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Graffiti Jones

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My music is what happens when a real man decides to tell his real story minus the dramatization and braggadocio.


In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been. Unlike some of today’s new emcees, Graffiti Jones knows hip-hop’s past. His meticulous study of his craft has allowed him to form himself into a new, more dangerous type of emcee. Cerebral at times, Jones says, his style is not conscious, it is just awake. Graffiti is able to think on a higher level as evidenced by his banger “Tetris” in which he analyzes the blocks you find in the ghetto as opposed to the courts and lanes you find in the suburbs. Jones’ club single “Where Ya At!?!!,” with frequent Dead Prez collaborator, Tahir, proves that there is also a time to party and have fun. Bridging the gap between underground and mainstream, Jones is able to maintain respect from fans all across the board. He hopes to breakdown the barriers that keep fans from embracing both styles. With his debut album titled “Seven,” scheduled for release fall of 2006, we are all headed towards a new united hip-hop front.


Our current LP is entitled "Seven". It is an 18 track album with 3 hidden tracks. Our first single is "Be Patient".

Set List

Our typical set list includes our songs "Be Patient", "Where ya at!?!!", and "Feels Great" amongst other songs from the album. Our typical set time is usually 15 to 20 minutes and we usually perform 4 to 6 songs.