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Garland, Texas, United States | SELF

Garland, Texas, United States | SELF
Duo Hip Hop




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"Different" (Brand New)
"Stupid-Fly" ft. MVP Boys (Current) *Radio Play/Streaming*
"Get Down" (2009-2010) *Radio Play/Streaming*
"Watch Me Get It" (2007-2009) *Radio Play/Streaming*
"D-Town Boogie" ft. Mr. Showcase (2007) *Radio Play*

"It's All Throwed Vol. 1" (2004)
Stone's Solo Mixtape "You Got da Juice Now" (2006)
"It's All Throwed Vol. 2" (2007)
"Big Mick's Solo Mixtape "My Mojo's Back Like I Never Left" (2007)
"It's All Throwed Vol. 3" (2010)
Stone's Solo Mixtape "Stone: Off Da Wall" (2010/2011)
Big Mick's Solo Mixtape "Return of The Mick" (Coming Soon)
"It's All Throwed Vol. 4" (Coming Soon)

"Tales From Da 'G'" (2008)
"No-Fly Zone" (Coming Soon)
"Throwed City" w/MVP Boys (Coming Soon)



G-$quad - Stone & Big Mick

The phrase We the hottest thing out is very overused and abused. No one proves their worth anymore and G-$quad does that - PROVES THEIR WORTH!

G-$quad is a rap group from Garland, TX (East Garland), a suburb of Dallas, TX and literally pulls the weight of the city on their backs to uncover a talent gold mine thats been overlooked by the hip-hop music industry forever. Group members Stone and Big Mick, born Antwone Coleman-Pace (26) and Mykel Richardson (26), have been friends since the age of 11. During their school days, both were never considered to be future rappers amongst their peers. Stone was a very quiet, smart, laid back guy that played basketball and Big Mick was a chill, smart guy that played in the band. People never expected to see them become one of the greatest rap groups to come out of Garland, TX.
Exactly a year after both rappers graduated from South Garland High School in 2003, they decided to combine their musical talents together when they were 19-years-old in 2004. Stone had claimed local college fame from his very first song Swangin that he created during his freshman year in Houston, TX while attending The University of Houston and during that same time period, Big Mick was making a name in the Garland streets for his crazy freestyle skills that got him the moniker The Freestyle King of Garland. When Stone returned back to Garland for the summer break from college, he immediately contacted Big Mick and presented the idea of making a cd together. From then on, G-$quad was born and a legacy was sprouting before everyones eyes.
The groups first mixtape Its All Throwed Vol. 1 shockingly took off when it was released. The lead song G-A-R-L-A-N-D sparked a humungous buzz for the group all around Garland and their Myspace page accumulated a lot of hits. With both members pushing the cd through Garland-North Dallas area, Stone expanding it to Houston and Big Mick even pushing it through Silverdale, Washington with his brother on visits, the ball was rolling for G-$quad. In 2006, Stone transferred from the University of Houston to the University of North Texas, (where he eventually graduated in 2008) in order to be closer to home and so he and Big Mick could get more work done. After putting in work on their sound, G-$quad started getting booked to shows and invited to a host of parties in the DFW area. They teamed up with other Garland artists such as Chris-SKO, the Young Seed, and Mr. Showcase and helped bring more attention to the Garland music scene. All artists fought for respect around neighboring Dallas and eventually got it.
G-$quad hit the radio waves of K104 in 2007 with D-Town Boogie (PeeWee Herman) ft. Mr. Showcase after a long grinding spree of club plays and internet promotion. Just by getting a spin on the radio was a plus and another spark to G-$quads career. After hearing themselves on the radio, G-$quad was eager to get back on and created their best hit to date in Watch Me Get It. G-$quad really boosted their buzz with this song throughout numerous clubs in Texas and out-of-state clubs and made a official music video to carry on the buzz for their first album Tales From Da G, released 2008.
G-$quad continued to put out as many hits and music videos for their fan base to listen to and view as they could and have done over 100 shows from all around. While in search of another mega hit, G-$quad teamed up with the MVP Boys, from Garland as well, and created Stupid-Fly which described their overall swagger. The song and music video has exploded across the DFW Metroplex and other cities across the nation and became a must-see on Youtube and other social networks. Both groups are currently working on an album titled Throwed City because of the Stupid-Fly buzz.
Nowadays, you can find G-$quad in the studio working on their second album No-Fly Zone or on a stage performing their hits. Just think, nobody expected these two do anything close to being well-known rappers. Goes to show where hard work can take you in life.

Contact G-$quad at the following:
- 972.900.7100
- gsquadent@gmail.com
- http://www.twitter.com/g_squad_stone
- http://www.twitter.com/bigmickofgsquad

View G-$quads YouTube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/gsquadtv1

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