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This band has not uploaded any videos



""nothing to be ashamed of""

"they deliever a very authentic feel of rock 'n' roll, one that even makes an old couch potato like me feel mega cool" - Raiting Magazine IL

""Hospital, Elisha?""

"Elisha, guitarist for GNS shoved his guitar in the face of lead singer Kimel"

Q: Kimel, finders keepers?
A: Its true, I was rushed to the ER and got some stiches on my nose
Q: And what about the missing piece?
A: Eventually we found it on the guitar...
Q: How do you feel now?
A: Im OK, got the stiches removed this morning
Q: Did Elisha apoligize?
A: Yes, He felt so bad that the next morning he took a 5 day vacation in Amsterdam.
- Ma'ariv IL

""Monsters of fame""

"A month ago, in a show at the patiphone club in Tel-Aviv, guitarist Elisha And lead singer Kimel were involved in one of the most outragious accidents of rock 'n' roll seince Ozzy's infamous accident with a bat"
"We do whatever we want, not what other people think we should do, If you dont do what makes you happy - you're nothing" - Yediot A'haronot IL

""GNS will open for Simple plan""

"Crazy rockers Got No Shame were chosen to open for Canadian act Simple Plan at their Israeli show..." -


"The show starts with a brand new song unfamiliar to the crowd. in a matter of seconds the crowd goes wild as if the song was a classic hit - thats rock 'n' roll" -


"Hurry up im losing wood" EP 2006
"Hometown Undergound" LP 2009



November 10th 2006, The "Patiphone" club (Tel-Aviv, IL) is packed with 160 raging teenagers, the band is playing their hit single from their brand new EP,
As the song reached its climax at the end of the track lead singer Kimel jumps to the center of the stage while guitarist Elisha is lifting his guitar in an act of power, the guitar crashes into Kimels face infront of the shocked crowed. Kimel is rushed to the ER and ends up with 6 stiches and a missing piece from his nose, only later that night they found a piece of Kimels nose between the strings on Elishas guitar...

Got No Shame was originally formed in tel aviv in 2005, right from the start their intense live act, guitar riffs and captivating restless front-man had earned them a loyal crowd and a respected place on Israel’s biggest music festivals (Tel Aviv beer city festival, Moto music festival and many more).

The band’s musical influences are rooted on rock n’ roll and glam rock such as "Guns n Roses" and "Motley Crue" mixed with new school cutting edge punkrock ranging from "Foo Fighters" to "descendants". For the past 4 years, GNS has been playing live all over Israel, sharing stage with rock, punk, hardcore and the alternative scene. Gaining both the underground and the mainstream attention they were selected to be the opening act for Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan.

In 2006 GNS had released their debut E.P titled “Hurry up I’m losing wood”, recorded and musically produced by the band, and distributed all over Israel and digitally all over the world.

As of October 2009 GNS have releaased their first full length album titled "Hometown Underground", Mixed by Mark Needham (the killers, fleetwood mac, Chris Isaak) and masterd by Dave Collins (Black Sabbath, motley crue, Alkaline Trio).
The band is currently shopping for appropriate shows/touring options for april 2010.