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Drawing on old-soul pop awareness they must have accrued in their past lives, these wunderkinds have made a high-wattage debut that harkens to the finer, headier days when brainiacs like the Velvet Underground and New Order were called party music.


Members Sarah Nienaber (guitar/vocals) and Ollie Moltaji (drums) met at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, where they drank whiskey, jammed, and fell in love in their dorm's laundry room. They honed their sound with bass player Justin Plank, and later added the synth-keyboard stylings of Deanna Steege (Unicorn Basement). Together, the band has gelled and created a sound reminiscent of early-90's shoegazers like The Cure, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, and the Smiths – with tastes of the Raveonettes and the Jesus & Mary Chain. Their debut album, Sing Into My Mouth, has garnered rave reviews – and landed the band a spot on First Avenue's coveted "Best New Bands of 2007" list. From the blog Minneapolisf***ingrocks, "Sing Into My Mouth juxtaposes yearning, bitterly hopeful, highly catchy jangle-pop songs with deeply introspective psychedelic freak-outs which have a surprising amount of depth and sonic texture." Their sound is the result of freedom and boredom in Northfield. Moltaji explains, "There's not really any scene to have to fit into down here, unless you're in a jam band. So we were free to just play the music however we felt like playing it." It is with such freedom that they embarked on a haphazard tour after answering a craigslist ad to transport a pair of Siberian Huskies across the country. Their passion to make honest, true-to-heart music and build a name for themselves the old-fashioned way is what sets them apart from other musicians their age, often catering to an elusive commercial market. Sing Into My Mouth has spurred an enormous buzz, slating Gospel Gossip as the "next big thing." City Pages' Steve McPherson explains, "Sing into My Mouth is an auspicious debut, a record that feels like a harbinger of bigger, hairier, more sprawling albums to come, and thus a record that future fans can hold up as the beginning of something brilliant, should it work out that way." For fans of new wave, DIY, and the unbridled enthusiasm of talented youth


Sing Into My Mouth

Release Date: December 13, 2007
Label:Guilt Ridden Pop

Track Listing:
1 Home Is Where The Hibah Is
2 Revolutions In Physics
3 Wire
4 (Maybe)
5 Shadows Are Bent
6 Lucky Lemmings
7 (Next)
8 Rainbow Magical
9 RE-150
10 Space Echo
11 Wind
12 (Fall)
13 Mt. Virgil

Sing Into My Mouth has received national radio and satellite radio airplay, with a focus on college stations.

Set List

Sets contain all original material and typically clock in at about 45 minutes to 1 hour.