Grab the Bat Killer

Grab the Bat Killer


GTBK, is a brandon gordon, whose vocal style and stage performances are unique and uncompromising, hes often compared to fad gadget and prince. the music is a tool to feed the dancing hart and ease the trouble mind.


brandon gordon
olympia wa

Style of music \ elctro disco/ hi-nrg \nu rave/
Describe with emotions how music makes you feel…
I know when a song is done when i can sit back, hear it, and see that some part of my body is moving. it's as if your that moment is your your the first to dance to it and you know that others will too.

Quote yourself on your music philosophy
"if it maks you feel, it must be real."

What inspires you, what are your influences?
life/death/discoballs/wuffers&tweeters/ mosters/ reveang /lust
italians do it better, DFA, YAz.

Awards or Acclaims so far.. ie (big gigs, opened for such and such etc)
glasscandy/the chromatics/ dandi wind/ jeremy jay/ scream club/ thrills/Anamanaguchi /david wolf/LISMoRE / AC Slater/ Joee Irwin / the vibraians
Upcoming gig plans ,…. Touring?
Brooklyn with Anamanaguchi march 27th/ glass candy april 8th/ working out austin-new orleans tour late may/chicago july
In the process of writing music?
In the process of recording music?

Upcoming album/EP releases?
april 1st selftittled ep.

Where music is available for sale?
website address


Grab the Bat Killer e.p. april 1st 2009

Set List

7songs 26min long.
sound of my love
peeping tom
feel real
Ghost are real
all i wanted//or\\now that im back