Grace Sophia

Grace Sophia

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Grace Sophia is comprised of Casey Bazzell and Kurtis Van Allen who create interesting but accessible rock/ indie pop music. Casey's vocal ability compliments her songwriting skills impeccably and Kurtis adds sonic layers to generate awesome music. You might hear this on the radio!


Grace Sophia, a name inspired by Casey’s unborn sister, was created in her basement apartment with her roommates. Casey's sister would have been given that name; however she passed away a few months into the pregnancy. Not only does the name have personal meaning, but it represents the potential for life and creativity, and pushes her to move forward with her own songwriting that she kept on the back burner.

Casey Bazzell is a singer/songwriter who has blossomed out of several highly acclaimed St. Louis bands including Troubador Dali and Lapush which she joined at a very young age. Through these new perspectives she fell in love with artists such as Radiohead, Sparklehorse, Bjork, Portishead, and Air. Casey writes with imagery and emotion, she sees colors and textures and all things tangible. Inspiration comes mostly from personal experiences with shades of randomness.

Kurtis Van Allen has a multitude of influences including jazz, blues, and rock. He has a jazz performance degree on guitar from Webster University. He lets his formal training only enhance his love for simplicity and melody. Kurtis also harks from well-known St. Louis bands including Spin 54 and 2007 South By Southwest attendees The Affair.

Currently in the studio, Grace Sophia utilize several professional musicians in the St. Louis region inlcuding Brad Booker of Stir fame and Keith Mangles formerly of DozeMaryPool. This minimal foundation allows for flexibility and creative control. Casey and Kurtis have ultimately come together to create lasting music that resonates with passionate people.