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I have dropped many underground mixtapes such as 'Lonesome', 'Strictly Business', and 'Death Before Dishonor'. My latest work is my mixtape 'Scarface Cartel', which has my 2 singles 'Hit Me On The Chirp', and 'Not Enough Room',which I featured on for my boy Jae Butta. You can check out a few other tracks by going to my myspace at 'www.myspace.com./1govanni'.

To view videos not provided on this EPK,check out my myspace by clicking on the myspace link below and typing in G.OVANNI in the myspace search bar.



G.OVANNI, a name I picked up in DFY serving three years for robbery. From the age of 14 to 17 I was incarcerated at Brookwood, a maximum secire facility for youth,where i found myself mostly around BLOODS who carried names like 'T-GOTTI','Capone",'Gymstarr", thus giving me the name G.OVANNI. To my crew,'Most Wanted 456',it was a blood thing, but to me,G.OVANNI came from Nikki Giovanni the poet. She was a poet I came across when reading 2Pacs 'Rose That Grew From Concrete'. I gained a certain respect for her and eversince the name just stuck with me. Only, I came to spell the name G.OVANNI,which stands for Gangsta Original,Vicious,Aggresive,Never Naive, and Infamous.
As far as influences, i wouldn't say i am a fan of anyone. However, there are a few rap musicians i have the upmost respect for seeing how they paved the way for those rappers of today. I would have to say that those rap musicians would include 2Pac,Big Pun,Biggie,Nas,Big L,DMX,and pretty much the originals that laid down the foundation.
I wouldn't say I have a story tremendously far off from the next man. What I would say is that I have been through some very hard times as well as the rest of my people. I was born in ATL,moved to a shelter in Catskill, NY at 3 to escape my father who was abusive to my mother and syblings. Three years later got hit by a truck and recieved a lawsuit settlement which I would get at 18 and use tom persue my rap career. At 6 I moved to Albany where I grew up in Arbor Hill and stood until the age of 12, when my mother bought a house outside the hood. At 12 is when i also caght my first charge and went to Juvy. For the next 2 years I went in and out of group homes until catching a robbery charge with my brother and getting locked up for the next 3 years. At 17 I came out and met my wife 7 days later. Three months later we got our own place, 2 months after that I proposed and short afterwards found out she was pregnant. Nine months later she had my daughter and we moved to Florida where I continued with my rap Career. After 12 months the rap kind of faded as I found myself with a high paying sales position,a paid off car, and a 2,777'' Sq. Ft. 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home. It was perfect especially expecting another girl and being the only one working. Not too long after that the job went bankcrupt and I lost the house having to move back to NY with my family. Everything comes in three's so it wasn't short after that my wife crashed my car and I got locked up. With all this going on it kind of made me focuse back on my music and thats where I've been at mentally for these past few months. I'am a solo performer but I've done work with several other artist. Some include 'Joe Friday', underground producer 'Jae Butta', 'PPM Family' connected with 'Mr. Cheeks', and plenty others. The main thing that seperates me from other bands is that music is my life. There are alot of rap artist who only want the money and don't really care for anything else. As for me, if rapping meant getting paid minimum wage with no retirement, I would rap for the rest of my life.