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i have been in love with music since birth. i grew up all over the country as a navy bratt. moving from place to place friends were hard to come by so i found my peace in music. when i was young i sang in a few garage bands but never really got off the ground. when it came to writing i had many ideas but couldn't get the sound i was looking for because i didn't at the time play an instrument. i had the music in my head but couldn't translate it to the guitarists. then i became a father at a young age and the responsibilities that came with that put my dream on hold. i spent the next 18 years raising my children but the passion i had for music wouldn't go away. as my children became young adults i started to feel that incredible drive once again to play and write. this time i learned how to play the guitar. though i am no jimmy page i can now bring forth the sounds in my head. my biggest influences when i was young were black sabbath, led zepplin, and metallica. now with the ever changing ever developing rock genre bands like chevelle, and audio slave have an impact on my music. i am not trying however to immitate but to create a different unique sound influenced by these artists. i hope i can develop and give listeners something new and refreshhing.


Wasted Time

Written By: Gene Gott

Another failure has brought me to my knees, so much wasted time.

Once again life's got the best of me, I fall apart inside.

Crying out my God where are you now; silence swallows me

so I resolve to make it through somehow, but I'm so weak.

So close another chapter; the book of life is so cruel it seems.

Happily ever after is just a dream


Written By: Gene Gott

I can't sleep, the memory of your face is haunting me.
Why can't things be the way they used to be?
How I long to have you lying next to me.


come back home - I don't want to face another night alone.
I feel so lost and empty now you're gone.
Come back home.

I stare outside, and I wonder if I've even crossed your mind.
As I contemplate the stars up in the sky.
Are you missing me like I miss you tonight?

Come back home - I don't want to face another night alone.
I feel so lost and empty now you're gone.
come back ho--------me.

ever since you left my life is so strange, I'm about to lose my mind.
Give me one more chance, I know that I can change, and I wont let you go this time.

repeat bridge reversing the verses


Written By: ccc



Through with you,invasion