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Manresa, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Manresa, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
Band Rock Pop




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- Gossos. 1994
- En privat. 1996
- Metamorfosi. 1997 (Golden Record, Spain)
- Directament. 1998
- De viaje. 2000
- Cares. 2001
- El jardi del temps. 2003
- Directe a l'espai. 2004
- 8. 2005
- Alguna cosa. " "8" single". 2005
- A cada pas. " "8" single remix". 2005
- No és nou. " "8" single remix". 2005
- Oxigen. 2007
- Oxigen. " Oxigen single". 2007
- Corren. "Oxigen single". 2007
- En un instant. "Oxigen single". 2007
- A l'Auditori, live. LP. 2008
- A l'Auditori, live. DVD. 2008
- Dia 1. 2010
- Dia 1. "Dia 1. single" 2010



Gossos is a Catalan Pop-Rock band with a path of 18 years. During all this period they have published 10 albums and performed almost one thousand concerts.
Always with an innovative essence, their sound navigates between the spirit of the Rock music and the Pop melodies. Their first stage (1994-1999) is characterised by a purely acoustic sound, only the voices of the four members and their guitars. In the second stage (2000-2011), without leaving aside the melodies and the vocal work, the band decided to incorporate a fifth member to play the drums. From that moment on, they have kept on developing a peculiar style that moves in current tendencies, among the electronic Pop and the Rock spirit.
There are few achievements to be completed in Catalonia or Spain, that is why Gossos is trying to broad horizons. They have played in The Netherlands and in the PopKomm Festival in Berlin, looking for new markets. The sound of Gossos has no borders and the evidence can be found in their last hit, the song Corren with the collaboration of the Spanish artist Macaco; more than half a million views in Youtube and its inclusion in the CD Spain with Putumayo Records.