eclectic jazz & fusion blends of music over crafty rhythms.


Born into a musical family from Kingston, NY, Donovan "Groov" Henderson started playing percussion at the tender age of 9. Later he transitioned into playing drums in junior high school and by the time he graduated from high school, Groov did his first recording session with a local gospel group in 1988, performed on television, at Bobby Jones Gospel in Nashville, TN, while on tour with another gospel group in 1991-1992. Also, Groov would play for other choirs in the Hudson Valley area to keep busy. Groov quotes, "I can remember going to the church after school, everyday and practicing my chops, especially working on my timing. I would always practice to a click track and listen to all styles of music". Groov's biggest influence at the time was jazz and gospel music and the ability to always play in churches in which the skill levels of my peers were sometimes superior to mine. Groov says, "This was the truest learning experience for me".

Groov has released and produced two independent jazz albums. His debut album entitled, "Soul Jazzations" was released in March 2006 and his sophomore project called, "The Life, The Loss, The Love", was released in December 2007. Currently, the band has released a new CD, entitled, "Electric Vibes" on Sept 24, 2009.

Groov's uncle is the lead singer for Grammy award winning, Carlos Santana. So, as you can tell, music runs very deep in his family.

GP has appeared in many local hot-spots all-over Atlanta, like Apache Cafe, the legendary Cafe 290, Centennial Park, Pisces Seafood and Jazz, BMI Showcase @Club Vision, Dailey's, Barley's and many others venues.


Electric Vibes - 2009
The Life, The Loss, The Love - 2007
Soul Jazzations - 2006

Set List

original material;
funk shuway
what it is
natural high
i'm so crazy
elisa the beautiful
somethin for the people

jazz covers, soul/r&b covers