. The inevitability of Hip Hop has arrived. "Bailen", "Praise", and "Storm Troopers" are some of the songs that could be heard on radio station sin NY and Fla. "Jesus Music" Single": In December 2007 "Jesus Music" dropped, containing club bangers: Jesus Music and Alright. Also spoken word track Fallen Soldiers and snippits to "Not Ashamed". Like The Storm Troopers single, this one was also sold exclusively at Gospel City events. This was the lead up single to Gospel City sophmore album "Not Ashamed". Not Ashamed Album: 8.8.08 was the official drop date for his sophmore album; Not Ashamed. Having to step up his game, Gospel City included production from Shadowville Beats out of NYC and MRO Productions from Germany,as well as his second stint with Freddy Traxx Beats and first timers Echonomics Laboratories. Trying to send off a new flavor he added vocals from New Jersey's songbird, Jazmin Miranda, and lyrics from Germany's Morgentau, along with JLee, Christ Centered Music, Christine B., Contrite, JPoet the Preacher and Forgiven. From bass bumpers like "Jesus Music" to smoothe worship tracks like "My Everything", this new album is full of passion, excitement and best of all............God's Living Word. Another 18 tracks of music to move your soul as well as your body! "Never Knew" Single": (the first single off "The Catalyst Chronicles" Album) August 2009. Working again with Shadowville Productions, this soultry, smoothe lyric love song was created. Singing back up on this track is Tatiana Cunningham. "The Catalyst Chronicles": 11.11.11. Look for new artists, new producers, and many new ideas and surprises. "Will you hear the Call?



"Jesus music for today's generation". Gospel City was born into this world as Hip Hop, but has matured into a soul saving ministry, ready to spread the "Good News " throughout the world. It all started years ago when me, my cousin Frankie(now Past. Fransisco Vega), and my friend Curtis threw some words together over a P. Diddy beat for a coffee house up in Middletown, NY. The feeling that we felt was almost like we had just finished an hour long praise and worship session, but it was the reaction from the crowd that moved us to consider what we did as a ministering tool.
I had never thought of of being a rapper, and even as a christian, the thought of ministering to the lost was a far off dream, but the words started filling my spirit. I had come from a talented family. My mom, both my two brothers and two sisters had voices and sang in school and/or church choirs, so I had assumed if I were to help the kingdom it was gonna be through melody and harmony. That is not what my Lord had in mind, and after deep thought and prayer I embarked on a journey of ups and downs. Throughout the years I had put together 2 different groups. God Squad was the first, and The Flock Family was the second. Each flying high when we all focused on Jesus Christ, but falling apart when that focus was lost. After prayer I had figured out that if I was to truly understand what God had wanted for me, I was going to have to embark on this mission on my own. I was no longer my own, and so was the rebirth of myself, my music, but most of all.....my ministry.......Gospel City was born. I wanted the music that came from these lips to only glorify Jesus. I kept my rhymes on the bible teachings and my past experiences. I wanted to change the world, one soul at a time.
Throughout the years I have been blessed to have experienced alot. While in The Flock, we won the McDonalds Gospel Fest for best rap group. Ive roadtripped to Boston, and flew to Puerto Rico to minister on the streets. No stages, no lights, just an opportunity and a heart of obedience. I have also had opportunities to minister with Gospel Hip Hop powerhouses; Sean Slaughter, and Nicky Cruz's Outreach T.R.U.C.E.
The road is not worth the travel if it comes easy. Bumps in the road were a regular thing, but at the end of the day the sun still shined and I was alive another day. "Only by going through, can you overcome" had become my motto in life. I will not stop. I will not yield to sin. I will not be intimidated by trials......I am a Storm Trooper. I have a loving and supportive wife, a beautiful daughter, a supportive family and friends that will be there till the end. I stay under the schooling of Past. Joseph McKelvey, who's life and ministry inspire me to fight for what I love and love to do. This is why I am here. I am my fathers son. I am Gospel City. "His" word all around the world.
Gospel City is a music ministry, with flavors of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, Alternative/Rock, and Spoken Word. From slow intimate songs like "Love Song" and "Father, why?", to heavy hitters like "Storm troopers" and "Last Breath", to "get out your seat music" like "Jesus Music" and "We Got the Flow", it's a melting pot of God glorifying music, that anyone at any age could listen to and fall in love with. With 2 albums under his belt (Storm Troopers and Not Ashamed) Gospel City does not show signs of stopping any time soon. Gospel City doesn't sound like anyone else or look like anyone else. The music speaks for itself. I do this for the fun of it and to make my heavenly father smile. To God be the Glory.