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Go Sumo: guitars from the Strokes and the Arcade Fire, vocals from the eels impersonating lou reed , john bonham's drumming style with drone-like robot beats, steve-reich-meets-radiohead keyboard and vocal arrangements


From: Go Sumo

Dear music world overlords,

We are Go Sumo. Go Sumo, as in ‘get fat and wrestle’, as in we encourage oversized diapers on more oversized men, and the under arching arbitrariness of it all. Before being Go Sumo, we were just friends who liked music way too much not to be playing it all the time.
Though we are now playing often, there are still things in our lives that are neither sex, nor drugs, nor rock, and even less roll. We want this to change. We want to rule your planet of rock. We want to play.
Over the years we have been able to integrate elements from our favorite artists and create our own uber-catchy sound. Our lead vocals contain an appropriate dose of post-Lou-Reed detachment, sometimes delivered in a raspy yet melodic way a la the Strokes or the Eels. These are often backed by voices arranged in an eerie minimalism with alternative edges which might sound something like the Beatles and tv on the radio, or punk-meets-Brian-Wilson. Leaving the over-confrontational and often gratuitously introspective lyrics of pop and alternative rock, Go Sumo’s lyrics explores a wide variety of themes with a fresh look, from things as mundane as coffee stains to social critiques of media mediocrity. Thunderous drums inspired from led zep and ac/dc pound the beats with surprising power, sometimes accompanied with driving electronic beats, giving birth to a mech-robot version of John Bonham. Our guitars have the pleasant warmth and energy of the strokes and the melodic aggressivity of the arcade fire, often arranged in a hypnotic contra-tempo inspired by Steve Reich, sonic youth and Jim O’Rourke. Our bass lines are fuzzy and deep as are the keyboards they are usually backed by, adding a retro element to the mix and driving the hooks even deeper into the listener’s ears. The resulting sound is unique in its youthful power and melodic beauty, performed in a concise and refreshing way with an abundance of effective hooks. And, we think, our music is not only pleasant to play and to listen to, but it also has the virtue of being both original and accessible.
In short, go sumo makes music that makes you feel good, and music makes go sumo feel good. win win. We are not the only ones who think so : a columnist for the popular french weekly VOIR wrote this after seeing our first show in our hometown of Montréal:

"I’m telling you right now, i am going to give a 4/5 to their first cd which doesn’t exist yet. Right up my alley. A writer should be objective. Here, I am not. A diabolically efficient rock, a perfect sense of melody and a sublime, dreamy voice influenced by E (Eels) and Julian Casablancas. An auditory delight (…)I remain under their charm, totally subjective."

(the original french text can now be found in a slighly extended version at http://www.voir.ca/blogue/blogue.aspx?iIDBlogue=11)


Bonjour. Nous sommes Go Sumo. Go Sumo, dans le sens de ‘engraisse pis lutte’, dans le sens que l’on encourage des couches anormalement grosses sur des hommes encore plus gros, et l’aberration généreuse d’une existence si spécialisée.
Avant d’être Go Sumo, nous étions juste un groupe d’amis sur la Rive-Sud qui aimaient beaucoup trop écouter et jouer de la musique pour ne pas le faire tout le temps. Alors on a commencé à jouer de plus en plus tout le temps. Depuis plus de 4 ans.
Au cours des années, nous avons réussi à intégrer des éléments de nos artistes préférés pour créer notre propre son; un son accrocheur et original, sobre et énergétique, accessible mais suffisamment complexe. Les voix contiennent une dose appropriée de détachement post-Lou-Reed, qui rappelle the Strokes ou the Eels. Elles sont accompagnées par des voix arrangées dans un style minimaliste et hantant avec des touches alternatives qui pourraient être décrites comme un mélange des Beatles et de Tv On The Radio, ou la rencontre de Brian Wilson avec le punk. Nos paroles se détachent des paroles souvent gratuitement introspectives et adolescentes du pop et du rock alternatif, explorant une variété de thèmes de manière rafraîchissante, allant des taches de café à la critique de la médiocrité des médias. La batterie du tonnerre inspirée par Led Zep et ac/dc est souvent accompagnée par des rythmes électroniques percutants, donnant naissance à une version mech-robot de John Bonham. Nos guitares ont la chaleur plaisante et l’énergie des Strokes et l’agressivité mélodique de Arcade Fire, souvent arrangées dans un contra tempo hypnotique inspiré par Steve Reich, Sonic Youth et Jim O’Rourke. Nos basses sont lourdes et sobres comme le sont les claviers qui les accompagnent, ajoutant un élément rétro au mélange et martelant davantage nos hooks dans la tête de l’auditoire. Le tout, performé de manière concise et rafraîchissante qui sait plaire à un vaste public.
Le son résultant est unique dans sa puissance naïve et sa beauté mélodique—et très accrocheur.
Et, pense-t-on, non seulement notre musiq



Written By: Fred Michaud


We sleep one hour a night
We spin in circles

Flowers are falling from
From the ceiling under where she sleeps

And that’s the reason why we’re locking you up
And there’s the reason why we’re waking you up
And i need no cheers

She brushes her hair
Even in her sleep
She is standing in my room
I’m gonna hold my breath again
It’s a cold summer

Hands on, restless
I’m on a run
So get in the car now!
It’s a cold summer
Just take this now leave me

And that’s the reason why we’re locking you up
And there’s the reason why we’re waking you up
And i need no cheers

She says ‘leave the day’
But I’m laying with Maya
She smiles on the picture
That’s a letter from Rio
Lead the way to the shore
Lead the way to the shore
Just take this now leave me

And there’s a reason why we’re locking you up
And there’s a reason why we’re waking you up


Written By: Fred Michaud


sunny downtown
office talk
it’s a catastrophy matter
and it takes
whatever it takes

falling on the same day
good luck again
cause everyone else is good enough

if I do
if I try
will it be an inside story?
will it take
it takes?

Falling on the same day
Good luck again
Cause everyone else is good enough

Drops on a coffee table
What I do best
It’s the tie that’s making the quest
And it takes
It takes

Falling on the same day
Good luck again
Cause everyone else is good enough


Written By: Fred Michaud with Jean-Charles Pelland


You said something new
We will enter the senate
And memorise
Your pale blue eyes
They came out of the sea

My sins,
Trickling from your mouth
In case you could swallow
A burst of lies
The letter I wrote
I wrote it on the walls

Our flag,
Lost in oblivion
And the spirits around it
Are fading out
We’ll pick a fight
With anybody here

And since,
It’ll take us a long time to get there
Come out and play
The music to our ears
The battlefields
Are waiting in the dark


One demo containing 8 songs. A nice 4-song EP. One 2-song sampler.

Set List

our songs, sometimes in this order:

ln2, ln1, dolls, tatia, can, utata, declef, ln3, leo, guillaume, rancy.
this usually lasts around 45 minutes.