There is something about the New York area that makes it a compass for the future of music, and Gracer have strengthened that magnetic force even more. They however, do not follow the course of blending influences and building on an already well beaten path, Gracer set out to create their own sound.


Gracer formed from the ashes of two Long Island staples, On The Might Of Princes and Lux Courageous. Their debut album “Voices Travel” (out now on Revelation Records) recalls the sound of indie superstars such as Elliott, Codeseven, and Cave In.

After years of extensive touring through out the entire country to support their album, its now a fresh, new start for them. Narrowing down to two members, Gracer resides in Queen City home-made studio writing countless material for their very anticipated, upcoming record.


"Voices" - Revelation Records (2006)