BandHip HopR&B

My style and my music is very high-energy very smooth and real clever. Lyrically I know I can hang with the best of them but my creativeness and my wit separates me from the rest. I take pride in being versatile and able to touch different subjects with my music.


Take it Personal is the name of my upcoming debut album produced by Lo Budget Muzik. The reason I chose that name is because I am a competitor I played sports all my life. I love to hear good music and when I do... I take it Personal. I do not get mad but it makes me want to break out my pen and my paper and start writing something hot. Therefore, I decided to title the album Take It Personal because now it is my turn to inspire someone and make him or her get up and write some good music.


I am currently working on my first independent album. I have released two street mix tapes, which have had very good responses throughout the valley of California. One was entitled "The Cakewalk" I teamed up with a fellow Fresno mc by the name of Bravo for that project. I also released a mix tape entitled "4 Tha People" as a member of a five-rapper group called section 8.

Set List

my goal is to bring as much energy to the stage as possible. No matter if i'm performing half of a song or 5. I have done sets where I've done 5 full lenghth songs. So it just all depends how much time I am given. I can go all night.