Dom Lavoie/Johnny Fountain NW Tour 2010

Dom Lavoie/Johnny Fountain NW Tour 2010


Two wild men of the Northern woods have taken to the road! Have they come for the gold? Will they plunder the women? Tune in...


Dom was raised a moonchild, living mostly off space dust and lunar deer. At 16 he came down to Earth and was a standout student in Mr. Wrigley's woodshop class.
John was raised by wolves, but is housebroken.


Season of the Sun will rock your balogna. John has preferred to release his music a song at a time.

Set List

First, Dom makes delicious brownies, then John gets on stage and says he needs to fix the cable, then, Dom sets the brownies on fire and extinguishes the blaze with a bag full of puppies before they all fall into a heartwarming rendition of "Memories."