Grace Woods Trio
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Grace Woods Trio

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"Local Licks"

"There's a hint of Fiona Apple in the way Grace Woods modulates her voice from high to low and sing to speak, though Woods' wide range causes her to sometimes drift past the sweet spot. Musically, the trio - piano, bass, and drums - explores dark pop from a jazz perspective."
- East Bay Express

"Jim Harrington on Jazz"

"GRACE-FUL ENDING: The East Bay's own Grace Woods Trio celebrates the release of its new CD, "Metaphoreality," on Jan. 27 at Anna's Jazz Island, 2120 Allston Way, Berkeley. Show time is 8 p.m. Since there's no football this weekend, there's no good excuse for not going out to hear a band that's been described as a mix of the Ben Folds Five, Tori Amos and Ella Fitzgerald. In my book, that's two-thirds of a really intriguing mix -- I'll let you guess how my math breaks down."
- Contra Costa Times

"Week's Top Ten Events"

"The Bay Area singer-songwriter-pianist has been compared to Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, but her favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. I've heard good things about this trio."
- Contra Costa Times

""Orinda" Song Debut"

"An English major and graduate of UCLA, Grace's lyrics are demonstrative of her academic stature. Woods brings an interesting dimension to the table referencing her indigenous roots." - Orinda News

"This Woman's Work (Feature)"

"Songs like ‘Paper Pillow,’ with its easy-going tempo that jumps to a sped-up whirl of lyrics or the jaunty ‘Keep Away,’ a snappy, head-bobbing number about an unwanted suitor, play like the perfect songs to cast in an off-Broadway musical. At first listen, these songs may seem bizarre and warped, but it doesn’t take long until you’ve seeped yourself into their cerebral world and find them irresistible.

Other selections may be prove more accessible, like ‘Content To Lie Awake,’ a groovy guitar-heavy track that nearly evokes the aura of Concrete Blonde, and ‘Rising Tear,’ a hushed, intimate song that simply paints a beautiful picture of an afternoon spent swimming in the lake."


All tracks aside from bonus tracks sent out periodically to fan lists are streaming online and have radio airplay.
2006: 5 song self-titled EP
2008: 13 song album "Metaphoreality"



The Grace Woods Trio, signified by the ninja star of 3 intersecting Gs, came to be in the two first magical weeks of February 2005. Grace Woods had written a sleu of introspective tunes, of which she was performing regularly at open mics. Joe Hickey, the stylisticly unique bassist and vocally gifted singer-songwriter, heard Grace perform "Paper Pillows" at the Blake's open mic in Berkeley and decided then and there that he had to be a part of the project. In the same two weeks a certain Berkeley-born drummer, Whitney Jacobson, began relentlessly "myspacing" Grace with the insistence that she needed his drumming skills. Persistence paid off and the two have been living together amidst a plethora of instruments ever since. The Trio had their first show two weeks after that and have since been inseparable. With more and more collaboration and the hope of getting to know more people who care about original, melodic music, the Grace Woods Trio is determined to make a living out of the rollercoaster ride that is the music business.

What sets us apart- you can understand the words, we gig constantly and we fill the venue.