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Jyväskylä, Ostrobothnia, Finland | INDIE

Jyväskylä, Ostrobothnia, Finland | INDIE
Band EDM Gospel


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Centre Stage - G-Powered"

We were so happy when our current Centre Stage group contacted us. We’re always excited when people from different parts of the world contact us. These guys are from Finland and we’re glad to know that our site is making an impact on the world. What really made us excited is when we heard their music!!!

This is a Christian Dance group who are using music relevant to their Nation and to spread the GREAT Gospel of Jesus Christ! We’re always excited to see people being creative and using their gift’s to draw people to Christ. Now we don’t really listen to Dance music but after hearing this groups music and lyric’s it’s safe to say we’ll be listening to a lot more of it and hopefully through what we do here on our site this music will reach out to those who don’t know God yet but will be more receptive to the message because of the way it’s delivered in this style of music. We also hope to encourage those who may have been BIG Dance music fan’s before they got saved but when they did finally get saved found that the music on offer from a lot of our Christian/Gospel artist’s wasn’t enough to fill the void of good Dance music.

On hearing this groups material we were very impressed. Their sound and delivery is very professional. From the singing to the actual production of their music, it’s all great and definitely on par with any secular Dance music. There’s so many different elements involved in their instrumentation too, you can tell that they’re not just ‘Dance heads’ but that they’re musical people and it all comes through in their music

Those of you that are regular visitor’s to our website know what we’re about. For those of you that may be new to our site we hope you can see that m-brio music loves all genres of music and will bring you music from around the world and from different genre’s as long as it is giving God Glory!

We’re living in the age where in Christian/Gospel music we have alternatives to most genres of music. We have Christian Rock, Rap, Metal, Pop, Soul, RnB, Funk, Acoustic etc however one thing we haven’t seen much of, is Christian Dance music. We’re happy that these great people of God all the way from Finland are filling the gap and creating music for those people who want to listen to Dance music but don’t want the negative or un-moral messages some of the songs portray.

G-Powered are serious about seeing their music reach those who don’t know Jesus yet and have given us a free download titled ‘The Dream’.

To listen now, press play

For those of you reading this; we encourage you to think of those people you know will be blessed by this and those people you know are un-saved but like Dance music and send them the link to download it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, m-brio music presents, our latest Centre Stage artist ‘G-Powered’.

In autumn 2005. Miia went to Jyväskylä (Finland) to start her studies and her friend told her about a rumour that a dance music band was searching for a new vocalist. Immediately; excited about the rumour, Miia contacted Kimmo (the leader of the band). They arranged a meeting where they started visualizing the concept of this dance band.

Miia already had a number of usable songs which were soon put into production in Kimmo's home studio. Background melodies and arrangements were soon finished and newly formed duo started recording. The first songs were completed and G-Powered was chosen as the name for the band. The name emphasizes both their musical style and their underlying message.

In the spring of 2006, GPowered were touring and starting plans to record a studio album with new songs. In autumn 2006, G-Powered recorded more songs for their first studio album. At the same time, their tour schedule was becoming more and more booked. During the Maata Näkymissä festival in November, G-Powered released their first album, titled ‘Odottanut oon’. After Miia and Kimmo released their album, they took a short creative break from songwriting. Not for long though. After their New Year Eve 's performance in Ryttylä, they felt it was time to get back into making music. Shortly afterwards, G-Powered released new material in Mikseri.net. The new songs were well received by the audience and in 2007 the band also started Dance Tour 2007 and performed in several Finnish nightclubs; all of this while still in the songwriting process..

In autumn 2008, G-Powered released their second album, titled ‘Todellisuus’. Four songs of the Todellisuus album are featured in the machine dance game ‘iDance’ (Positive Gaming). In spring of 2009 G-Powered performed a concert in the Netherlands for the machine dance game tournament. In 2009, G-Powered made new songs also in English and have a lot of concerts for different events and festivals. The vocalist and composer of G-Powered is Miia Rautkoski. Miia?s great voice always goes straight to listeners heart. Sounds and rhythms are controlled by Kimmo Korpela, who also writes lyrics to most of G-Powered?s songs. From the beginning the most important thing in G-Powered?s music has been the content of lyrics. G-Powered wants to tell the world about a never ending love, which comes from God. Yes, G-Powered?s music and lyrics are spiritually inspired. - M-Briomusic

"Artist Spotlight: G-Powered"

Meet G-Powered, a Christian vocal trance group out of Finland! Don’t forget to learn more about this group and their music by visiting their website. Through their website you can learn how to hook up with them on facebook, myspace, twitter & all of those fun sites. Enjoy!

Real Names: Kimmo Korpela & Miia Rautkoski
Band/DJ/Artist Name: G-Powered
Genre of Music: Eurodance and Vocal Trance

How/Why You Became a Musician?
Miia: It has been my dream to became a real musician since very early childhood. I have sang pretty much through my whole life.
Kimmo: When I was young, I tried to find gospel eurodance everywhere, but I didn’t find it very much. So I decided to begin to do it myself. I went to a piano school just for learning to make music.

Is There a Purpose/Vision to your music? Explain: Our vision is to do energetic and inspiring music with touching lyrics. We enjoy music of this genre and we share the same vision to do our best with our skills.

Best/Favorite Music-related Experience (doesn’t have to be related to your music):
Miia: Rollerskate towards sunset at downhill and listen to dance music. It is something that really makes me feel good!
Kimmo: In the end of year 2007 I got a mail from international Machine Dance Game company and they wanted our song to their game. They have found us from MySpace. One of my favourite experiences is also our first concert in Maata Näkyvissä -festival main stage year 2008 for thousands of people.

What did you grow up listening to?
Miia: Well at early in my life I listened music my big sister used to listen, like Take that and Boyzone. I also sang with my mother who used to sing more religious songs with guitar. Afterwards I started to listen more dance music and music releated that genre.
Kimmo: I grow up listening a lot of finnish gospel pop and rock music my dad used to listen. I liked melodies of many gospel songs, but the music style of the songs didn’t inspire me. I also listened many dance artists, but I didn’t like their lyrics. First time I heard some dance music I wanted very much to move and dance and I realized that is my style. It affected straight to my heart – literally.

Your music sounds like (ie: other bands/DJs people might like): E-Type, Cascada, Armin Van Buuren etc.

Links to your music/Contact you: www.gpowered.com

Anything else you want my readers to know: If you are interested in making trance remixes for G-Powered, that would be great!

Editor's Note: This interview appears with permission from Jessica Reiche at Proverb31girl.com. Check her site out for more insights into life, God, dreams, girl stuff and music. - Tastyfresh.com


Odottanut oon (2006)
Todellisuus (2008)
Trust (2010) - ENGLISH ALBUM
Tahdon luottaa (2011)



Miia Rautkoski is an amazing singer with her wonderful voice.
Kimmo Korpela is energized producer and create an atmosphere to concerts.

Together they are G-Powered (That means: Powered by God)

They has a vision to offer great quality eurodance and eurotrance music with gospel content to whole world and to everybody who likes that kind of music. They also want to reach people, who don't yet now the gospel of Jesus.