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Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Brothers In Arms Offer Special Blend For Unique Sound"

Friday, November 2, 2012
Enterprise Newspaper/InsideOUT
Grab Brothers Band: Brothers In Arms
Offer Special Blend For Unique Sound
By Jason Savio

The cape currently has only a handful of bands actively recording original material: one is Provincetown’s Grab Brothers Band, a highly electric ensemble with a ready-to-rock groove tailor-made for success. From the farthest point east on the cape, Grab Brothers Band’s sound is rolling all points west and bound to capture listeners’ ears.

They will bring their live set to the British Beer Company in Falmouth tonight at 10.
As their name suggests, the group is led by brothers Larry and Marc Grab, who sing and play bass and guitar respectively, with keyboard player Rob Scott and drummer Tom Corshia rounding out the lineup.

“It definitely has its advantages,” says Larry Grab about working with his brother marc. “we seem to know where we’re going on a song and our harmonies click easier due to vocal likeness. Though our voices are different, we seem to create nice harmonies. It’s a brother thing.”
With a unique blend of psychedelic pop/rock, acoustic melodies and infectious vocals, the musicians have been able to distinguish themselves as a more creative and mature band that isn’t afraid to take chances, Marc Grab’s electric guitar solos are neatly laid out and memorable with just the right amount of heaviness and zest that make him one of the Cape’s premier guitarists, and the rest of the band bops and sways with confident ease. In an already unique sound, it is a common place to hear flutes or trombones make an appearance and add that extra flavor of individuality to different songs.
Some of those songs are featured on Grab Brothers Band’s newest album, “Asian Red,” an album inspired by an electric assortment of all the group’s influences from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, and Santana, to name a few.
Recorded at Track Record Studio in North Hollywood, California, with producer Mark Wolfson, “Asian Red” has garnered much attention and earned the band a loyal following of fans.
The group knows that in order to play locally, covers will be demanded of them, but they remain dedicated to their own material as well. “it is hard to overcome, even for us, so we do both,” explains Larry Grab about their reluctance to play covers. “You’ve just got to find the right mix of covers versus originals. It depends on the venue but we are mixing as many originals as we can at a show. Lately it has been Earth, Wind & Fire covers as well as Steely Dan and Rush.”
It is no secret that Grab Brothers Band is on the cusp of elevating to a level of success that cannot be contained on the cape. The bond and dedication between the two Grab Brothers has helped the group stay strong for 10-plus years and schedule shows at places such as the Hatch Shell in Boston, gigs in New York, and an upcoming show at the Charlesmark Hotel in Boston. But keep an eye out and you just might catch them at one of their many favorite stomping grounds on the Cape. Including House Of Bud’s in Hyannis or Land Ho! In Harwich or the BBC in Falmouth.
Regarding his band playing out and spreading all over. Larry Grab adds, “If they feed us and pay us well, we’ll be there!”
- Enterprise Newspaper/Inside Out

"Grab Brothers Band" - Cape cod Times

"Grab Brothers Band" - Cape cod Times

"Grab Brothers Music Gets Licensed"

Grab Brothers songs get licensed: 2012-2013

1. Red Bull


3. MTV/VH1

4. Alice Cooper - Grab Brothers Music


This next interview I did a while back but I could not think of a more perfect time to post. The Grab Brothers Band are made up of two real brothers, Marc & Larry. These guys work hard and they do music even harder. While we are dealing with snow & cold weather these guys are gearing up for a big summer full of live shows all over Cape Cod, MA. It really does not get any better than that. My favorite song from these guys is ‘Holly Would.” Its more of an anthem than a song and it’s off the album, ‘Asian Red.’ Join us as Grab Brothers Band talk about making music with your brother, getting a deal without selling out, where to see them on the Cape, and much more. You can even grab Grabby Wigs for $10 on their site!

Stoli: Where are we chatting from today?

Grab Brothers Band: We are chatting from Provincetown, MA.

Stoli: Larry & Marc are brothers. When did you two start playing music together and when did you want to start the band?

Grab Brothers Band: We started playing music together when we were teenagers but we didn’t happen to form bands till we were about 17 years old. After that we always played and never thought about anything else but music.

Stoli: Have your parents & family been supportive and do they love music as well?

Grab Brothers Band: My parents have always been supportive and yes, they love music! Our great aunt was a professional opera singer. So it runs in the family, as we say.

Stoli: The Cape is amazing in the summer. What are some great venues for you to listen & play live music?

Grab Brothers Band: Oh boy, there is so many places. I’ll try to give a run down on some. 1. The Land Ho in Orleans and Harwich. 2. Rum Runners in Dennisport 3. Sundancer’s in W. Dennis 4. Way Down Town in Provincetown. 5. The Surf club in Provincetown 6. The BBC in Sandwich as well as in Falmouth. 7 The Lost Dog in Orleans. 8. Joe’s Barley Neck Inn in Orleans 9. Oliver’s /Planck’s Tavern in Yarmouthport. 10. Trader Eds in Hyannis..there’s a lot more but this can give you an idea.

Stoli: Being brothers how do you guys stay on good terms and would you say there is a friendly competition between you two?

Grab Brothers Band: Well we do have arguments but when it comes to playing we know we’re on the same team! We just try to better ourselves each time we play and it’s been working for us all our lives. As for the competition, our competition is to make you feel what we are feeling in the music.

Stoli: You guys have been in talks with some major labels. How is that going and will you be able to keep your vision without having to “sell-out”?

Grab Brothers Band: We have been in negotiations with attorney Barry Reis, who was the VP of Columbia. It’s a different ballgame out there and we’re looking at other ways and we will be working with Barry in the very near future. We don’t need to sell out and will keep our vision but we will have a very open mind and it’s good to have outside ideas as well as monetary help.

‘Asian Red’ –

Stoli: You guys have an amazing live show. How do you guys get ready & select the playlist?

Grab Brothers Band: Playlist? Playlist? Haha great. Well, if the band is lucky they get a playlist. Usually, I tell them what we will be playing and because we know each other so well musically, the band can follow me as well as musically signaling the next song or two coming up.

Stoli: Your new album ‘Asian Red’ is getting great play & reviews. How long were you working on that album and do you make music for the people or is it natural?

Grab Brothers Band: The new album “Asian Red” was a compilation of songs that I had in the so called treasure vault of music stored away. So it is some new songs complied with older songs written years ago, just never recorded. The Album didn’t take long to record but took two years before it was released. We make music because it’s in our heart and soul!

Stoli: I love the diversity & variety in your music. How would you describe your sound to new fans reading this feature?

Grab Brothers Band: Our sound is kind of retro. I call it “Retro for Today.” Like a 70’s Jam Band mixed with some acoustical gems. Here’s a quote that may be useful.

“The brothers are like an “orchestrated tossed salad” with music emanating from flute, sax, harmonica, trombone, keyboards and electric and acoustic guitars, which gives them that full jam-band sound.

Stoli: What is coming up for Grab Brothers Band and where can we follow you online?

Grab Brothers Band: We are working on a new CD maybe just 5 or 6 songs. Also, we are hopefully planning a North East tour. You can always find out where we’ll be playing or any other Grab Brother thing by going to our website. and or

- Skope Magazine: February 8, 2011

"Grab Brothers Chosen for Skope Magazine!"

August 20, 2010 Skope Magazine
Grab Brothers Band
Skope: What does it mean to be included in A2W on
Grab Brothers Band: It’s very exciting to be featured in A2W on Skope!! We’ve been working so hard on music that any promotion is a great welcome to our art. We’ve been so busy performing and perfecting our craft, that we somehow forfeit great publicity, which is key to our music business success! Thank you, Skope!
Skope: How are you gearing up for the fall and any touring plans?
Grab Brothers Band: We are looking for a Tour opportunity, but at the moment we play locally and have a 200 mile radius that we constantly play. We play 3-4 times a week, we are one of the lucky one’s and always love to play live!!
Skope: How many hours in the week are devoted to your music?
Grab Brothers Band: I would say at least 40 or even more is devoted to music! it’s our job and our passion!
Skope: What other bands & musicians are you listening to right now?
Grab Brothers Band: Well myself, Larry Grab is listening to Steely Dan and Led Zeppelin lately-not sure what the other band mates are listening to?
Skope: At what point in the day do you find you are most creative?
Grab Brothers Band: It’s either early morning like 1am or 2am and sometimes afternoons
Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?
Grab Brothers Band: We are promoting our latest CD “Asian Red”. We are looking to go into the studio to put out a 3-4 song CD as well in December 2010.
Plus another video and of course hoping to acquire a Tour Nationally and/or Internationally!
You can always find us @ Once again. Thank you, Michael and Skope Magazine!!!

- Skope Magazine

"Grab Brothers Mix It up musically on latest CD"

Grab Brothers mix it up musically on latest CD
By Melora B. North
Thu Nov 19, 2009, 08:30 AM EST
PROVINCETOWN - The Grab Brothers from Provincetown have a new CD out and it’s a lot of fun. Titled “Asian Red,” after the lead song, it is a mix of lively sounds and some jaunty instrumentals for ’70s retro fans. Punctuated by a clever dose of songwriting, it was imaginatively penned by the brothers Larry and Marc, along with Neil Citron and Mark Wolfson.

This album is not hard rock, nor is it a track of dreamy, sit-by-the-fireside songs; it is an upbeat assortment of music that sometimes zings as the electric guitar strings are let loose with abandon under the masterful hands of the musicians who present an energetic offering that is engaging and full of spirit. With the sounds emanating from the flute, sax, harmonica, electric guitars, trombone, keyboards and accordion, there is always a diversity that is enhanced by lead singer Larry Grab, who really gobbles up space and time in verse with an insatiable hunger that is hard to satisfy. In short, this track is alive. In addition to Larry and Marc, Rob Scott on keyboards and vocals rounds out the live band.

Backing up the brothers Grab on this CD is a strong bunch of musicians including Neil Citron, Jack Daley, Greg Bissonette, Bob Carpenter and Phil Wolfe.Setting the stage for a thrilling 47-minute ride is “Asian Red,” a slower number that builds to an exhaustive crescendo and is the signature of this offering. This catchy kick-off, which Larry Grab wrote in the early ’80s as an instrumental that morphed into what it is now, showcases a mix of electric guitar, bass and powerful drums. The song dances through the air on a wave of animation that is alarming but controlled.

“Red is what I see, Asian red fills my eyes, it’s in my heart … she’s in my heart… take the plunge, the mood could be forever,” Grab sings with passion.

In “Holly Would,” written while the band was flying to California to record, we learn about the wiles of a saucy woman with a “wicked smile from time to time … ready for malicious crime … she’s such a flirt, just drops me to my knees … no way that Holly’s way would ever be denied.” It’s a bouncy and lively flight that awakens memories of the flirty days of youth when innocence was tossed to the breeze and the whims of hormones set free.

“It was not on the to-do list of songs but somehow we couldn’t ignore it,” says Grab. “If we don’t do it Holly Would!”

The next offering on the track is “Fade Away,” a song that addresses mortality when an angel appears to save a young man. With steady guitar and trippy harmonica, this is a “traditional upbeat blues style [song] with jam band trade-offs between bass, harmonica and keyboards,” says Grab. “The dynamics in this song are what really keep any listener mesmerized and wanting more.”

In “Take Me Away” the tide turns and we learn, “We’ve got nothing but time… there’s no reason to wait, just take me away … embrace where you are.” Drums and harmonica add punctuation to other instrumental passages.

Half-way through the track is “I Believe,” a catchy, bouncy jam-band-style number that is full of harmony and a bit of philosophy: “I believe that the spoken word is a mystery … I believe that we’re close to where it all began … I believe that the spoken word is a whispering wind.”

“‘I Believe’ is one of our favorite songs,” says Grab. “It has an acoustical feel but the song takes off and brings you to another dimension with time changes and solo trade-offs. … We really get to go off in another direction in this song.”

With lively flute interludes and the steady beat of a drum, “Reflections” does just that, makes you think and muse. “Reflections of your mind are always looking twice … looking glass reflecting time, can you see the reflections of everybody?”

“The song is a flute-driven tune with a kind of Jethro Tull-ish feel. … Well, when it comes to rock flute I think everything is compared to Tull. We took a flute riff and built this song around the riff. We really enjoy playing this one and the reactions have only been happy screams when they hear the flute.”

Then in “Stop” we are urged, “Stop, take time to think about it, take your time … what’s your hurry?”

The final song on the CD, “Such Is Life,” adds a zany touch to the track that is musically an unexpected romp into the joyously absurd in the land of klezmer music.“We needed something fun and out of the ordinary,” says Grab. “It’s there to show our versatility.”And show it they do — this is a number that perches on the edge of whacky, and easily entices listeners to get up and boogie. In short, it’s a showstopper.

The Grab Brothers perform at several local venues as well as every Thursday night at the Caribbean Corner Cafe in Provincetown at 9:30 p.m. Their CDs are available at or

- Provincetown Banner


"Asian Red" CD
"Everybody Wants" CD
"Grab It" CD
"Grab This" CD
"Acoustical Bookends" CD

All CD's are being played on Radio! Since our newest release-Asian Red, we have Holly Would, ASian Red, Reflections and Stop being played constantly!



The Grab Brothers

A Biography

The Grab Brothers are true brothers—Larry and Marc Grab—with music that explodes in a kick-ass blend of “Retro for Today” lead guitar crunching rhythms, mystical-leaning lyrics and arena-filling vocals that pull your heart strings on a whim.

But there’s more. These brothers can also strum you a pot-full of acoustical gems and have you singing along to their life-fulfilling stories even when you’ve never heard the songs before.

Melora B., journalist for the North-Provincetown Banner recently wrote, “The brothers are like an “orchestrated tossed salad” with music emanating from flute, sax, harmonica, trombone, keyboards and electric and acoustic guitars, which gives them that full jam-band sound. “Their musical heart is enhanced by lead singer Larry Grab who really gobbles up time and verse with an insatiable hunger and passion that is hard to satisfy.” John Thomas of Lip Magazine had this to say: “It’s not just the catchy riffs and the memorable lyrics that distinguish the Grab Brothers Band from others but it’s their musical approach and the way they tell the story with real emotion, understanding and artistry. Larry and Marc can paint you a song about love, life and fantasy and connect you into it as well.”

Ultimately, it’s the live performance of The Grab Brothers Band that traps you in their web of musical journeys. This is partially due to their musical theatre background.
“Their performance and great ability to switch styles in an instant will keep you entertained like your first roller coaster ride,” says Gog at WKKL 90.7-FM radio in Boston, while Tim Emswiller at Noise Magazine adds, “Their sound is like going to a Jethro Tull, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Rush concert with a touch of CSN&Y harmonies put in for good measure!”

Their newest CD release Asian Red has garnered them constant airplay stateside as well as internationally. For example, their song “Holly Would,” the second cut on the CD, is getting great reviews and is on a regular rotation on WPXY 103-FM. Cape Cod, MA

Most recently, the brothers penned a song about the Gulf oil disaster called “The Gulf Oil Blues,” for consideration as part of a movie score. The song has also recently been released to radio and is now on rotation KXBG Internet radio. The positive feedback was so strong that the music director there said, “It had to go into rotation!”

Born and raised in Boston, MA, The Grab Brothers Band is:
Larry Grab - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Harmonica, Sax and Vocals
Marc Grab - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Trombone and Vocals
Rob Scott - Keyboards and Vocals
Tom Corshia - Drums

Lawrence Grab
Grab Brothers Band
4 Tinys Way
Provincetown, MA. 02657
T - 508-487-4712
C - 508-246-2068

Band Members