Grace Wilde

Grace Wilde


Grace Wilde are an Irish soulful blues rock band. One minute seducing the audience with their raw melodies that come from the heart, the next whipping up the audience to a frenzy with their passion and energy, Grace Wilde never fail to leave a long and lasting impression on their captive audiences!


Moving on from their original trimmed-down mellow acoustic sound, Grace Wilde have reformed with a full electric outfit. With a big raunchy rootsy rocking sound, they have big plans for the coming year. Heart wrenching lyrics, strong female vocals, masterful guitars intertwining with dynamic bass, and orchestral drums, Grace Wilde specialize in writing slow yet hugely dynamic songs. Traveling the country with these prize winning songs.

Consisting of Singer/Guitarist Audrey Fay, Lead Guitarist Enda Duffy, Bassist Avril Sweeney and Drummer Danni Nolan all from Dublin. Grace Wilde are a soulful blues rock band who are sure to sing straight to your soul, strum your heart-strings, and leave you feeling weak at the knees.



Written By: Audrey Fay

Stop, reverse, slow down, rewind,
My ticking clock
Don't tell your time

release the clowns when you relieve the crowds
you can leave me be in lost and found

And I don't want to, I won't walk your line
and I won't be begging, I'm on borrowed borrowed time
your time is in rewind

you make your move,
you speak to soon,
can you rule the dance,
can you rule this room,
your rhythms lost you're a sidestep short
can you see your lovers they self distort



Stop, reverse, slow down, rewind

The Witching Hour

Written By: Audrey Fay

In the witching hour when you go to her
she lets you in when you feel unsure
she opens you up
like a well read book
she takes you sown with a dirty look

she lets the rising dawn
greet the sitting moon
you lick the lips of life of a desert spoon
when you feel no pain
for the child within you
there's no escape for the man inside

let the man inside

Your in a witchin hour
you trick a midnight smile
you face a guilty morn
youve got no alibi
you've got no shame
you've no way back from here
you're in witchin' hour
hey hey hey

shes gonna tell you tales
she'll tell you all her lies
will she keep it clean
to keep her disguise
will you ever be free
from the witches of love
from the sins that soothe you
from the powers above

oh let the powers of love

chorus to end


Written By: Audrey Fay

are you ticking like a time bomb
are you loaded like a shot gun
your running from the last on
and you oughta breathe

are you bangin off a brick wall
still missing every wind fall
you're running out of free falls
and you oughta breathe

you should just breathe
when you should just breathe
baby just breathe
and you can come home

are you slippin on a land slide
swimmin' ina high tide
still lookin for that free ride
when you should just breathe

are you floatin like drift wood
for your lover in a flash flood
you'd run away if you could
when you oughta breathe

when you should just breathe
when you should just breathe
baby just breathe
just breathe
and you can come home

stop running away
stop hidin away
baby just breathe
and you can come home

chorus to end

Bring Me to My Knees

Written By: Audrey Fay

Lovin' you is easy
when im wild im free and im easy
im not confused im not abused
but i feel like getting used
do you feel like bein used

come now dont be hasty
dont be shy come and taste me
i do not feel i do not breathe
come and make me feel alive
i feel alive

will you bring me to my knees
oh baby im begging you to please
i do believe im on the floor im begging you for more
for more
baby bring me to my knees
oh baby please

take me frustrate me
you wanna break me or recreate me
put me at ease and let me be
the woman of your dreams
of your dreams

chorus repeat


Written By: Audrey Fay and Enda Duffy

stay wake now little child
until the night comes closing in
keep you eyes now open wide
let me see what lives within

papas gone now little child
he one a prize he did not keep
We turn you light down little one
we say goodbye to damage done

now grace is in the skies for us
her gaze alone is guilding us
and grace will lead the way for us
she leaves us all behind

farwell now little one
there is no more now to be done
let it go leave it behind
release my fear
open my mine
and let



Taste Me (2009)
Live at the Annesley House (2011)
Under Your Skin (In Production)

Set List

Black & Blue
The Jazz Song
The Witching Hour
Bring Me To My Knees
Sailor Sailor
Under Your Skin