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"Subhuman Horror Album Review"

Voices Travel
Revelation Records
8 out of 10
Band Website
Finally it seems that a band has come out of Long Island, NY that has managed to stick their heads up and squeak past bands like From Autumn to Ashes and Taking Back Sunday! Although upon listening to Gracer you may be tricked into thinking they're from the Midwest, that's just their likeness to Louisville's now defunct Elliott. If you took an album like Elliott's "False Cathedrals" and mixed it with something like Elevator Division or even the softer side of a band like Thursday you might have an idea of what this band sounds like. All ten songs are solid, but the opening track "Hold On" and "Fires We Set" definitely stand apart from the rest. The album is sensitive and ethereal without losing its teeth and is a strong debut that the band should be very proud of. "Voices Travel" was beautifully recorded by Kevin Ratterman and the artwork done by Christopher Higdon, both former member of Elliott and of course it has come out on Elliott's former label as well. I don't mean to keep referencing Elliott, but I loved that band and their spirit definitely lives on in "Voices Travel". This album is not in any way a copycat, but once you compare the two bands I think you'll see where I'm coming from. I highly recommend Gracer's "Voices Travel"; prepare to be wooed.

~Christopher Greenslate - Christopher Greenslate

" Album Review"

There only so many ways to emphasize how intense and dynamic a band is, and I'm sure those attempting to make that distinction with On the Might of Princes were quite often stumped. That's why Gracer creates such an interesting juxtaposition; featuring ex-OTMOP drummer Chris Enriquez in his newest project, Gracer instead propose reserved, super dreamy indie/emo compositions Elliott fans would be hard-pressed to not enjoy.

Drawing from that vein of blood as well as a smaller one connected to Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary, the band offers a variety of moods despite its usual snail crawl. The standout here is the absolutely beautiful, delicate "Emily Taylor," where Enriquez's angelic voice firmly pleads throughout; "You just looked at me and I said 'Get up on your feet and we'll run...' / Anywhere and never lose hope / I'm on my way to see the world / I'll follow all the way around now." Things get somber with the followup, "Esperanza," but a return to the carefully hopeful affections help create another one of the better tracks on Voices Travel, "One Thousand Souls." Another flip of the moods then immediately occurs with the acoustic, heart-wrenching "Hands," sure to elicit some hard swallowing. "Be Still" is ambient bliss á la the ever-namedropped Sigur Rós, climaxing in a powerful swirl of noises and prettily clashing sounds. Vocalist Ryan Mahon gives off momentary Jesse Lacey vibes on closer "The Night Sky," speaking from the context of the most drawn out, experimental tracks of Brand New's leaked demos.

- Brian Schultz

"Best Albums of 2006"

26. GRACER “Voices Travel” (Revelation)
One of the most positive surprises of the year comes doubtlessly from Long Island’s GRACER. “Voices Travel” is a melancholic trip back to the glorious days of TEXAS IS THE REASON, BRAID and THE PROMISE RING. Armed with pop-hooks like MAE “Voices Travel” guarantees goose-bumps from start to finish. - Pete @ Take The Rishk

" Album Review"

Yet another recent debut full-length on Revelation Records comes in the form of Gracer's "Voices Travel". Gracer features ex-members of On the Might of Princes and Lux Courageous, and while I actually quite enjoyed On the Might of Princes, Gracer's style is significantly different in direction. This album centers very largely around lush, fluid guitar work that utilizes a lot of droning effects that create a shimmery sense of swirling ambience within which some really nice singing vocals do their thing. I hate using terms like "alternative rock" or whatever, but there is some degree of that happening here, which doesn't bother me, I just have a harder time trying to express with words what this kind of music offers. For me, the only setback here is that - as with many such bands - the songwriting just doesn't consistently grip me enough to really hook me in. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of potential here. The vocals are awesome and the atmosphere of the music is, at its best, really fucking nice. But at the same time, the pacing of the 45-minute album is a little same-y, as are some of the more typical guitar textures employed throughout a number of the tracks. I find myself missing the dynamics and energy that an exceptional track like "Esperanza" offers elsewhere on the record. The layout on this thing is fucking gorgeous and really had my hopes up, and the fact that "Esperanza" is such an amazing song proves to me that Gracer has the ability to create some intense and moving music that I wholly appreciate, they're just not 100% there yet. They are close, however, and the strengths of this album are growing on me with time, so see what you think:

Gracer "Esperanza"
Gracer "Waiting for Departure"

This is one of those unusual records where I can't quite make up my mind. I tend to favor it because there are excellent moments present, and it's obvious that there's "something" here, you know what I mean? It's curious, and the band definitely has a vision to offer. I know there are definitely listeners out there who will already love these guys, but I also know that they have the power to do even better, so I'll be lookin' out, for sure. Make the grab if you're down: - Andrew

" Album Review"

Gracer - Voices Travel
Written by: TL on 24/9-06 at 01:55:54

When you first listen to an album like Long Island trio Gracer's debut "Voices Travel", you’ll have trouble determining what to think of it. Words like pretentious and bombastic might come into the mind of the cynical, where the more sentimental listener would more likely be thinking along the lines of beautiful or breathtaking.

Think of Mew's "Comforting Sounds" and you'll have a decent impression of the mood and sound Gracer are grasping at here. Spacey guitars and poetic lyrics bound together by tight drumming, creating huge atmospheres and soundscapes usually building up slowly in order to climax and fade away like magic powder on the wind. It's the kind of music you just wanna put on, while you lie down on your couch/bed/whatever and just let yourself sink into it, setting your mind free to float away with the dreamy compositions. The muted basslines draw you into moods that remind you of bands like Death Cab For Cutie or Coldplay. Just listen to the second track "Emily Taylor" or the piano-driven "Nowhere", a song that will soon have you chanting "and you're nowhere" repeatedly in your softest, most angst-filled and vulnerable emo-voice.

The reason it's hard to determine what you actually think of this record lies within its nature. None of the songs on the CD are bad or even boring, but because of their elusive nature, the impression they leave on you is also fragile. Like a dream you know you had, but can’t quite make it out. To decide if this characteristic works for or against the album is next to impossible, but you have to give it credit for being well put together. Opener "Hold On" serves as well as the gentle introduction to a Gracer-universe, as the remaining songs serve as vessels taking you to the far corners of it.

With quality musicianship and perfect production, Gracer has managed to put out a record that, is to some beautiful and to others merely pretty. The payoff you get from listening to this CD is closely connected to your affinity (or lack of such) for music as soft as this, and if Gracer are aiming for a top grade, they need to continue making their own music like this, only improving its ability to grab a hold of the listeners attention, and retain it in a stronger way. This is however certainly a very good album, a noteworthy step above average, and hence I reward it as such with a [7]
Download: Esperanza, One Thousand Souls
For the fans of: Mew, Death Cab For Cutie
Listen: MySpace

Release date 05.06.2006
Provided by Target ApS - TL

"Revolt Media - Interview with Ryan"

Get To Know… Gracer

By Sherri Gibbons

Band Bio: Gracer is a collaborative effort to produce creative and meaningful music. Ryan Mahon’s atmospheric guitars and soulful voice are backed by Justin Williams’ driving bass lines, ambient keyboard effects and Chris Enriquez’ powerful drumming. While still maintaining a solid foundation in the rock genre, Gracer infuses ambience with driving chorus’s while at all times being musical. Their live show has been said to be an intense experience and should not be missed. Recently signed to Revelation Records, Gracer will be playing at SXSW, and has an album due out in May 2006.

1. When and how did Gracer form?

Ryan: Gracer formed in the spring of 2004. My old band, Satellite Lost, had just broken up, and Chris’ band, On The Might Of Princes, broke up a few weeks later. He got my number from a mutual friend and asked me if I’d be interested in making music. It was really kind of easy to say yes, as I was a huge fan of Chris’ drumming. So for a while it was just me playing guitar and singing, and Chris on drums. For the next year we had rotating members and finally started playing shows with our old bass player, Andrew, in the spring of 2005. Then, in the early fall of that year, we parted ways with Andrew and started looking for a new bass player. I asked Justin if he’d be interested in playing, and he said yes. I had been in bands with him years before, including Satellite Lost, so I knew what a talented musician he was. The band he was in at the time, Lux Courageous, was in the process of breaking up, so Justin decided to play music with us. Gracer now had a solid lineup and we basically wrote our full length from October to December and recorded it in January.

2. Who are some of your musical influences?

Ryan: Our influences are so varied for each member. Probably my favorite band of all time is Genesis. I’m sure Chris would say Nirvana, and I don’t really know about Justin, probably Elliott. We listen to everything from classical music to Led Zeppelin to Sunny Day Real Estate. As far as our sound goes, I think we are influenced from everything that we’ve grown up on - bands like U2, the Police, Radiohead, and Bjork. I feel like there’s a little bit of everything in our music.

3. Gracer has landed a spot for 2006’s SXSW, which is exciting, and I would imagine, a very important show for you. Do you feel as though there is a lot of pressure on you to really perform well? While you’re at SXSW, what bands are you excited to check out?

Ryan: I’m pretty nervous about playing at SXSW, but then again I’m nervous at just about any show. That’s kind of the way I’m looking at it. SXSW is just another show. At least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t get freaked out. We’re just gonna go out there and play, and hopefully, as with every other night, it goes well. I’m really excited though, it should be fun. I cant wait to see Mogwai, Helmet, Kaki King, and Zeena Parkins.

4. Your debut full-length, Voices Travel (Revelation Records), will be out in May. What has been the most challenging part of recording this album?

Ryan: This album really wasn’t that difficult to make at all. We locked ourselves in our practice space for three months and the album just poured out of us. Working with our producer Kevin Ratterman was one of the best experiences of my life. We worked everyday for a month, but it was always fun with Kevin and he really pushed us to explore new territories and new musical avenues that we had never fully explored before. In the end, I think the most challenging thing, and at the same time the most rewarding thing, was trying to step outside of our comfort zone musically and not be afraid to try something different. We are all thrilled with the results and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

5. Aside from the album coming out, is there anything Gracer is really looking forward to in 2006?

Ryan: Along with the release of the album, we are all just really excited about touring for most of the year and getting to play to as many new faces as we can. We are so proud of the album and we can’t wait to play the new songs live every night and see how they translate in a live environment.

Learn more about Gracer at - Sherri Gibbons


"Voices" - Revelation Records (2006)



Gracer formed from the ashes of two Long Island staples, On The Might Of Princes and Lux Courageous. Their debut album “Voices Travel” (out now on Revelation Records) recalls the sound of indie superstars such as Elliott, Codeseven, and Cave In.

After years of extensive touring through out the entire country to support their album, its now a fresh, new start for them. Narrowing down to two members, Gracer resides in Queen City home-made studio writing countless material for their very anticipated, upcoming record.