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Graeme Gilchrist


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Square One

Written By: Graeme Gilchrist

You've tried a hundred times and each time's the same,
to show me where to go.
You only want it when its furthest away, its hard to tell you so.

Making no use of your brain,
you say so much and yet our choices remain.
And when you count to three, the buck is passed to me.

You make a show of throwing shapes on the floor, you're making it hard to see.
The way you're wasting words is making me bored.
It's not my fantasy.

Maybe you think it's a game.
To take you seriously some things have to change.
but having made my play,
this thing won't go away, no.

What's this square you stand on - that bears the number one?
Dangerous abandon is how this all began.
You'd be a fool to think you have me,
and I won't give.

You're something special, though you've nothing to say.
You've never had to try.
Having it handed to you has to be blamed.
You only had to cry.

The anti-climax is strange.
I find that I'm the one whose walking away.
And there's the irony,
the buck still rests with me.