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Go Tell The Eskimo

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Alternative Indie




"Go Tell The Eskimo – “Silverhorse Rider”"

UK-based Go Tell The Eskimo released their debut EP on 29 October. It’s full of radio friendly indie pop rock with “Silverhorse Rider” being the best of the lot. “Magazine” is another solid track on this release. Get this EP free for a limited time by following the link above. - The DaDaDa

"Free Friday: Go Tell The Eskimo - "Smoke Signals" EP"

The London-based electro-rock quartet Go Tell The Eskimo recently released Smoke Signals, their debut EP through Red Parade Music. The promising EP was produced by John Roach (The Young Romas, Jesse Thomas) and features three radio-ready tracks that incorporate the danceable sophisticated synth-pop of Phoenix and the anthemic side of Arcade Fire along with insanely catchy sing-along melodies that are indebted to the 80's while still maintaining a modern edge. Featured is the stylish first single, “When The Lights Go Out” with its surging guitar rhythm and soaring vocals. - ATLAS AND THE ANCHOR

"Stream/Download Go Tell The Eskimo's 'Smoke Signals' EP Fo' Free!"

Though Go Tell The Eskimo may not be a familiar name to those of you in the United States, the indie pop quartet has been garnering buzz in its hometown of London, with love and support from BBC and Radio 1.

The four-piece released its debut EP, Smoke Signals, earlier this week, and to celebrate, the band is offering the saccharine sweet three-track album for free via its website. Led by the group's first single, "When The Lights Go Out," each of the tracks comprising the debut possess tight instrumentation and incredible pop sensibility that is sure to make its way quickly over the Pond. - Prefix Magazine

"Free Music: Go Tell The Eskimo"

The first track on Go Tell the Eskimo’s debut EP is called “When The Lights Go Out.”

It’s an apt title for the moment–we’re nervously stockpiling candles just in case that very thing happens.

But that’s not the only reason we’re playing it on repeat; it’s also because the song is really catchy, in that Two Door Cinema Club-esque, guitar rock-dance party way. And now you can listen to it, too. The British band has posted Smoke Signals on their website for a limited time. That means starting today, you can listen to “When The Lights Go Out”, along with two other equally entertaining tracks, for free. Yes, free. Which is more than we can say for these candles. Listen to Smoke Signals here. –REBECCA WILLA DAVIS
- Nylon Magazine

"Smoke Signals EP Review"

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"Go Tell The Eskimo creates totally magical indie pop that will make your ears rejoice - trust me on this. Their song "When Lights Go Out" is one of my favorites of the year, and that's a bold statement given the copious amounts of new music I listen to each year. It's the kind of song that makes me feel giddy and ready to fall in love - a song with such childlike whimsy that it makes me want to skip through a field of daisies. And while this song is truly the stand out, the entire three song EP called "Smoke Signals" is beautifully layered - from gritty garage rock to jangly 60's inspired orchestral pop - these songs will become the soundtrack to your happiest daydreams!" - Amazing Radio

"Go Tell The Eskimo - Smoke Signals EP (Album Review)"

A lovely rock quartet hailing from illustrious London, UK, called Go Tell The Eskimo has hit the airwaves with their debut EP Smoke Signals. While the art piece itself contains a small number of just three songs, they are probably the happiest, sunniest set you’ll ever hear this week— perhaps even this season.

1. “When The Lights Go Out”

What a better way to kick off than with a track as upbeat as this. Clapping introduces us to a mixture of pleasing textures and colorful, vibrant sound. The bass fiddles with our heart strings— it has mine pumping joyous fluids. The whole is tied with mid to high-pitched vocals, intertwined with melodious riffs and engaging rhythm. If this seamless combination doesn’t get you off your feet, I don’t know what will.

2. “Silverhorse Rider”

I believe this particular track would make for a perfect travel hymn, more specifically for those long summer road trips with the glistening sun and the warm wind running through your hair. It is simple and sweet; a chorus of harmonious vocals guide us though a mystifying ambiance of well-arranged guitars, mellow drums, as well as a charming hint of xylophone. It is the perfect recipe for a soothing getaway.

3. “Magazine”

As we reach the final chapter of our short journey, we could only wish it did not have to end so soon. The drums are strong in this one—pounding heavily with so much enthusiasm. Still following the cheery air the album started us off with, we continue to take party in this glorious party of magnetic sounds. While I find that this track is the most toned down of them all—and don’t get me wrong, these songs are packed with more than enough joy for everyone— it just feels… different. Maybe it feels more composed, more fitting. It is nonetheless a beautiful song.

There you have it. These are 3 more-than-decent tracks to brighten up your collection. To celebrate the release, the album is available for free on their website for a limited time. Get it now before it’s too late! - Indecent Exposure


Still working on that hot first release.



"Go Tell The Eskimo creates totally magical indie pop that will make your ears rejoice" Tobi Lynn 98.7 Los Angeles

Armed with articulate analogue sounds and upbeat indie anthems, GTTE comfortably blend exciting rock & roll elements with a pop-centric demeanour that can only be described as Go Tell The Eskimo! This can be heard throughout their EP and in the début single “When The Lights Go Out” (officially released November 20th 2012). Along with the local support from the BBC and national Radio the band is catching the attention of audiences across their native UK thanks to their unique brand of eccentric indie rock.

"Smoke Signals" the EP, recorded and produced between Los Angeles and London, was released through Red Parade Music owned by producer Jim Roach (The Young Romans, Skyler Stonestreet, Jesse Thomas).

"The entire three song EP called "Smoke Signals" is beautifully layered - from gritty garage rock to jangly 60's inspired orchestral pop - these songs will become the soundtrack to your happiest daydreams!" Tob Lynn on-air personality and live performance host at 98.7FM-LA

Although London based the band's international membership hails from England, Ireland and Chile. Their initial demos were recorded simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic in a 24 hour cycle between London and California.

In October 2012, a month before it's official release their first single 'When Lights Go Out” was listed in Amazing Radio’s Top 15 Tracks for October and Top 5 tracks of the year. They were recently picked out by 2009 "Brit Awards" host Mat Horne (Gavin and Stacy) to headline his insanely popular "Mat Horne Presents" sessions at the Queen of Hoxton, heavily promoted by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe.

The band kicked off the New Year in California, USA with shows across the west coast and to complete the recording of their first full length album "Life among Wolves" (set for release Summer 2013), followed by headline shows and various tours and festival appearances across the US, UK and Ireland.