Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a five piece rock band who are the winners of the 2011 99.3 Fox Seeds contest, winners of the 2010 Airwalk Unsigned Hero contest. We've been featured twice in Alternative Press Magazine, we receive regular radio play in Vancouver, and tour North America extensively.


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a five piece rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Their debut selt-titled EP was released in the summber of 2007 - the EP was well received and gained the band a spot on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour playing alongside artists such as Protest The Hero, and Katy Perry. In late 2008, the band began pre-production on what would become their first full length album “The Masquerade.” The band chose Dave Ottoson formerly of the band Noise Therapy to produce the album. After several months of recording and production, the record was released in June of 2009 to a very positive response, selling upwards of 1000 copies at shows alone.

Since the positive release of The Masquerade the band has also gained international attention with their 2010 first place selection in the Airwalk Unsigned Hero Competition - which saw the band being featured in a full two page spread in Alternative Press Magazine, as well as a feature spot opening on the Fall 2010 Alternative Press Tour in the United States with Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, Emarosa, Polar Bear Club, and This Is Hell. The band was also later featured in Airwalk advertisements in both Alternative Press Magazine, and Spin Magazine. In 2011 the band was selected as one of the three winners in the prestigious 99.3 The Fox's Seeds competition, which saw them playing live a sold out Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, supporting rock band The Trews, as well as regular radio play on 99.3 The Fox.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes are no strangers to the road, the band spends as many months as possible out of the year touring, with many Canadian tours, and now full North American tours under their belts they are working hard to take their music to the next level. GPB has also played or worked with notable acts such as Hedley, Bif Naked, Armchair Cynics, Secret and Whisper, Attack In Black, and more...


To The Moon

Written By: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Verse 1:
I could fly to space
you know that I'd still see your face
I just cant get away

All the times we tried
you said that you were satisfied
we both know that's a lie

Pre chorus:
I'll tell you one time that you're not mine tonight
we'll say goodbye


Whoa oh
Fly me to the moon
cuz i cant seem to get away from you
x2 cuz I can never get away from you

Verse 2:

I could change my ways
it wouldnt matter what she says
I just can't get away

I dove in headfirst
time for me to hit reverse and
crash back to earth


I'll fly away girl when you know the time is right
the time is right
and tell you one time why you're not mine tonight
we'll say goodbye


Love Drug

Written By: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

it hits me like a freight train
I feel it flowing through my veins
I don't even know her name,

I'm running out of time
but I've never felt so alive
her love should be a crime

I don't know how you got me on the floor
just give me more

your love drugs
going straight to my head
I can feel it
you are my heroine

im feel so violated
transcendent intoxicated
she left me here for dead

so if you wanna to know
tonight some heads are gonna roll
I'm giving in let's go

my salvation is further than i hope
damnations got me by the throat
she's a devil, she's a wolf under her clothes
she'll rip the flesh right from my bones


Written By: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


JARED Yo Kyle check out this chick man
KYLE damn dude she's fine
JARED I'd really like to sink my teeth into her

I'm a bad bad man
I'll make you understand
I'll do what i can
cuz you and me have a plan

We'll drive all night
won't stop till the morning light
girl it's alright
im lit up and I'm feeling quite

on the repeat chorus:
I'm lit up and I'm feeling right

you know I'm talk in bout

KYLE Hey Jared man how was last night
JARED oh it was crazy
KYLE dude come on fill me in
JARED Alright man you know i do love to kiss and tell



shake that chip off your shoulder
she's out of line and i already told her
this feeling that I know too well
she's a mess but i want it so what the hell

Don't Let Me Go

Written By: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I keep a picture
A memory of you
I just can't believe
How it haunts over me

Don't let me go
Please don't let me go
Don't let go of the rope
That keeps us together
Don't let go

And the skies are
Turning dark around me
I just can't ignore
The faces all around me

Don't let me go
Please don't let me go
Don't let go of the rope
That keeps us together

Don't let me go
Please don't let me go
Don't let go of that hope
Let's stay here forever

Don't let me go


Dangerous (2011) - EP
featuring the single "To The Moon" which is receiving airplay on 99.3 The Fox in Vancouver, 106.9 The Wolf in Nanaimo, and various other stations around Canada.

The Masquerade (2009) - Full Length

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (2007) - EP

Set List

30 Minute set:

Love Drug
Get Away
Slain By Mr. Crippin
Liquor, Lick Her
Ex Back In Sex
Lights Out
To The Moon

We like to vary our set a lot, but that is a fairly typical set. The song order might change, or we might switch out a song or two for another, but that is generally the idea. We can play longer or shorter sets if required.