Governing Murphy

Governing Murphy


Governing Murphy is an original rock band originating in Bethlehem, PA. Comprised of four musicians from the Northeastern PA (NEPA) music scene, Governing Murphy is primed to change the face of rock 'n' roll. Get ready for some original guitar-driven, heart pounding, sweat-inducing, rock 'n' roll!


Governing Murphy is an original rock band. Although the members are from different areas of NEPA, the band originated out of Bethlehem, PA.

Murph has been playing in cover bands with a few originals for several years but he had one goal he needed to fulfill...write his own music. By the end of 2011 Murph made the decision to do just that. After laying down a few songs on guitar he went and found good friend Wally Govern, who was playing in a local cover band. He knew Wally's was the voice he needed for the music he wanted to put out there. After several months of laying down songs some life changing events put their goal on hold. Wally had a beautiful baby girl and Murph lost the one person that showed him music, rock 'n' roll and his best friend...his Mom.

They quickly got back on their feet. Murph and Wally decided it was time to make their dream a reality. Murph heard that good friend and drummer Bill Caufman recently left a local band so he gave him a call. Bill showed up at the studio, listened and played a few of the songs and he was hooked. Things started coming together very quickly from that point. The three started to become one, writing new songs and even getting show offers. Just one thing was missing; a bass player.

After a long search Murph called old band-mate Ringo Short. Murph asked Ringo to learn Governing Murphy's music to fill in for a show or two but after showing up for one rehearsal, Ringo was addicted.

It's real simple, Governing Murphy is guitar-driven rock 'n' roll with chest pounding drums. Wally will bring you to your knees with his voice and Ringo brings the funk on bass.

"We will grow the GM Nation and rock the world"......GM



Written By: Governing Murphy

Are you happy now,
You’ve ruined my life.
Though I’m next to you,
You still feel alone.
I want you to know, that I’m done.
Yea---ah, Well I’m done.
We are too young, to be in love.
And I’d like to feel, that this is over.
Yeah, this is over.
Are you feeling good,
I thought you understood.
I’ve done all I could,
But I’m still alone.

I want you to know, that you were loved.
Yea---ah, You were loved.

We are too young, to be in love.
And I’d like to feel, that this is over.
Yeah, We are too young, to be in love.
And I’d like to feel, that this is over.
Yeah, this is over.

Nickel & Dimed

Written By: Governing Murphy

I always made sure you were treated right
It never got me anywhere
I always got the check at the end of the night
I never looked for your share
But time after time I feel nickel and dimed
Your account is running out of change
Someday you’re gonna turn around and realize
That I’m tired of playing your games

Cause I’m no longer, One who cares

I’ve been running around for so long
To discover who I am
But it seems like everybody else
Is always getting dealt a better hand
So I’m sick and tired of telling the truth
I feel my heart is turning to stone
Now you all come running to my side
But I’m gonna leave ya coming back for more

I’m tired of dealing with all your problems
It never got me anywhere
I used to be the one who’d want to solve them
But you never really seemed to care
So now I’ll stick my middle fingers up in the air
Because I don’t care anymore
You can take your bitchin’, cryin’ to someone who cares
As you watch me walk out that door


Currently in the studio (Wetsno Productions) recording our first EP.