Goulasch Exotica

Goulasch Exotica


Folk Bootleg Orchestra from Hungary.


Goulasch Exotica is a fresh and funny fusion of 3 Hungarian djs (Jutasi, Nafta, Suefo) a multiinstrumentalist (Maszkura) who plays on accordion, keys, diddly, jews-harp, etc., Levi the percussionist, Attila on viola, and Szilveszter on violin. The 3 djs push a unique freestyle mix from jazz-funk-hip-hop-swing-dub-electro-break with a balkan twist and loads of bootlegs. They have been involved in various formations, and played with bands like Dos Angeles Flangers, Vono Box DJs and Ludditak. In addition, they have produced bootlegs, and made compilation albums for labels like Chameleon and Purba and for companies like UPC. In the past they spun everywhere in Hungary and abroad in Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, Beograd, or Milano. They shared the stage with Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries, Mau Mau, Sergent Garcia, Ursula 1000, Jon Kennedy, Senor Coconut, Nouvelle Vague, Saint Privat, Caspian Hat Dance, Parno Graszt, Romano Drom, [dunkelbunt], !DelaDap, Gaetan Fabri, Watcha Clan, etc.


Goulasch Exotica EP 2008 Summer
Betyárvizit 2008 October
we do have tracks that already have streaming

Set List

Green Martin/Fishes/Andoforo/Kotyka/Najde Mange/Black Hen/Sa Bem/ Lili Of The Valley/Betyarvizit etc.
covers are from Hungarian and Gipsy Folk Songs