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The best kept secret in music


"CREME Magazine New Zealand"

APRIL 2004
Issue 47

Noticeboard Interview:


R ‘n’ B singer GRACE, came home recently to promote her upcoming album as well at take part in a workshop for a Samoan musical – Aute Ma Tangaloa. When the opportunity came up to become involved in a benefit concert for the Cyclone Heta relief fund, organized by Niu FM, she jumped at the chance. We caught up with the 22 year old who lives in Sydney but still calls herself “100 per cent Kiwi”!

Why is it so important for you to be involved in this benefit concert?

Because it affected both Niue and Tonga – my Mum is from Niue and my Dad is Tongan. It didn’t do so much damage in Tonga but with Niue being so little and the cyclone being so big, it really affected our people over there. Seeing how saddened my Grandparents and Aunties were, I wanted to do something for Niue and when this came about it was perfect.

What would you say to other young people thinking of getting involved in charity work?

Young people today really need positive role models. I think it’s important for them to get involved because that will get them off the streets and involved in something positive. It gives them a chance to show their talent; there are so many Polynesians out there who have so much talent that just goes to waste. For them to come together as a group and be able to do something like this concert is fantastic. We all came together that night; it was a real community thing. (Nesian Mystik and Adeaze, among others, also performed). Seeing the talent that was on that stage was incredible. Anytime I come back here I always think that; its great to see so many brown faces out there – I love it!

What is your style of music?

My music is R ‘n’ B, but I grew up listening to traditional Polynesian music and I definitely want that to be a part of my album. So, my music is R ‘n’ B infused with traditional Polynesian. I’ve always wanted that flavour in there, its something different. I co-wrote MR DJ (her first single) which was amazing because listening to the parts that I created was music to my ears. I just couldn’t believe that I had created something like that. That was the first of many that I will do, I’m looking to collaborate with other producers and songwriters.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m completing my first album this year, I can’t wait for that to happen! We’ll promote it with live performances around New Zealand and Australia. I really want to explore acting too. Its so interesting being able to explore another character. Every time I come back here the reaction has been so positive and everyone is just so open and so helpful. Its been great working with the people over here.
- Waiata Publishing Limited (New Zealand)


ISSUE # 02


….What do JAGGED EDGE, J WESS, R&B ANTHEMS COMPILATON and JAMZ radio show all have in common? The answer is DJ KEN WALKER…

…“These days, there is a real cross section in the audience including the commercial market, and the underground market,” says Ken. His new album OFF THE HOOK (Sony Australia’s new Urban R&B compilation by Ken Walker) follows a similar formula focusing on hip-hop with an R& B flavour.

“I focus on hard-to-find remixes, three to four new tracks along with what’s being played in the clubs.”

So what’s different about OFF THE HOOK?

Walker explains with some excitement, “There’s some great Aussie content including Christian Alexanda, J Wess, newcomer from Sydney – GRACE, and the presentation is different” (referring to the ‘80’s funk/disco fashion image on the front cover)…..
- New Edition Pty Ltd


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- Media and Interviews 2003/2004


Grace has recorded RnB singles –

"HEY MR DJ" Co-written by Grace and Co-produced by RonMak (Crooks International) and Joe Fidow (Kulcha)

"SLOW HAND" Featuring and Co-produced by RonMak (Crooks International) of New Zealand, is a cover of the original song performed by the Pointer Sisters.

“HEY MR DJ” – Remixed by DJ Puppet has been selected by Sony on their debut
Urban R&B Compilation “OFF THE HOOK” by DJ Ken Walker. In-store Australia October 2004.

2000 saw GRACE released her RnB single “GOOD THING” in New Zealand in conjunction with Pasifika Festival


Feeling a bit camera shy


Like a radiant jewel, GRACE dazzles all who come to hear her. A mere 23 years old, she embodies all that is young, funky, innovative and very, very sexy.

Grace is a New Zealand born Tongan-Niuean, whose home base is Sydney, Australia. She spent her childhood listening to traditional Pacific Island music.
Grace has enriched her Polynesian musical heritage by infusing it with pop, R&B, dance and other contemporary sounds creating her own unique style of sound and groove.

Grace is an innovative and captivating performer. Grace is a committed artist performing and recording full-time, whilst also fulfilling her love of writing music. Grace is currently writing music for her upcoming album.