Grace Solero

Grace Solero


Female rock, passionate, energetic, haunting and ethereal. Powerful live show, both electrically and acoustically. "TROOPS" VIDEO OUT NOW, FROM DEBUT ALBUM "NEW MOON".


Grace Solero is an intense singer-songwriter/band based in London. Their sound is melodic, edgy and energetic rock. Diverse musical influences and ideas were soon honed into the critically acclaimed debut album "New Moon".

Watch the "TROOPS" VIDEO from "New Moon"

Singer/songwriter Grace moved to London for music, and here she met singer/songwriter Dan, originally from California. They gig both electrically as a four-piece band and acoustically as a duo, creating a show that's intimate and hypnotic. Venues they regularly play in London include the Water Rats, Barfly, Borderline and 12 Bar Club. The single "Apartheid" was playlisted by Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 6.


"Incredibly powerful and unique voice"
-Entertainment Focus

"Bittersweet, Jeff Buckley-esque" - Time Out London

"Pumping bass line, chiming guitars, great production, and excellent vocals."
-Get Ready to Rock, 5 *****

"...tunesmithery that shies away from the ordinary, it's nothing short of stunning"
-Alternative Magazine



Written By: Grace Solero

Lose who you are
when you're so far
walking too far
breathing the wind
even the sky
things are so far
from where you are

In this land of no one
blood and bodies playin' with mud
and I keep asking why
all are marching with a gun
deep in my bones I miss, I miss, I miss you

Oh! The sun is here again
Oh! It's givin' life to death

I've been walkin' lonely
now the ground is harsh and shiny
I hear all people around
suffering and asking where you are
all I know is we're still waiting, waiting, waiting

Oh! The sun is here again
Oh! It's givin' life to death

We are troops of today
how much... how much
will this cost

I'm dreamin' of your lips
how long... how long
before I'll meet you

Oh! The sun is here again
Oh! It's givin' life to death
Oh! All around is clear
Oh! It's givin' life to death

You're too far from where you are...


26 October 2009, Album "New Moon" Re-release, 19 October 2009 "Apartheid" Single Release. 14 May 2009 Release- "Troops" Video Release + "Troops" Single Edit + 2 Remixes on iTunes. 8 September 2008 iTunes "Troops" release. 12 May 2008 " If You Feel"+ B Sides, iTunes Single Release + "If You Feel" Video Release. 1 October 2007: "New Moon" LP - Album Release.

Airplay on FM Stations all over the UK and Italy. Live sessions and Radio interviews:
BBC Radio London, BBC6, Capital Radio, Juice 107.2 FM (UK), Blasst, Ipswich Comunity Radio, University Students Union Liverpool, Wythenshawe Radio Manchester, Reverb Brighton 97.2 FM, BCB Radio, Rock 247, Rock Radio North East (Newcastle), Star FM, Juice FM, KCFM, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Teeside,
Nation Radio (old XFM South Wales), Sunshine FM, Total Rock, BRFM (Cardiff), Demon FM (Leicester)

Set List

Sets are between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
sample setlist @ the Barfly, London
1. Apartheid
2. I Don't
3. Time For Living
4. Diary
5. Troops
6. If U Feel
7. Heal Me
8. Stay
9. Call To Me
10. No More Tears