Gottz McFly

Gottz McFly

 Hempstead, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Left Lane's own Gottz McFly single handily embodies the 90s New York Hip Hop scene but his style is so universal, he'll be loved no matter where he is.With music that will make you laugh, think, and dance his confidence, stage presence, and amazing crowd control is exactly what every concert needs.


Born and raised in Hempstead, NY to a single mother of west indian decent, Gottz McFly embodies a similar start to all of hip hops legends. Growing up as the youngest member of a poor middle class family showed him the principles of family values. But without the proper guidance from his father Gottz looked up to his older brothers n cousins who participated in the gang life as well as the drug game. Similar to a domino effect Gottz followed in their footsteps and slowly learned the rules of the game. After a brief run in with the law, Gottz realized this wasn't the life he wanted for himself. Instead he used his talent as means to show everyone what he has seen and been through growing up in hempstead. Now at 22, he is finally getting the recognition that he always yearned for as well as the respect from his peers. With his unique style and lyrical wordplay he fuses his harsh upbringing with his new found fly lifestyle to create music that connects with everyone on every level. Gottz McFly will not only change the face of hip hop but will single handily elevate the game itself.


Death Around the Corner

Written By: Gottz McFly

Came from middle class livin from suburbia to public housing
Buff me like a chore so she begging for allowance
Get stared at when we shop,I don't do the browsing 
couple shoes a couple hundred, a couple pairs that a couple thousand
Couple CDs out located in a couple stores
King size full of queens if they models I'll fit a couple more
Hempstead where a couple rap battles lead to a couple wars
But we don't mourn pour out cliquot or couple cups of coors
Open ur mind, loan me your heart, lend me ears
I skinny dipped with jazzabelle in a river of tears
Trade you wuteva u want jus give me youre fears
To c how my peers gon feel in a couple of years
It's only left that I show my ass
Can't c competition my shades darker than photo labs
Hempstead yea I got that on the corner swag
Wit the kush we got more bush than a 70's porno mag
Never wanted to ride they get in now
Have yet to grace a magazine but I'm in style
Crazy all these woman on my dicc now
But the only one I want is the one who chose to miss out
Left lane gang we reppin the island
So many bottles of clicquot now they collectors items
Praying for peace while expecting the violence 
Embracing the loud but beware of the silence


L.I. Times - November 2011
The Fly Trap - April 2012