A throwback in terms of craftsmanship and confidence, but modern in it's production, and creative beyond it's influences. Songs that make you move, with lyrics that make you sit and listen - Akin to Lennon, Costello, Waits, or Cave.


Kennedy is currently recording his debut record - it is shaping up to be a boldly stark affair - minimalistic arrangements, baritone vocals, concise lyrical thought on subjects ranging from guns, to god, to the blessings of poverty. No excess in musical terms and no words without meaning - only bare grooves for lazy riffs to dance across - be they guitar, piano, saxophone.

Kennedy has enlisted the talents of industry veteran, Ralph Carney, who has lent his horns to the album - just as he has for Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Jonathan Richman, The B52's, and The Black Keys.

Though Kennedy has yet to perform his latest material live, his decade of touring experience has had him criss-cross North America, Europe, play SXSW, and support acts such as The Stranglers, Bloc Party, DFA 1979, and Band of Skulls - to name a few.



Set List

Magician with a Trick
Got No Use For People
Another Minute With You
Fortune Teller
Bitter and Blue
Improve Me
More than Eternity
Broken Dream