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"Uncle Daddy - "Wake Up" (Feat. THURZ) [Exclusive]"

" Despite the edge, the track still boasts mainstream appeal. Movie soundtrack appeal methinks... " - Earmilk

"Uncle Daddy "Long Time""

"... Don’t you love that roots is growing in the densest of urban areas?" - Music Fog

"Yes! Uncle Daddy does Taylor Swift – Not Like That, You Filthy Animal"

Love these freaking guys. Just chilling in the living room. Doing Taylor Swift better than Taylor Swift does Taylor Swift… all while chugging Johnnie Walker Black. If this doesn’t scream rock star… what the hell does? - Lobshots

"Roots Rock Lives In LA With Uncle Daddy"

From our pals over at The Weekly Comet comes this performance from Uncle Daddy, a roots rock group with a southern soul. The band, and LA favorite, features frontman/guitarist TJ Stafford, violin player Robbie Anderson, cellist Jacob Szekeley, mandolin player Andrew Jed, guitarist Noah Needleman, and drummer Christopher Allis... - Weeping Elvis

"New Music: Uncle Daddy "Uncovered""

Go snap up this album! It is fantastic!!! ... - Glossy Blonde

"Leicester Bangs Reviews Good Mourning"

It’s no surprise they’re such a popular live band. Though basically acoustic, they make a big, full sound, underpinned by their songs and Stafford’s no-holds-barred, full-on vocals. It’s something of a cliché that great live bands can struggle to recreate the excitement generated in a concert setting on record, but it doesn’t seem to have been a problem on “Good Mourning”. The playing is fluid and engaging, and all five musicians sync from the off. - Leicester Bangs

"LA Weekly - Uncle Daddy: From Church Band to Whisky-Fueled Roots Rockers"

It's a Friday night, and Venice-based roots rock band Uncle Daddy are performing at the Troubadour for their album release show. They're set to take the stage in an hour, but mandolin player Andrew Jed is missing. It seems like a stereotypical rockstar-in-training move, but Jed's got a legit excuse -- the birth of his second child. Yet somehow, just two hours after the baby girl's birth, Jed makes it to the show, downing a shot of Maker's Mark and hitting the stage for a raucous set.

Uncle Daddy doesn't often do things the typical way. Having crafted a sound that's fully their own, they've progressed from a group of guys that formed in a non-denominational church band in 2006 to a full blown roots rock machine... - L.A. Weekly

"GRAMMY.com Exclusive First Listen: Uncle Daddy"

Six-piece roots rock band Uncle Daddy are set to release their debut album, Good Mourning, on June 26. Ahead of the album's release, GRAMMY.com has your exclusive first listen to the track "Rise Again."... - The Recording Academy

"The Stomping String Rock of Uncle Daddy"

In our over-stimulated, access-to-everything digital universe, seeing a band perform live is an increasingly precious commodity. When Uncle Daddy came through town I knew I was going to get a good show, but what I didn’t see coming was the intimate energy so finely-tuned by such well-versed musicians. - Curator Magazine


June 26th, 2012, the first full length album "Good Mourning"



Uncle Daddy is a band. A good one. Some would classify them as a rock band, others as roots-rock, still others as WASPs. They tend to steer away from classifications unless collecting and sampling rare butterflies native to the Canary Islands, as they are wont to do. Five musicians originally from all over the country but now hailing from Los Angeles, their music resonates with both fly-over states, fly-under states, and fly-by-night Canadians. When asked what makes their music so intoxicating, frontman TJ Stafford answered quietly with a single tear rolling down his rough sandpaper cheeks:  “Whiskey.”

Their debut album is cleverly titled “Good Mourning,” respectfully assuming people being intelligent enough to understand the play on words. The songs on “Good Mourning” are eleven in number. Andrew Jed, Uncle Daddy’s resident mandolin/banjo player and group spiritual advisor attributes the album’s influences to “...Dostoevsky, The Wiggles, Breaking Bad...and a steady diet of kale and quinoa.”

Uncle Daddy’s live shows have been described as “crowded,” consistently selling out venues such as The Troubadour, The Roxy, Hotel Cafe, and Joseph Rosenthal’s Bar Mitzvah in Encino. While playing in Austin at SXSW, they rode longhorns to their shows; their van had broken down in New Mexico. At a recent show in Boulder, Colorado, one stoned soon-to-be fan accidentally wandered in and yelled “Cheetos!”

Uncle Daddy isn’t prone to hyperbole, but they are the best...around. No one’s gonna ever keep them down. Understanding that, look for them in your neck of the woods soon. That is, if you live in the woods. If you’re in a more urban area, look for them there. Then venture up and say “hi” to them. Two of the five band members are mute, but the other three members will relay your communications. Then, if that goes well, see their show, retweet their witty social commentaries, and stalk them to the point of a restraining order. Join the millions on OK Cupid that have already fallen in love with them.

Uncle Daddy writes their own music. They also write their own bios.