Little Elm, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopSinger/Songwriter

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Johnny Thomas AKA G’Pettoe was born and raised in Houston TX, but where he will end up is still uncertain. Although the beginning was short lived, there is always prosperity in a positive thinker. G’Pettoe has always felt a connection with music and began performing freestyle battles in Houston, TX.

Matter of fact G’Pettoe’s transition into music from his normal 9-5 life-style has opened up a tremendous amount of opportunities with other Artists Of Hip Hop. G’Pettoe feels he has found his perfect match in music and new found team. G’Pettoe’s single parent mentality with an abandonment complex like every left behind seed with a coping mechanism from the earth; believes in living the life you were given to the fullest while you are able to live it.

There is a great heavenly presence surrounding the pureness of music in which G’Pettoe loves. The positive vibes of music is intoxicating and relative to what G’Pettoe has been searching for in his calling. So the answer of course is the “pursuit of happiness” in life with no detours. As G’Pettoe’s vision spreads and infects the populations he feels he is showing a real motivated movement towards something worth moving to. Honestly there is no way that he can leave this love affair with the rap game for hes in it TILL DEATH DO HIM PART!

If asked G’Pettoe would say there’s no greater joy than music but it’s already understood that there is an instant attraction to the charisma and freedom of it’s intoxicating poison. G’Pettoe has a lot of motivation outside of music as well with a two job hustle to forward his music career. Along with supporting a lifestyle that is critical to his growth as a man; G’Pettoe has been featured on BET’s College Tour and is now making a statement throughout the hip hop community.


Ima Grind is streaming on various internet radio station. Tracks that have been released under G'Pettoe's name is:
Ima Grind, Goin Off, Ohhh, Call Me Brad Pitt and many other featured tracks that are in circulation.