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"Billboard Magazine Review"

"a haunting musical experience"........ - Billboard Magazine

"Grace Millo - "Simply""

I have a BIG problem when it comes to this stunning debut solo album from New York's Grace Millo... I haven't been able to get the damned thing off my turntable since I bought it over a month ago! It's stuck...and so are the songs, in my head. I even have a tape of it jammed in my Walkman now!

Lyrically, this album goes beyond anything I have encountered before (and I was an international music journalist for over 6 years). Her songs wrap themselves around your heart like a velvet cloak, touching its depths with a gentle embrace.

"Empty Space" is the standout commercial track which (if there was any justice in the world) is worthy of a Grammy nomination. "Unjaded in Jeans" contains threads of Bowie's "Suffragette City" I'd love to hear Grace wrap her tonsils around that one!

All in all, this album reflects the emotions of a soul who has travelled a challenging journey through life. A free spirit who has lived, laughed, loved, and sometimes lost, but above all has triumphed and emerged with strength and power. For evidence of this check out "If Wishes Were True", "How Was Heaven When You Left Today" and the hit in waiting "Empty Space".

This is an album I picked up on impulse yet whose songs touch my soul so much I "simply" can't let it go.

In ending I am drawn to paraphrase the tongue in cheek "People Should Come With Plans"..."CD's should come with warnings...this one can cause severe addiction!" However on this occassion I'll forgo rehab...some things, like ice cream are a "sweet addiction". - Music Press UK - Lee Penman

"GRACE - Reviewed live at Le Bar Bat, Feb. 26th, 2003"

"This band is a solid and knowledgable blend of folk-rock with pop flavoring - Grace's vocals are both poetic and powerful and the songs have clear, coherent and melodic structure." - RIPE Reviews


'SIMPLY' - Debut CD 2003
'REPRESENT' - Acoustic Amanda's Waiting



Grace is the sister of International Opera Star Aprile Millo, and Punk rock pioneer Rick Wilder of the Maus Maus and legendary Berlin Brats. With parents who are Opera singers as well ,much could be said of growing up in this musical family. She was born in New York City, but had an eclectic childhood in Europe.
Grace went on to form the band Amanda's Waiting with lead singer Minx, and wrote the material for three CD's as well as opening for the Neville Brothers at the prestigious Marin County Summer Festival. The band's last CD, "Just Lay" charted on CMJ and received much critical acclaim. The band collaborated with producer Russ Kunkel on a four song demo backed by MCA Music Publishing. They also received the "Band of the Week" award on, WLIR, 92.7, New York.

In 2000, Grace won the ASCAPLU$ (American Society of Composers And Publishers) award which recognized her as an active and promising songwriter. In addition, 'Emotional Skin' a song co-written with Minx from Amanda's Waiting is featured in the independent film 'Soldier Boy'. The film is the winner of the Houston Independent Film Festival.
She is featured on two prestigious indie CD's 'MARRY ME' on Figjam label, and The GoGirlsMusic Compilation alongside K'sChoice, Rachel Sage and Christine Martucci amongst others.Many of her songs have been featured in national commercials,including Mountain Dew, and Coke, The Disney Network Soapnet, MTV specials, and ABC's One Life To Live.

Grace states, "When I perform, it is the happiest I am in my life." Reviews have credited Grace's live performances with high energy and intensity, and according to Billboard Magazine "a haunting musical experience."